Forbidden Fruit

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I wouldn’t say I was interested in TJ to start with. He was a cool guy, involved in an after-class activity that I had joined the year before. I had a couple years on him, but not as many as some would think. He was kind of an adorable geek who was fun to hang out with.

TJ could make people laugh, or at least in our group, at much unexpected things. He was kind and flirty, if a little shy. I laughed a bit when he started dating Steph, who had claimed she hated him. They lasted a good year and a half.

Sure, I’d messed around with him. It was kind of a slutty phase for me, exploring my sexuality and stuff. It’s not like I actually had intercourse with everyone that showed interest, but I wasn’t particularly picky at that time. I’m not proud of every dick I sucked, but I don’t really regret it either.

He caught me off guard a few years later. I was out of school, but visited my friends quite often. I had been in a monogamous relationship for a full two years, and very happy with that fact. I would never have even thought that TJ would consider taking advantage of me, but in reality, he was looking for an invitation.

There’s some slut in all of us, I think… some left over primordial “mate-or-die” instinct that tells us that sex is inherently good for us. I can’t explain it any better than that, since nothing particularly life-threatening or epiphany-inspiring happened that night.

I agreed to watch a campy movie with TJ after meeting with our group of friends. It was a laugh-your-head-off-terrible movie where a biblical figure fought zombies in a current-day setting. TJ cuddled with me a little while we watched, but this was not uncalled for. I appreciated the attention, deep down, and wished for a second or two that I was single.

That I actually had the thought cross my mind, even after being with Jason for two years, having great sex and conversation and inside jokes, was incredulous to me. I dropped it.

After the movie, I was tired. I wasn’t about to drive home when all I wanted to do was nod off. I curled up against TJ and closed my eyes. He gently kissed the top of my head and wrapped his arms around me. It was comfortable, and I fell asleep.

I woke up a little later, my left arm tingling from being tucked under me while I was asleep. I rolled to wiggle my fingers and TJ, who had also been sleeping, opened his eyes and asked if I was okay. I canlı bahis nodded and rubbed my arm into wakefulness, then curled up against him again, carefully folding my left arm between us. TJ took the fingers of my left hand and kissed them softly. I smiled and batted my eyelashes at him playfully.

We laughed quietly and he pulled me close. “Want to watch another movie?” he asked.

Browsing his selection, I noticed quite a few adult films. “Let’s watch one of these,” I laughed, only half-joking about a girl-on-girl DVD with pink lettering and purple toys on it. He smiled at me, trying to figure out if I was serious. He shrugged and put it in the player.

We watched quietly, TJ snuggling against me like he had during the cheesy zombie movie earlier. It took on a different meaning to me, but I didn’t dissuade him. The girls on the screen undressed each other, kissing porno star flailing tongued kisses and moaning ridiculously. It didn’t matter that they were acting, or that this movie was just as bad as the zombie one previous, we were both getting into it. I could feel the dampness in my panties without sitting up or moving around, and TJ’s position next to me did not hide his growing erection.

I started thinking of excuses. Reasons to stay, reasons to leave, what I would tell Jason, what I would ask TJ…

The video played on, and the girls started licking each other and pulling out the purple dildos so prominently pictured on the box. TJ must have noticed my distracted look, and kissed me. He completely took me by surprise, and I jumped. He apologized and turned away. I felt torn, knowing that what he did was wrong, that he felt bad for it, and knowing that I liked it, and felt bad about it, and still wanted it. I kissed him back.

We made out like that, with the movie playing in the background and groping each other over our clothes. It felt good — not because I needed that kind of attention — but because it wasn’t supposed to. TJ was understandably into it, having been out of a relationship for a few months now, but even he was excited by the idea that we weren’t supposed to be doing these things. He moaned and called me the forbidden fruit. I told you he was a geek, but at least he was a romantic one.

The pawing and kissing worked me up terribly. TJ grew adventurous and asked me to bite him. I was thrilled — Jason always warned me not to leave a mark, and here bahis siteleri was a guy begging for a hickey. I gnawed on him gently at first, and he groaned. I bit harder and his arms wrapped around me and his breaths grew shallow and fast.

