for the wife

Adriana Chechik

for the wifeI guess I should start off describing my wife Margaret. She just turned 45 and is a very sexy lady. She had red hair (all over) and blue eyes on her pretty, slightly freckled face. She’s gained some weight over the years but to me has become sexier since giving birth to our two k**s. She has magnificent breasts 40DD with huge, pink nipples and the way they hang, lets just say gravity has been kinder then to most. Her belly is slighlty rounded and her sexy hips flair out. Her ass is a bit wider but still well shaped and very sexy. She also loves anal sex (it helps that I’m only 5″ fully erect) and her long shepely legs have a thick, bright orange nest of pubic hair that keeps her prized pussy concealed.Margaret and I have been faithful to eachother for our entire 23 year marriage (I’m 51) and have had no ohter sex partners with the exception of a swapping incident some years back with some former friends. That having been a disaster, we had given up on persuing anything like it again. We still enjoyed sex with eachother and we shared fantasies as part of foreplay or to rev us up for a second go around. One of Margarets favorite fantasies was having a well hung stud service her. As I said, I’m 5″ fully erect but I have some girth and I have a very talented tongue and she never lacked orgasms during love making, so this turned me on instead of bothering me as it might some men.Marge was feeling a bit down regarding her upcoming 45th birthday. The k**s were gone (one in college out of state and one living on her own) and I think she was feeling the “empty nest syndrome”. I wanted to make this birthday one that would cheer her up and make her still feel like the sexy woman she was. I struggled with what to do for weeks then quite by accident I found the perfect “gift” for my lovely wife.It was the Sunday before her birthday (which was that upcoming Friday) when I was given a sign as to what her birthday present would be. I was playing gold with Ted (our next door neighbour) and his 19 year-old son Jeff. I was good friends with Ted and had known Jeff since he was a c***d when they moved next door to us. He was a heck of a good k**. Helpful, polite and very respectful. It wasn’t common practice for me to shower at the club after a round of golf but it had been a brutally hot day and Ted liked to grab a shower so I did on this day (thankfully).We were at our lockers and disrobing to grab a shower when I caught something out of the corner of my eye. Jeff had pulled off his breifs and there hung an absolutely huge specimen of young cock. His thick, circumsized cock hung there about 6 inches long and thicker then my own. His large, tight hairless ball sac was also something to behold, like to plums in a leather bag. For some reason I felot a jolt of excitement in my own crotch so I turned away and saw Ted naked for the first time. I guess huge cocks ran in the family. He was similar in size to Jeff but his balls hung down obsenely and he had thick veins in his shaft. I turned away quickly and he saw me and laughed “we come from a long line of big dicks” he said jokingly. “I see” I smiled to make it all a joke and off we went.That night after licking Marge to to orgasms and then talking to her about having a big cock to play with, we fucked long and hard. She got so aroused despite having cum twice when I described her getting fucked by a well hung stud. I didn’t mention any names to her but I knew as I lay my head down to sleep that night, that I wanted young Jeff to fuck my wife.It was Thursday before I saw Jeff again and waved him over as I got home from work. We exchanged pleasentries and he explained that he would be going off to school the next week. My son went out of state and was doing some kind of internship that summer so he never came home. After some small talk I decided to ask him. Despite going over this in my mind so many times, I was a bit nervous.I asked him about girlfriends and he said he hoped things would get better in college. He said it wasn’t true about women loving well endowed men and that most of his girlfriends in highschool were affraid of that huge apendage. “The best experience I ever had was with a much older woman” he said and seemed to be reflecting on the memory. “Really?” I asked and wanted to hear about it. He made me promise that I wouldn’t tell his parents and I agreed that we were both adults and I would never do that. He then told me how he had fucked his aunt two years ago, his mothers sister and çorum escort she was the only woman that knew what to do. So now my cock was hard, hearing this tale of Jeffs.”Do you think Margaret is a sexy woman?” I asked. He seemed to become uncomfortable and I feared the worst. He didn’t answer so I assured him whatever he said was just between “us guys”.”Can I be totally honest?” he asked. ‘Of course” I assured him again.”Well, I think she is so damn sexy. Ever since I was younger I’ve fantasized about her. She has lovely breasts and that red hair…” he stopped suddenly realizing he was excitedly telling a man that he jerked off thinking of his wife. I smiled at him, “She’s read like that all over” and he seemed to shudder then smiled and said he often wondered that. The rest was easy.I told him I wanted him to fuck my wife for her birthday and that I would be there to either videotape it or to just watch. He seemed to have no problem with me being there but he wanted to stess to me that he was not gay in any way. I assured him that niether was I and I would only be watching, holding the camera. He really seemed to lke the idea of me recording it. He asked me if he could have a copy and I told him I wasn’t sure but he could watch it at our house whenever he wanted. He smiled and agreed to be at our house at 9 oclock the next night. I ran in and fucked Margaret right there in the kitchen, I think I lasted 3 minutes.Friday Night, Margarets birthdayI took my lovely wife to the best restauraunt in town. Before we left I gave her one of her presents, a very