Forcefully Enjoying a New Friend

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My name is Amber. My husband, Sid, dresses me for the evening. It’s one way he pushes my limits. Tonight is especially difficult. He has outfitted me in a tiny black dress, which stretches the barest amount over the cheeks of my little ass. Even worse, it plunges in the front…a lot. I can’t take a step without worrying that I will expose my nipples. And sometimes it does. I am constantly adjusting, but I can’t pull the dress up too far. Sid has denied me panties, so I have to be careful. Honestly, I am so wet.

He guides me to a downtown bar. After a martini, I begin to relax. He knows me, and he knows where this will lead. After another drink, I unclench. I stop fighting the dress. I stop worrying. I am in good hands. When I look down, one hard little nipple is just about to escape my dress. I just don’t care anymore. This is up to Sid now. We are sitting at a high table, against a window facing the street. We talk about cooking, about the lake, about fucking. Sid scans the room, silent for a moment, and then asks me if I could pick anyone in the room, who would I choose to fuck. My eyes drop, but just for a moment. Looking around, I settle first on a tipsy sorority girl in a tight pink dress, but think better of it. I continue to survey the crowd. With Sid, questions like this are never an idle exercise. Sex, at least good sex, requires experience. If I am really getting to choose, which I am not sure yet that I am, I need to choose wisely. And I know I want a girl. I want to taste her. I want to bury myself between her legs. I want to feel her convulse on my tongue. I want to hear her moan, I want to feel her thighs tense against my cheeks, I want to feel her hand wrap itself in my hair, pulling me deeper into her. I want to slide my tongue inside her as she orgasms, giving a center to her spasms, punishing her for giving in so quickly, coaxing another out of her as I bite down on her clit. I want…

I bahis firmaları want the woman in the blue dress. Full, soft breasts. Lightly tanned. She seems free, uninhibited. Slim. Interesting…older than me. I think about it carefully, and sort through the bar one more time. But no, it’s her. I well up my courage, and I ask Sid for her. He smiles, almost grins. I don’t notice why until he explains. My nipples

protrude entirely through the thin fabric of my dress. I haven’t been very subtle about things. Sid leans back, and demands an explanation. I describe her charms, and try to explain my desire. I’m not sure what he will do, but he seems interested. I put that wrong- he seems inclined to indulge me. Sid nurses his beer for another moment. Then he goes and gets me what I want.

I don’t know how, though. She is sitting with a man, close enough that they are clearly together. Sid walks up uninvited and begins some conversation I can’t hear. It lasts one, two, ten minutes. I am so nervous. I am frozen. My martini lays untouched, though my pussy wells with excitement. A napkin on my lap, I slowly work a hand up my thigh. Watching Sid have his conversation, I quietly play with my clit, carefully keeping my back straight and my breath steady. Sid makes the woman in the blue dress laugh, and I almost cum watching her tits jiggle. Her man says nothing. Sid dominates the conversation. She leans forward, pushing her hair out of her face, arching her back, showing off her body. Sid leans into her ear. She nods assent.

He finally returns to our table. I ask breathlessly what happened. He smiles, but says nothing. I continue to pester him. His reply is to cross the table and throw the napkin off my lap. I recoil in horror as he exposes the finger in my pussy, but he just smiles. “Want to go upstairs?” Yes, yes I do. I look back over my shoulder, as furtively as I can, and watch the couple including my kaçak iddaa crush with the blue dress rise. We ride up the elevator together without a word exchanged. When we arrive at our floor, Sid takes my arm and leads me off the elevator. We lead the way down the hall, but I can hear footsteps behind us. Sid opens the door to our hotel room and guides me inside. I am so nervous I can barely walk. But I listen behind me, and it is clear the door didn’t close for just the two of us. Sid turns on a lamp. He guides me to the foot of the bed. I am almost paralyzed. The gorgeous woman in the blue dress sits down in the chair just to the right of the bed. Her companion sits in the dark in the back of the room. “Amber”, Sid tells me, “this is Jan.”

Jan smiles at me. She says something. I think she called me baby, but I’m not sure. Sid recognizes how stiff I have become, and leans in to kiss my neck. He whispers in my ear, slowly, calming me down. I begin to relax, begin to give in, and he presses a glass of wine into my hand and another into hers. He doesn’t leave my ear, knowing I need his comfort. I watch as Jan slides out of her pretty blue dress. Sid’s voice sharpens. “Amber”, he instructs me, “I have explained to Jan that she can assume my authority. You are to follow Jan’s instructions as you would follow mine.” My eyes widen. I rely on Sid’s control. It has been given to another, whose trust has not been proven. I look to Sid, but he has turned his back to me, pouring a glass of his rye.

Jan steps toward me, into the light of the bedside lamp. She is naked, and my insecurity leaps up. She stops for a moment. I think she wanted me to watch her, slowly circling about me, assuming control, giving me a moment to assess the situation…just as Sid would do. My shoulders relax. Then she ripped my dress from the hem at the bust, leaving me standing naked before her.

“Amber”, she commanded, “get on your knees.” kaçak bahis I obeyed quickly, ruing my earlier request of Sid. I looked for him, but he was settled on a leather wingchair, oblivious to my anxiety, eyes hard. Jan ordered “hands on the floor”, and I felt obligated. When her hand rained down on my bare ass, I whimpered, loud. She had no idea how much I enjoy being spanked, and I had no idea how hot it was being spanked by a stranger…especially one with such an amazing body. The pain broke my nerves. I pushed my little ass up into the air, eager for the next blow. It came quickly. Jan upbraided me for my moans, smacking me again and again. I know how my ass reddens with a spanking. Jan did not, and I despaired as she slowed, unsure about how much pain she was causing me. I heard Sid’s voice- “proceed.” Jan needed little encouragement. She sat back on the bed, grabbing my hair and turning me around. The carpet burned my knees. Jan didn’t seem to know or care. With a hand rasping each pigtail, she pulled my face hard into her pussy. I almost came right then.

She tasted wonderful. I dug my tongue into her, feeling her back arch and her hands push me deeper. I heard a slapping sound, but when I looked over to Sid he was quietly sipping his rye. Jan cared little for what was going on around her, pulling me deeper into her fragrant pussy. She bent over me, forcing my tongue inside her, pushing her fabulous breasts on the back of my neck. I could barely breathe, my nose and tongue buried inside her, filled with her scent, lapping at her clit, trying to make her cum on my tongue. And she did. And she did again, yelling at me to fuck her. Which I did, pushing my tongue into her pussy as far as I could, milking the last bit of orgasm out of her.

When she stopped shaking, I raised my eyes to her. She leaned into me, and kissed me deeply. Still naked and trembling, she took a few steps to Sid and kissed him gently on the cheek. Jan slowly pulled on her blue dress, and fetched her companion, who seemed to be struggling with his pants. She kissed me again, reached down to slide a gratuitous finger into my sopping pussy, and departed.

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