First Time


First TimeRobert was fast asleep when his Mom came into his room to wake him.  She stood over him watching as he slept.  What a handsome young man she thought to herself.  He looks so much like his Dad.  She felt a sense of pride.  But there was something more within her.  Roberts parents had split up and the divorce was about to become final in the next week  It had been eight months now and Mrs. Lewis was very lonely, hurt, and quite horny.  She had secretly wanted to find her fine young son with more of his body showing.  But he was cocooned in his blankets and sheet.  The windows were open and it was quite cool on a mid May evening.  Mrs. Lewis’ nipples were rock hard and poking her night gown fabric.  Bettie reached down and gently nudged the boys shoulder.  “Robert.  Robert.  Wake up honey.”  His eyes barely opened as he moaned.  At fifteen Robert was just as sleepy and hard to get up as he always was.  She had to keep on him to get him around.  She had put a fresh cup of coffee on his night stand.  “Robert I brought you coffee.”  She had learned to give him coffee right away to help him wake up.  This started in the first grade of his school years.  “Robert you have to get up for work honey.”  Finally he rolled over onto his back.  The covers fell to one side exposing his briefs.  Bettie could see he had an erection.  He quickly covered back up.  Not before Bettie saw how big his penis was.  “Are you awake now?””Yes Mom.””Good.  How late do you work?”Robert rolled his eyes.  He hated talking so early.  “Four.””Big day today with the tournament.  Better get moving mister.””I know.”  Robert sat up and began drinking his coffee.  He had an hour to get ready.  Bettie went out to watch television and stay out of his way.  Later Robert appeared in his golf shirt and shorts ready for work.  “I made you an egg sandwich.””Thanks Mom.”On his way out he grabbed the sandwich and an orange juice.  He headed out to walk to work.  It was a beautiful day.  He began to feel good.  At the pro shop his boss Ken was running around trying to get things ready for the big tournament.  He barked orders to the help and Robert began helping.  He knew the beginning before the tournament started was going to be chaotic.  After that it was easy street.  Ken was in the tournament so he would be out of the guys way and on the course.  There were kegs of beer around the course and it was going to get crazy.  Sure enough t did get crazy as one guy drove a golf cart in the pond.  Robert helped pull it out.  He had to get into the pond and push.  Ken came to the scene and told Robert he could leave for the day and go change his clothes.  It was only two and he headed back home.  His Mom was gone to the store.  Robert showered and got dressed again.  He heard a knock on the front door.  It was his friend Bruce.  “Hey buddy.  The tournament is over.  I found a keg with beer still in it.””Really?””Yea man.  let’s go. There’s cups there too.”The two boys went back to the course just across the street from Roberts house.  They sat on a bench drinking and laughing about the events of the day.  Robert was not an experienced drinker and soon got very buzzed.  Bruce was a little more restrained as he had further to go to get home.  So after about seven beers Robert was drunk.  “I think I need to go.”  They said see ya later and went their separate ways.  When Robert got home the house was empty.  He made his way back to his room stopping to pee on the way.  He stripped naked and got into bed bahis siteleri and covered up.  He then passed out.  When his Mom came home she noticed his clothes laying on the floor and looked inside his room.  She saw him laying there and wondered what the hell happened.  Then she wondered if he had sampled the beer.  She closed his door and went back to her housework.  Once Bettie finished her chores she headed for the liquor cabinet and made herself a nice cocktail.  She sat down in front of the television with a magazine.  After one drink she decided to change into her night gown.  So she checked on Robert and went to change.  Then another cocktail and she began to relax.  Robert had woken up with a very dry mouth.  He needed water badly.  He got out of bed and headed for the kitchen.  Still somewhat drunk, his cock was at full mast.  When he went past the great room Bettie saw him out of the corner of her eyes.  ‘Oh shit!  She thought.  Was that his cock?’   She didn’t know what to do.  So she sat waiting.  She heard him making ice water and then he headed back to his room.  Sure enough she saw his stiff cock bouncing around as he walked by.  Bettie felt her pussy twinge.  Her hand slid under her gown and into her panties.  