Flirting Turns To More Ch. 1

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Brianna started a new job in an office and she wasn’t there a week and she received an instant message from a co worker, Jason, he was an older man but very good looking. They started talking more and more and going for breaks together. Out of nowhere, a few weeks later, he started to say that she was beautiful and she was very sexy, she didn’t think anything of it, just some harmless flirting, not to mention that she was married and he knew that but still, it was harmless flirting, so she starting getting really into it, and sending him instant messages telling that she wanted him so bad and she wanted to suck his cock…he would reply saying he wanted to suck on her clit and finger her deep. She was really turned on by what he was saying to her and she could just feel her pussy get wet in the chair, she had this urge to play with herself right there but she couldn’t, she was at work.

The day was over and when she got home she checked her email and he sent her an email asking if she was home alone, she replied “yes I am pendik escort home alone” His reply “baby, I am hot for you so bad, why don’t you call me right now” he gave her his phone number…and she got a feeling in the pit of her stomach, she never did this kind of thing before but it was such a rush and the way he made her felt today, she had to call him.

The phone rings…

Jason: Hello

Brianna: Hi, how are you?

Jason: I am doing very well now that I hear your voice

Brianna: hmmm well that was a fun day at work

Jason: You made me so hot; I can’t stop thinking about you

Brianna: you made me so wet, you are a bad boy (giggles)

Jason: I have my hand on my cock right now, rubbing it for you

Brianna: Oh really…does it feel good?

Jason: wish you could be stroking it for me right now

Brianna was getting horny and she had to take off her pants and slid off her panties that were soaked from her juice, she adjusts her self on the kartal escort bed and she spread her legs open and inserted one finger and moving it and out, she told Jason exactly what she was doing and he stroked his cock even harder and faster. She couldn’t believe she was doing this but Jason turned her on so much and it felt so good.

Brianna moans out “Oh baby you make me feel so good” she then inserted 2 fingers into her wet pussy and pushed them in deep and she moaned louder, Jason so turned on by her moans, he started to moan louder and louder and just hearing him moan and the thought of him stroking his throbbing cock made Brianna even more wet and horny. Brianna then slides her wet fingers out of her pussy and plays with her clit, just one touch and her whole body jerked and she let out a loud moan. She rubs it so hard and her body moving all over the place, Jason talks dirty more to her, “oh I want to eat your wet pussy and shove my tongue so deep in you” Brianna replies maltepe escort “eat it hard baby, suck on my clit, and make me scream”

Feelings of ecstasy running through her body and feelings of guilt because she was married, but no one ever turned her on like this before, she had to keep going. She felt an orgasm coming on and she rubbed her clit and thrust 2 fingers in and out of her pussy, she got into this rhythm and her body moving all over the place, she moans ” oh my god…it’s coming baby, cum with me Jason, cum with me hard” Jason replies “mmmm I am going to cum with you, keep going baby, don’t stop”

All of a sudden Brianna feels her pussy get tight and she screams in pleasure, her cum squirting out all over, as soon as Jason hears her screaming like that, he explodes with her and they both scream and moan into each others ear.

Brianna: Oh Jason, wish you could feel my cum and taste it

Jason: I want to taste it like you wouldn’t believe…wow that was great

Brianna: that was awesome As she lays on her bed so out of breathe and sweaty

Brianna: well now I hope this doesn’t get weird at work now She giggles a bit

Jason: If anything, it will make me want you more, but next time, we will try it without the phone And he laughs with that evil sexy laugh

Brianna: Next time?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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