Forbidden Desires

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It had been a couple of weeks since I had last made love to my intoxicatingly beautiful secretary, Brooke. In her rush to get home before her husband would start wondering where she was, she had inadvertently left her cum-soaked panties in my office. It just so happened that this weekend Brooke’s husband Mark was going away on an important business call. Finally, an opportunity to return Brooke’s ‘lost garment’ had arrived.

Just to make sure we wouldn’t be caught, I called Brooke on her private cell phone before I left my apartment, and had tucked her panties into my shorts pocket. Seeing as it was the weekend, I dressed casually in a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a t-shirt. I hopped into my car and started driving to Brooke and Mark’s house in the suburbs. While driving to my secretaries home, my thoughts wandered through our many past encounters and I hoped that her daughters would be preoccupied enough to let me get in a quickie with their bombshell mother.

I drove up her driveway to her house, turned off the ignition and made my way to her front door. Her house was on a slight hill and they had put in a nice eight-foot high wooden fence around their backyard pool in order to secure privacy for themselves and their two young daughters. Approaching the door, I could hear water splashing and what sounded like young females giggling. I naturally assumed that her daughters were in the pool at the side of her house and with any luck they would be distracted enough for Brooke and I to ‘reunite’.

But I wanted to make sure I wasn’t interrupting anything so, without hesitation I sauntered up to the fence and peeked through a convienet knothole in the wood. I was blown away by what I witnessed, Brooke was relaxing on the side of the pool, wearing a very revealing two-piece bikini set that showed off her tight round ass and her glorious bosom. However, what really took my breath away were her daughters. Kristina, who I had only met once about 5 years ago, had blossomed into a remarkably beautiful young woman. She was a vision of beauty with her developing breasts, gently curving hips and fine silky legs that longed for someone to caress. Her long sandy blonde locks were tied back into two braided ponytails and her exquisite breasts were amazingly unrestricted by a top, which was floating peacefully in the water next to the playing siblings. I was amazed that at nineteen her breasts were already the size of her mothers. Feeling my member pushing against my constricting shorts, I gasped at the knowledge that I was getting a hard-on for my secret lovers’ nineteen year old daughter.

Meanwhile, I was even further shocked when I began to recognize a young nubile raven-haired vixen who kept playfully splashing water on Kristina. It had also been five years since I had seen little Angela, and I was taken aback to find that she also was developing into a very fine piece of tail. Angela was very confidently bahis firmaları wearing a one piece bathing suit that accentuated her growing curves and gave me a wonderful view of her sleek and inviting legs. Her long black hair was flowing freely behind her, and as she turned around I could just make out her bountiful breasts poking at her clinging wet swimsuit. I had never had impure thoughts about Brookes young girls before in my life, but seeing these two visionaries aroused me beyond anything I had experienced before.

I shook my head silently, wondering how in the world I was going to get Brooke’s cum-stained panties to her without arousing suspicion from an obviously aroused nineteen year old and a precociously seductive eighteen year old. Removing myself reluctantly from this incredible revelation of beauty I staggered up to the steps and nervously pressed the doorbell.

While patiently awaiting a reply I become aware that the sound of splashing water had stopped. I smiled to myself and imagined a panicked rummaging to get Kristina’s bikini top back on, when the door opened.

I must’ve gasped in surprise because Brooke’s angelic face broke into a wicked smile and her blue eyes sparkled. No wonder either; Brooke hadn’t even taken the time to cover herself with a towel. She stood in the doorway, a complete vision of beauty and lust, water dripping from her fit and trim figure to the floor and her hair dripping wet from the pool.

“C’mon in, Ken,” she beckoned me in after letting me gawk at her beauty. She took this time to admire my own figure and glance at my unshaven stubble on my face and my short cropped black hair. I almost stumbled into her house and closed the door shut still amazed at her boldness in welcoming me into her house like this.

I opened my mouth to explain my visit, but she shushed me by placing her finger on my lips and turned around slowly to give me a mouthwatering look at her tight and fit body, her alabaster skin glistening in the sunlight that filtered through the window. My eyes soon fixed on her remarkable bikini-covered ass. She glanced over her shoulder at me and gave me a “come hither” look as she walked gracefully over to her bedroom.

Her bedroom was, in fact, connected to her bathroom, which is where she greeted me in the best possible manner. She leaned back on the sink and grabbed me by the arms before I could close the door. Our lips mashed together and our tongues embraced in a wildly passionate kiss. I picked her up by her glorious ass and set her down softly on the edge of the sink, and she proceeded to wrap her silky legs around my waist as we continued to kiss each other roughly.

Her hands deftly undid my fly and slowly unzipped my shorts, which plummeted to the floor revealing my massively bloated prick. In response I reached around to her back and untied her bikini top and as it dropped to the bathroom tiled-covered floor, I broke kaçak iddaa our kiss momentarily and ran my tongue up and down the cleft between her now revealed and shivering breasts, still kneading her tight buttocks with my groping hands.