sexy pair of french cut thongs and a half bra. She loved them and only hesitated a moment when I told her to wear them under her sexy red dress. She looked absolutely killer and knowing she had on the sexy black underthings I baught for her had me hard on the way to the restauraunt. Dinner was exquisite and we drank 2 bottles of wine and were both feeling a bit playful. I rubbed her panty covered crotch as we drove home and she did something she hasn’t done in ten years. She leaned over and pulled out my cock and gave it a quick blowjob. Thankfully we were turning up our block so she stopped before I came. I wanted this to last.It was 8:45 when we entered the house. She went upstairs for a minute and I set up some candles and removed the video camera from the closet. I had set it up earlier, charging the battery and making sure there was a two hour tape in it. Marge came down wearing the panties and half-bra only know she added black stockings and high heeled fuck-me pumps… she looked sexier then I’d ever remembered. She saw the camera and she usually objected to my home movies but tonight it would be okay. We had a few good hours of ourselves fucking on film.I had her sit on the couch and told her how sexy she looked and how much I loved her and then I started giving her a sensual massage and I told her that I discovered something very interesting at the club the previous weekend. “Whats that?” she asked in a soft voice, relaxing under my fingertips. I told her about the shower, I mentioned Ted first and she responded that “Carole isn’t lying then… she’s always bragging that Ted is hung like a horse” she giggled.”Well, would you believe Jeff is bigger?” I said and could feel her body shutter, it was slight but it happened. “When I saw that huge thing, I started thinking about how much you would enjoy it. I jerked off thinking about you sucking that young stud off and then him fucking you.” She turned around and kissed me and told me that I had better plan on giving her a good fuck since I had just made her so horny. Then the doorbell rang. She jumped and stood up to go upstairs and I told her to relax and sit tight. She looked at me nervously and I told her to trust me, “Its your birthday sweetheart… I think I got you the perfect gift” and she tried to tuck her huge nipples into the half bra.I opened the door and Jeff walked right in, wearing sweatpnats and a t-shirt. I led him into the livingroom and after a moments shock I think Marge knew what my suprise for her was. I motioned Jeff to sit beside my wife and offered him something to drink. I left them and went into the kitchen and returned with three glasses of wine. They were relaxed and chatting which seemed odd considering the way Marge was dressed. I gave them thier wine and sat with them. I could tell by the way Marge was fidgeting that she was horny and ready. “Honey, I think we would both love to see those beautiful çorum escort bayan breasts” and I stood and picked up the camera.Marge got right into it. She stood and did a striptease for me and the camera. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her this relaxed and this horny. Any hint of shyness was gone. She slid her bra off and I thought Jeffs eyes would bug out when they bounced free. She turned and shimied her ass before sitting on the floor in front of him and rubbing her tits all over his crotch. I zoomed in, his hard on very evident. Marge rubbed her tits over his crotch for a few more minutes then she did something that always turns me on, she lifted a big tit and sucked one of those nipples into her mouth, actually the whole tip of that wonderful titty.She raised up and she kissed him. It was tentative at first but soon the heat was turned up and thier tongues were dancing in eachothers mouths. This led to Jeff fondling her tits, I suggested he pinch and twist her nipples, that got her going. He eagerly grabbed a hold and I was getting it all on tape. Marge sat back on her heels and said it was time to see her present. Jeff stood, his enormous cock tenting his sweatpants. My own cock had turned to stone ten minutes ago.Marge pulled his sweats and underwear down in one motion, down to his ankles. She stared at it, so did I. He was hard now and it was easily 10″ and it was throbbing. The head was HUGE! Marge held it and moaned, I knew she was thinking how it would feel in her hot pussy. She held it against his belly and started to lick his balls. She licked up the shaft and swirled her tongue around the head. The k** was so hot already that he was leaking precum. Marge made sure none was wasted. My Marge was an acomplished cock sucker and this k** was enjoying the benefits of her skills.I watched her gobble that cock of his for fifteen minutes, backing off every time I thught he was going to cum. She was able to swallow more then half that amazing cock and I was zooming in on it all. Man, I couldn’t wait to watch this video. Finally, “Oh Mrs Downs, I’m gonna cum” he said. Marge took her mouth of his cock long enough to tell him to call her Marge and smile, then she put her mouth back over his cock and he exploded. I could see Marge desperately trying to swallow his load. Eventually she pulled her mouth away and he was still shooting robes of cum out. She pointed it at her tits and pumped him until he was dry. Then she put him back in her mouth.”Can I eat you Mrs D…I mean Marge” he asked a few seconds after his orgasm ended.Marge sat back, legs spread wide and the k** just dove in. What he lacked in skill he made up for with enthusiasm. Marge’s cunt was soaked and the thick red bush glistened with her honey. She came within a few minutes of him licking and sucking her clit. Her body rocked and she pushed his face into her bush and rode his tongue until her orgasm subsided. I was so hard, I wanted to pull my cock out and jerk it off but I resisted when I saw Jeff had a new erection.While Marge sat on the couch with her ass on the edge, Jeff raised up and started to rub his apple sized cockhead over her swollen cunt lips. Then I saw