Her finger slid through her black pubic hair to her moist slit.  As her finger ran over her clit she almost moaned out loud.  She needed to masturbate badly.  So she went back to her bedroom and got her dildo out.  She laid on the bed spread wide open fucking herself with her toy.  She gushed thinking about Robert’s cock.  She hoped he might come into her room and fuck her.  When she had calmed down she began to cry knowing how lonely she had become.  Her prospects in a small town were very grim and she contemplated moving to the city where she might find someone.  But then she thought of Robert again.  She got up and slid on her gown leaving her panties behind.  She opened Roberts door slowly.   There he lay without covers.  His cock was out in the open semi hard as he rested.  She moved closer next to the bed.  Her eyes looked his body over.  Her pussy ached wanting his cock inside her.  After eight months doing without she could not help her desires.  She reached down and took his cock into her hand holding it upright.  It felt so hard and it was so beautiful she thought.  He was still asleep.  She moved over him and began going down on his cock.  Her hand cupped his balls and he began to throb inside her mouth.  She knew he could wake up so she decided to throw caution aside and go for it.  She had him balls deep when he finally opened his eyes.  He was still a little drunk.  He looked down and saw what she was doing.  He said nothing.  He did nothing.  He just let her go.  He didn’t have the energy to stop her or even ask her what she was doing.  Soon she stopped and stood up.  She pulled her gown over her head exposing her body.  Roberts eyes were closed when she hiked her leg over one side and straddled him.  She reached down and guided his cock into her soaking wet pussy.  She began to grind slowly.  Her tits dangled over Roberts face.  She secretly wanted him to wake up and make passionate love to her.  She wanted to feel his hands explore her feminine attributes.  She longed for her nipples to be sucked and her ass held while being fucked hard.  Her pussy was like a faucet as she came all over his cock.  She began bucking her hips back and forth.  It was such that Robert could not help but wake up.  He opened bahis şirketleri his eyes to see his naked mother riding him like a rodeo cowgirl.  He stayed silent as he took in her actions and her beautiful naked body.  Yes Bettie was smoking hot for a forty two year old.  She had a very nice ass and an hour glass shape.  Her supple tits hung in Roberts face.  He moved his hand up Bettie’s midsection.  When he did that she moaned.  He began to feel her pussy more acutely and it felt amazing to him.  He had never felt anything like it before.  He moved his hands over her breasts.  Bettie moaned.  “That’s it baby.  That feels so good.”  She moved her tits down close to his face and he began sucking on her tits.  His hands moved to her butt and she kept moaning.  Robert smelled her perfume.  He was too drunk to cum so he seemed to have stamina.  He was quite content enjoying her body and this totally unexpected delight.  Her body felt so good to him.  Her face was close to his and she whispered to him.  “You feel so good baby.  Fuck me.”Robert was so surprised by all this that he had no chance to think about what was happening.  All he knew was that it was happening.  When Bettie moved back upright Robert began to smell Bettie’s musky scent.  It seemed to rejuvenate him.  He knew right then that he loved pussy.  He stared at her bush thrusting into his cock.  He could see her clit and wondered what it would be like to lick her.  She noticed him staring.   Her knees were getting tired.  She moved off of him and told him to change places.  She laid back and spread her legs wide open exposing her beautiful pussy to him.  She reached down with her hands and spread open her cunt exposing her pink vagina .  Her butterfly pussy lips looked so good to him.   It was the first time he had ever seen a woman’s naked pussy.  He had seen his neighbor girl’s pussy when they were seven.  But it certainly wasn’t at all like Bettie’s.  He instinctively moved his face down into her spread open muff.  When his tongue found her slit she moaned out loud.  “Oh Robert!”  He felt her buck into his face.  Her hand held the back of his head as his tongue probed her cunt.  His tongue found her clit and she grinded into him moaning desperately.  He felt like he must be doing something right so he began sucking her clit.  It tasted so musky and sweet.  But then she screamed out.  “Oh God!  I’m gonna cum!”  Robert felt her pussy juice shooting all over him.  Filling his mouth.  It had a different taste.  