That he was so turned on by the act of me chewing on his neck swept me up in a whirlwind of emotions. I couldn’t react in any other way that to tell him what I felt.

“I want you.”

It was obvious, the way our hips were pressed together, that TJ was thinking something along those lines as well. He groaned and looked into my eyes with a questioning gaze. I felt for his belt and undid it, not loosing his stare. He pushed me down and removed the belt himself, as well as his jeans, before stripping off my shirt and teasing my breasts through the lace of my bra. He pulled back the fabric and flicked my nipples with his tongue.

Pleasure surged from my core and I thought he might bring me to climax playing with my breasts. He reached down and undid my jeans, pausing playfully to rub at the wet spot in my panties. I reached up and pulled down his boxers, exposing the magnificent cock that I had only been introduced to once before. I had forgotten its length and circumference, or perhaps its girth was increased by our foreplay, but I had to have it in my mouth. I sucked the tip of it into my mouth. TJ gasped and thrust gently, pressing against my lips and then the back of my throat. I gagged, just once, and only a little. I relaxed and let him fuck my face while he pulled on my hair. It was divine, and I could feel in my mouth he wanted to release.

He stopped. I was about to protest when he pushed me down again. He spread my legs roughly and leaned toward me. I flinched, and only then did he remember to grab a condom from his discarded jeans. I was flattered that it was there, though I suppose I should have been weirded out a little. I mean, he had that ready for a girl who was in a relationship? Then again, any Eagle Scout such as he was would know how to “be prepared.”

TJ pulled the latex on quickly and pushed the tip of his penis against my clit. The sensation was heightened by the girls screaming for more from their toys on the TV. I had to have him inside me, and it was more than urgent. I wrapped my legs around him and pulled him into me.

I don’t generally like condoms. The colored ones and the flavored ones make great party favors, bahis şirketleri but the sensation of the latex is nothing like skin-on-skin friction. It didn’t even matter. I was so cued up for sex at that moment that he could have stuck just about anything into my pussy and gotten away with it. The way it happened, TJ put his full length into me and slowly began a rhythm that suggested he meant to take his time.

Slow and steady usually wins me over just the same, but I wouldn’t have any of that. I raked his back with my fingernails and whispered directions to him. I nibbled on his earlobe as he quickened his pace and slammed into me harder. It was heavenly.

I lost myself in the lust that he had inspired and threw my head back with my eyes closed. His mouth once more found my nipples and he teased them while he banged me. I came without much warning, and his strokes didn’t stop. TJ went back to the slow pace he started with. I shivered as he felt up my sides and chest and neck, kissing me tenderly in places I had no idea were so sensitive.

The credits rolled and he was still making love to me. I realized that was his intention. TJ had apparently figured out that this was his chance, and he was making the most of it. Instead of feeling sorry for him, I got into his rhythm and started rocking against him.

TJ was an amazing lover. He admitted to not having as much experience as I did, though he seemed to be a natural. My second climax built like a snowball, and grew when TJ started making his thrusts more pronounced. I could feel his erection growing inside me as he prepared to fill the condom. The snowball avalanched upon me, filling my entire body with fireworks, and we came at approximately the same time.

I waited as TJ tossed the spent wrapper and curled against him once more when he returned. The after glow lasted well into the early morning hours, and we fell asleep in each other’s arms.

It really couldn’t have been more romantic. It was like all those smutty romance novels my sister loved to read. I kissed TJ goodbye in the morning, with mixed emotions. I had to decide, quickly, if I could keep Jason if he knew, if he didn’t find out, or if I kept TJ. I wondered if TJ would allow me to keep Jason if I wanted to keep TJ. My mind reeled as I drove home, thinking of all the possibilities open to me.

I couldn’t help but smile. It was an experience I wouldn’t forget, regardless of who found out, what happened next, what decisions I made or were made by Jason or TJ. I surprised myself, falling for a young romantic geek, after all this time. I could live with that.

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