Brooke gasped in pleasure as I continued my assault on her quivering breasts. Her hands felt up my smooth back and pulled my shirt over my head. Pausing my ministrations I raised my arms above my head so Brooke could pull my shirt off. Tossing the discarded material to the floor she moaned as I resumed my lathering of her petite tits.

“Feels so good,” Brooke gasped, “I need you inside me, now!”

I lowered my hands to her warm thighs. She unwrapped her sweaty legs from around my waist and permitted me to unfasten her bikini bottoms, and as they dropped noiselessly to the floor, I grabbed her round buttocks and directed my hardened prick into her tight, velvety pussy. Gasping in unison I continued to fuck her hard on the bathroom sink that she shared with her husband. Her wet blonde-hair flailing, my secretary continued to hump up at my penetrating dick and I raised her legs up so she could wrap them around my waist again.

I couldn’t get enough of this vixen, and apparently she couldn’t get enough of my cock, either. She responded to my continual thrusts by moaning my name louder and clutched my ass to get my thick member further into the depths of her vagina.

My legs were beginning to feel the strain and were about ready to give out, but nothing was going to stop me from coming inside this intoxicating beauty. We kissed again, our searing kisses sending shockwaves though each of us. Brooke then leaned back again, bracing her arms on the edge of the sink and closed her eyes in passion, giving herself fully over to her impending orgasm.

This gave me the brief opportunity to take a quick look out her bathroom window. While continuing to fuck this horny blonde bombshell I noticed another blonde beauty gazing in apparent unabated arousal at the lewd scene. Her dark eyes wide, I recognized her instantly as Brooke’s daughter Kristina. I noticed that she hadn’t replaced her fallen bikini top like I had thought, and her small delicate fingers had instead delved into her tiny pink shorts. I realized that she was getting herself off while her mother was getting fucked!

It was at that precise moment that her mother had an earth-shattering orgasm. The way her vaginal muscles worked on my pistoning cock, combined with the feeling of her gloriously tight ass in my hands, along with the shared connection between her teenage daughter and myself gazing at each other in mutual lust, created an immediate massive ejaculation of hot cum into the depths of Brookes’ hot twat.

“God, Ken that was what I needed” panted Brooke, her cunt still holding tight to my softening cock. Her eyes still closed shut in exhilaration, I glanced again out the window where Kristina kaçak bahis had apparently cum all over her pink shorts. I smiled at her through the window. The young teen winked at me seductively as she tasted her own juices from her hand and presented her ripe breasts with her other hand. She then smiled mischievously at me before turning back around and jumping back into the pool, eliciting a shout from Angela to watch where she was jumping.

I slowly disentangled myself from my horny secretary and dropping to the floor almost exhausted, dragged my shorts back over to where I now was. Smiling contentedly at her sparkling sweat-covered body I tossed her ‘lost’ panties to her.

“I think you might need these, hon.”

She just smiled wickedly and replied, “Not right now I won’t,” as she joined me on the floor, fondling my flaccid cock back into action and let her now-forgotten panties drop to the floor, next to her now discarded swimwear.

“I still want a ride on this thing” she smiled, naughtily, holding on to my slowly reinvigorated prick.

I smiled back at her, gazing at her sparkling blue eyes.

“Then jump on, bitch.”

She smiled impishly, rose up and took my now fully erect cock and placed it at the entrance to her overflowing pussy. She then lowered herself onto my jutting cock and proceeded to bounce up and down as if on a bucking horse. I couldn’t just let her do all the work, so I seized her peach-sized jiggling titties in my hands and massaged and squeezed the nipples to Brooke’s satisfaction.

Angela must’ve heard our loud moaning, because when I looked up, she stood in shock at the entrance to the bathroom as her mother wantonly fucked herself wildly on my huge rod, eyes closed in passion and repeatedly begging me to fuck her silly. Angela had replaced her swimsuit with a hot pink sleeveless tank top and a matching pair of pink shorts.

I continued to pump repeatedly up into my lover’s hot pussy and I began to notice a small grin spread across Angela’s beautifully heart shaped face. She turned around slowly, placed her hands playfully on her curvasious hips, looked over her shoulder with a big grin and winked seductively at me. Her long raven hair snaked down over her other shoulder, she impishly shook her tiny ass at me as I gazed longingly at her exquisitely silky teen legs.

After seeing this impish display of wanton sexuality from an enthralling youthful schoolgirl, I couldn’t control myself anymore and proceeded to deposit my second substantial load of cum up into her mother’s vibrating pussy as I gazed directly into her warm inviting childlike brown eyes.

I sighed and relaxed and soon Brooke’s juices started flowing down my legs indicating her own massive orgasm and I drew my lover down into my arms and kissed her wine-colored lips passionately. I patted Brooke’s head as she rested on my shoulder and I looked back up at the doorway, but her young nubile daughter was no longer there. We continued to lie there on the bathroom floor listening to our quick breaths slowing and the sounds of her daughters continuing to have fun in the family pool.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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