For Starters (8)


For Starters (8)CHAPTER 8when Gary waked me up, my first thought was he had heard about my little (or not so little) help to my friend George. But he immediately told me to take a shower and dress, because one of the most important guests from the hotel had announced his arrival, and Gary and Al wanted him to met me.We went together to one of the suites, were a older gentlemen opened the door: At first sight I judgment I estimated him to be more than 70 years old, white hair, and with some overweight.Gary introduced him as Mr. Jones. Mr. Jones welcomed me and took us into the room. He offered a drink and started asking me questions as age, education, hobby and more, that I tried to answer as honestly as possible.After getting a nod from the old man Gary excused himself and left to take care of urgent hotel matters. I really was expecting something like this, as I was sure that Mr. Jones and others like mersin escort him were the main reason why Al and Gary gave me my easy job.Mr. Jones told me that he had arrived to the hotel about one hour ago, and he needed to recover from his trip. I told him I would leave and let him rest, returning later but he refused, telling me that we could continue our conversation while he was taking his bath. So I went with him to the bathroom were he quickly undressed while I let the water run in the tub. He let himself into the water and told me to get a seat and make myself comfortable.I quickly undressed and sat down at the tub. Even as I was sure what was expected from me I couldn’t feel anything, my cock was resting in peace! Mr. Jones were getting impatient and coming nearer to me grabbed my dick and started fondling it. Really it came up, not to its normal greatness, but I think it was acceptable. escort mersin Mr. Jones was of the same opinion, because quickly he had it in his eager mouth and boy! I thought I was a cocksucker! But this very old guy was a real COCKSUCKER. Few minutes and my cock was as big as ever and I doing efforts to hold back the coming eruption. I told him to slow down, or I was going to come, so he give me some rest. He came out from the tub and we went over to the bed were he came again, and this time there was no come back, I erupted into his mouth and he sucked me dry from even the last droplet. He continued with my cock in his mouth and pinching my nipples and playing with my balls, brought me back to life.I tried to touch his cock and balls but he avoided it without comments. I wanted to show him how much I appreciated his efforts and started exploring in search of his ass with my fingers mersin escort bayan only to have him shifting his position to put it out of reach for me.I heard the noise from a door and there was Gary back, quickly undressing and caressing his over 9 inch dick. He came over to the bed and after applying lubricant in Mr. Jones ass, penetrated the old ass. That was what he was waiting for. His tongue turned frenetic and he started squeezing my balls. The view of my friend Gary standing behind him and penetrating him with his for me well known cock, and the ecstatic look in Mr. Jones face accelerated my coming. I only had time to grunt “I’m coming” when I started unloading down his throat. I noticed that Gary was accelerating his pace and soon he made a last push that I thought would send even his balls up Mr. Jones ass.We lay there for a short wile, until Gary told me I could dress and leave, he was going to take care of his special friend for the rest of the afternoon.The next day, I found a envelope with a hundred and a note saying “thanks for a pleasant evening” in my locker. Really, I was sorry not having done more for the nice Mr. Jones.

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