For Women – My Fantasy


For Women – My FantasyI wrote this some time ago. It’s really a description of one of my fantasies as told to a woman._____________________________________________________________ You step into the darkness of the hotel room, closing the door softy behind you. At once you feel my hands upon you. My lips meet yours and we fall back against the door as we kiss. My hands go into your hair, then move down your sides as our tongues play with each other.Slowly I unbutton your top as I move to kissing your ear and neck. I nibble at our earlobe and then bite deep into your shoulder as my fingernails run down your back, snapping open your bra as i do so. I move slowly down your body, kissing your breasts and biting at your nipples. My fingers play across your hips, stomach and breasts as i kiss and lick my way down across your tight abs. I stroke at your leg with one hand as I pinch a nipple with the other.You bite your lip as you drag your skirt up, revealing stockings and your thong. I move further down. Kissing at the exposed tops of your legs. Then slowly I pull your thong to one side to reveal your pussy. I kiss it. Then with my tongue I part your lips and begin to play with your clit. You are realy wet and move your legs apart more to allow me in. I lick your clit softly at first. playing with it, then slowly get harder and harder, pushing you back against the door. As you begin to writhe, you put your leg over my shoulder and I take the opportunity to slide a finger, gently inside you. I move it in and out slowly, licking at your clit the whole time. As you moan, I push in deeper, then add another finger and another, filling your pussy with as much as it can take. I feel your fingernails on my scalp and back as you begin to cum. I lick harder and faster, slipping my tongue into you, tasting your juices. You cry out as orgasms rip through you but i carry on licking and fingering you as deeply as i can.At last I slow down allowing you to relax. I run my tongue back up your body and over your nipples before kissing you again. Then I step back. “Would you like a drink?” I ask…I take a bottle of champagne from an ice bucket and open it with a bang. You have just about recovered yourself and cross to join me, your top still open and half off your shoulders allowing your breasts to poke out of the undone bra. You take your glass and kiss me softly. Then you down the contents of your flute in one swift movement and give me a big grin. I laugh and move to pour you some more. As I do so you move in behind me and begin to undo my shirt. I feel your nails moving down my chest and the press of your hard nipples on my back. My shirt falls away and I turn around with your drink. You too have nevşehir escort bayan allowed your shirt and skirt to fall to the ground and you stand before me in suspenders, boots and a very wet thong.You take the glass and my hand and move me onto the bed, laying me down. You sit astride me and stroke my chest, then you take an ice cube from the bucket and, after sucking it for a moment, begin to rub it across my chest. You pause momentarily over each of my nipples. The pleasure is excrutiating for me as I reach up and stroke your back and sides. Underneath you, you can feel my cock growing harder and harder. Pressing against you and the confines of my trousers.You allow me to stroke you for a moment longer, enjoying my soft touch on the underside of your breast, then take my hands and return them to my sides, holding them there as you grind on top of me. Teasing me ever more. You pick up the glass of champagne again and then proceed to pour some over my chest. The cold liquid runs across me and you lean forward to lick it up. Catching each drop before it escapes me, kissing, nibbling and biting at my skin as you do so. You allow a drip or two to fall onto my nipple, then taking the ice in your mouth, suck and lick it off.Slowly you run the ice in your lips up my neck to meet mine and the ice drops into my mouth as we kiss passionately.Suddenly you climb off me. I move to stand up too but you push me down again with a mischevious glint in your eye. You pull off my belt and moving to the top of the bed you bind my hands to the headboard with it. Now I’m restrained, you move back to my trousers. you rub at my cock through the material as you undo them and slowly pull them off me. You then return and do the same with my underware, releasing my straining cock and leaving me bound and naked on the bed. You lean over and kiss me again, then you move slowly down my body, kissing and caressing me as your long hair brushes at my skin making me shiver with delight and anticipation. You bite deeply at my hip, and then move down my leg, until you are sucking at my toes. Slowly you move back up my other leg and across my hip again. I can feel your warm breath on the tip of my cock as you move in and tease it with the tip of your tongue. You take hold of my balls as move your tongue slowly around the head of my cock kissing it gently. Just once, you briefly take me all the way into your mouth, running your tongue down the underside as far as you can before coming all the way back up.As I watch you teasing me, i can see that one hand has found its’ way into your thong and you are playing with yourself. I can tell you are getting hotter and wetter, playing with yourself as escort nevşehir you suck and tease at me. All at once, you stand, letting your pants slide down your booted legs to the