He wasn’t sure if she had urinated or what.  She pulled him up and grabbed his cock sliding it inside her soaking cunt.  “Fuck me!  Fuck me Robert!  I want you to cum!”  He wondered what that meant.  He had never had an orgasm or even masturbated yet.  Her words sounded surreal.  He was so turned on that he actually loved it when she talked dirty.  “Faster!  Fuck me harder baby!  Cum in my pussy!”  Robert put the hammer down and began pumping her as hard as he could.  “Oh GOD!  OH ROBERT!”  He began to grunt.  “Yes Baby!  Shoot it!  Cum for me!  Fill my pussy!”  A sudden sensation came over him.  Bettie was rubbing his nipples and felt his goose bumps.  She knew he was cuming.  “Oh God!” He screamed out.  She ran her hand up the back of his head holding him dearly and lovingly.  She stared at his face as he shot a huge load up inside her.  He came hard and she came with him.  They were both soaked.  He collapsed onto her and she held him tight.  “Oh Robert.  That was amazing illegal bahis baby.”   He felt spent.  When he rolled off of her she got up out of his bed.  He looked at her body noticing cum dripping down from her hairy pussy.  He never knew sex would be so messy.  He felt weird.  He knew it was kind of gross but he loved how it felt and how beautiful Bettie’s pussy was.  He especially loved how her pussy tasted and felt on his cock.  But then a shock wave of guilt overcame him.  He suddenly realized that he must be some sort of sex freak.  A pervert for fucking his own mother.  His expression turned dire.  Bettie put her gown on and sat on the edge of the bed.  He wouldn’t look at her.  “Hey.  What’s wrong?””I don’t know.”  He still couldn’t look at her.Her hand moved over his.  “Don’t feel bad honey.  No one but you and me will ever know what we did.  You were very good at it.  You should be proud.  You’ll make some lucky girl very happy some day.””We’re not supposed to do stuff like this are we?  My friends would hate me.””They’ll never know.  I’m sorry you feel bad.  Maybe it’s my fault.  I just got so horny I couldn’t help it.  You were there and I haven’t been with a man for so many months now.  It’s my fault, not yours.  So blame me.  I hope you aren’t upset with me.  Why don’t you get some sleep and if you like we can talk more in the morning.””Okay.”She left and he laid there thinking until he fell asleep.  Through the night he kept waking up thirsty.  He would drink water and go back to sleep.  He slept until ten the next morning.  His cock was rock hard when he awoke.  He began playing with it and remembered his Mom fucking him.  His cock overrode any guilt he felt.  He remembered her silky smooth cunt gliding on his shaft.  He threw the blanket off exposing his raging hard on.  Just then Bettie appeared to check on him.  She was still wearing her night gown.  She saw his condition and walked into his room.  “Good morning.”  Startled he reached for the blanket.  “It’s okay honey.  You don’t need to cover it up.”  She sat down on the side of his bed.  She slid her hand under his blanket and held his cock.  “Are you okay?””Yes.””Want some more?””Yes.””Are you sure?  I don’t want you to feel guilty or bad about it.””I know.  I won’t.””Well if you can handle it, we could have a very special Mother/Son relationship.”  His eyes were fixed on her nipples poking her gown.  “We’re just two people having pleasure with each other and taking care of each others needs.  You don’t have to feel guilty about pleasing your mother.  Okay?””Okay.”  She pulled the blanket back and went down on him.  His hand slid under her gown and in between her legs.  He began fingering her.  She stood up and took her gown off.  She straddled him and slid him inside her.  His eyes watching her pussy making his cock disappear.  It felt incredible as he was sober and felt her pussy’s velvet skin.  Within two minutes of her grinding her hot pussy on him he hollered out and came.  He felt her pussy squirt and then contracting on him.  Both of them thrilled with passion and orgasm.  As they caught their breath she rose up off his cock which fell to the side.  She stayed over him letting his cum drip down onto his cock.  He watched in amazement as it occurred.  He couldn’t believe what had transpired between them over the last several hours.  But he liked it now.  Finally Bettie got off of him.  She knelt down and began licking his cum up and cleaning his cock.  “Good way to start the day huh Robert?”  She smiled.  He smiled back.  She knew he would be okay now.  She also knew he would want her again.  Later that night she would reward him with more.  It was just the beginning for them.  But she was still the Mom.            

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