something I had never seen in all our years together… I saw Marge cum as soon as she was entered. She held Jeff tightly and rode him through her orgasm which seemed to last forever. “Your pussy feels so good” he said over and over. I give the k** credit, he fucked Marge good for fifteen minutes, sucking her tits and rubbing her clit and making her cum a half dozen times.”Fuck her doggie now, Jeff. She loves doggie.” I suggested.”Oh yes” Marge moaned and Jeff pulled out and waited for Marge to get on her hands and knees on the couch. Her cunt was wide open, the lips red and swollen and her pubic nest matted down. I moved in close enough that I could smell there overheated crotches. Jeffs balls swung, smacking Marge’s clit as he fucked her so hard his entire cock disappeared in her. Marge grunted everytime he bottomed out, like the air was being pushed from her lungs. Jeff kept telling Marge that he loved her pussy and when he said he was going to cum, I suggested he pull out and shoot all over her ass and pussy. He obeyed direction very well. That monster cock was splashing its jizz all over her spread ass cheeks and her sexy cunt, dripping down and probably ruining the couch but who cared?Jeff leaned down and kissed Marge’s upturned ass and then sat back on the floor. He was covered in sweat and the room escort çorum smelled so damn good from thier fucking. I had to cum! I tapped the naked teenager who had just fucked the hell out of my wife, and handed him the camera. “Just focus on her pussy” I said. I didn’t even take off my clothes. I pulled my slacks down to my thighs and plunged into Marge’s cunt, to say she was sopping wet would be an understatement. My cock made wet noises in her, she was so spread from the fucking Jeff just gave her that I was able to last a few minutes before cumming deep in her pussy. She was breathless and fell face down onto the couch. I sat back next to Jeff and took the camera, zooming in on Marge’s sloppy twat hole.My wife looked sexier then I could ever remember. She also looked drained from the amount of times she had cum. This young stud was quite the fucker for someone without too much experience. I wondered if Marge could ever go back to fucking just me and my modest cock. Jeff was sitting back, his cock hanging limp for the first time since he arrived and I got up and got us all a cold drink.We sat around and chatted and I asked Jeff if he wanted to share in a little more detail the “other” older woman he was with. He smiled and said he guessed it was alright since we were all so close now. I smiled, we certainly were. Hearing Jeff tell of how his moms sister, his divorced aunt had seduced him was very erotic. I felt my cock starting to stir and I got even more aroused when Marge asked some very intimate questions. She was getting her second wind, which amazed me because she looked so spent a few minutes ago.”Why don’t you grab the camera and lets go upstairs” Marge said standing and not waiting for an answer, “and grab the tripod” she said over her shoulder. Jeff looked at me and smiled. When he stood up a long string of cum dripped from his cockhead which was still so big even though he was completely soft.Up in the bedroom we found Marge had stripped completely and was sitting on the bed. She told me where to set up the camera and then had Jeff and I kneel on either side of her on the bed. Just like a little porn star, she held her hair out of the way of the camera as she began sucking off both Jeff and I. Here I was, 50 years old and my cock looked like a c***ds compared to Jeffs. Marge seemed to get great pleasure in touching our cock together while she licked them. I jumped a little at first but then actually began to enjoy the sensation of her tongue swirling over my cockhead while it touched Jeffs. After she had us both hard, she said she wanted one more thing from us. We would agree to anything for this gal.Marge had Jeff lay on his back and she climbed on top of him, facing him and lowering herself on his cock. She looked at me and smiled, “think you can find somewhere to put that lovely cock?” and I knew immediately what I was being offered. A very rare treat, my wifes tight ass hole. I asked her where the lube was and she laughed and told me I didn’t need that this time.I stepped behind Marge and looked at Jeffs cock buried in her pussy. His fat dick had pushed the come that I shot into Marge earlier out all around his cock. I rubbed my hard on between her cheeks and over her stretched pussy, I even rubbed against Jeffs balls by accident. I scooped up some of the love juices and spread them around her tight hole, I slid a finger in her asshole and worked it around a bit. She moaned and sank down hard on Jeffs cock which caused him to moan.My cock slid in about halfway and then I could feel Jeffs cock in her other hole. Marge shuddered and came and a new sheen of sweat had formed on her body. Jeff didn’t move alot, it was Marge controlling this double fuck. I’d like to say we fucked her for hours but the truth was that Jeff came in her pussy after about ten minutes. He was so big though that Marge kept his cock in her while it softened. I fucked her ass as hard and fast as I could while Jeff grabbed her swinging tits and sucked hard on her nipples. I came just as Marge started another orgasm and when I fell away I jumped off the bed and grabbed the camera. Jeffs cock had softened and slipped out and was covered in his cum as it dripped from her pussy and my cum as it dripped from her tight brown asshole. What an amazing fuck this had been.I walked Jeff downstairs so he could dress then let him out. He was very grateful and very exhausted and wanted to know when he could come see the video. I invited him over Sunday morning to watch it and promised Marge and I would wait until then to see it. By the time I went back upstairs Marge was fast to sleep. I kissed her on her shoulder and rubbed some cum into her, then licked my fingers clean and went to sleep too.

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