floor. You undo the belt holding my hands and before I can react, you fling a leg across my head and bury your pussy in my mouth. You clasp at my cock again and suck it hungrily as I lick and probe at your soaking wet pussy with my tongue. I can barely control myself as your body begins to buck and shake in the throws of orgasm. You press harder onto me as your juices fill my mouth. You cry out as you cum as you stroke my cock harder and harder. My cock throbs and I am no longer able to control myself. You move quickly down between my legs as my hot cum shoots into your mouth and down over your tits. You lick your lips and spread my cum across your tits and stomach. Your eyes sparkle as you smile up at me.”mmmmm…” you purr. “That was goooood.” You wink at me. “But you’ve made me all messy now. I’m going to need a shower.”You lead me into the bathroom and make me sit on the ledge next to the sink, facing the shower. The marble top is cold against my naked skin, but I am soon warmed by the sight of your pert arse teasing me as you slip the shiny leather boots off. You then unclip your suspenders and bend over once again as you roll them down.You switch on the water and I move to join you. You stop me, telling me that I have to wait and watch and can only join you once I’m ready. I sit back down and you step into the shower, leaving the door open so I can get a good look at you. Water cascades through your hair and down your back and legs. Then you turn around and begin slowly washing yourself, wiping the remains of my cum off of your tits and stomach. You smile, seeing how much I am enjoying the show.As you pour white creamy body wash over your chest, I slowly stroke my rapidly growing cock, my erection returning after its short rest, I make to get up, feeling that I’m ‘ready’ but you hold up one hand, signalling that I should stay put. The cream becomes frothy and soapy on your chest, as you make you way down your stomach, rubbing and caressing yourself. I am getting desperate by now. Watching this show is making me hotter and hornier than I’ve ever thought possible. You squirt a little more of the creamy soap onto your hand and begin to massage it into what remains of your tightly trimmed pubes. Your fingers play about your pussy lips, as I begin to wank myself harder, unable to resist any more.You rub your clit and pull at a nipple, teasing me further, then at last you look me in the eye and smile, beckoning me in.I rush forward to join you, water splashes over me as I take you in my nevşehir escort arms. Immediately our bodies become entwined as I kiss you deeply. We fall back against the wet tiled wall ass you raise a leg around me and allow my cock to slip inside your warm wet pussy. We both moan with pleasure that the long awaited moment has finally arrived and i can feel your pussy contract around me as I begin to slide in and out. You interlock your fingers behind my neck, then lift your other leg up to join the first behind me, locking us together and pulling me deeper into you. My hands move down and grip your arse cheeks. Lifting you away from the wall and sliding you repeatedly up and down on my cock. we kiss and bite at each other as we moan louder and louder. You cry out as you cum for the first time, but this just makes me speed up, a****l instinct taking over and a desperate desire to make you climax over and over.I carry you out of the shower and place you down on the ledge where I had been sitting. You move a leg up and onto my shoulder, allowing me deeper inside. I grind at you, moving as deep as i can. Licking a finger, I rub it, first on your already drenched nipple, pinching it slightly as i do, then on your clit. You smile at me with a glint in your eye, then throw your head back as your body begins to be rocked again. I move your other leg up to join the first, holding them tightly together above my head, as I push in deeply to your now tightened pussy. I pull out almost as far as I can before thrusting in and pulling out again. You gasp. Waves of ecstasy flow through your body and as you scream through the orgasm, you pull your legs free and turn around, standing down on the floor and leaning over the ledge you had just been laying on. You grab my cock and hungrily push it inside you once again, pushing back onto me and letting out another loud moan. I grab your hips and thrust in and out of you, Each time I pull nearly all the way out of you, before you push back against me, and my cock is forced deep inside you again.We move together, faster and faster, I feel your pussy tightening as you hit climax once again. You cry out and your pussy clenches my cock, desperate for my cum. My body begins to shake too, as I begin to cum. We cry out together as I slowly pull my cock from your pussy. My cum shoots into you, then I press the head against the entrance to your hole. My white cum pools just inside the entrance to your cunt, flowing out and down your legs as I pull away, allowing one last shot of cum to fly over your arse and back.We both catch our breath, then you stand up, turning to face me. We both smile. Innocently, you run a finger across your chest and stomach and into your pussy, pulling out a finger full of my cum. Cheakily, you put it in your mouth and slowly suck it off. Then you lean in and kiss me deeply. Your hand resting on my cock. You step back, still grasping my cock, and wordlessly, you lead me back out to the bed.

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