First time to have a stranger in the room


First time to have a stranger in the roomWe arrived to that nice hotel apartments building in one of the major cities in the Middle East, I was going to stay there for more than a month, it was a sort of a business trip but for a longer time so I thought why should I go alone so I took all the family. Next day, the housekeeping man knocked on the door to offer cleaning and to change the supplies of the apartment, I noticed that he is from an African descent and had a very strong body, then and only then I got very excited, maybe this would be the right chance to start the adventure that I was always looking for with my wife. Day After day on the first week of our stay I was thinking about the idea and how can I make it happen and how can I convince my wife with my obsession, and one day suddenly the idea popped up, the k**s went to the pool of the hotel, and I know that they will stay there for at least 2 hour, so we have a great chance to enjoy ourselves and indulge in a nice long hot sex session with no interruption. Wife went to the bathroom to get ready and wear her new lingerie that I just bought her last week, and I quickly went outside to the housekeeping guy, his English was not very good I tried my best to explain to him what I wanted to d, my intention was to have him inside my wife in few minutes but I couldn’t say that and I couldn’t explain it to him, so I had another great idea that I was always thinking about before, I told him that it is our 15th anniversary and I need him to do me a favor even if it sounds very crazy, I need you to come inside the apartment slowly after 15 minutes from now and you will find my digital camera open gaziemir escort and ready on the kitchenette counter, and sneak very quietly to the bedroom and start filming us while we are having sex, his face turned Red… I thought that he will choke but I quickly gave him a 100 dollars bill in his hand and asked him to do me this favor and of course to keep it a secret and promised him that I will keep it a secret and nobody will never know from the hotel staff and even my wife will not know and he has to be very calm so she wouldn’t feel his presence in the room, he accepted, and I got very excited. Went back to the apartment and my wife was almost ready for me, so we started the foreplay, kissing long and wet kisses, playing with her big juicy tit, sucking on her nipples, fingerings her pussy, and suddenly I heard him coming in the apartment, I was scared that she would hear it too but luckily she was carried away in a joyful state of lust, I thought that I must be on top of her quickly before he comes in the room, my dick was hard enough to start pumping her wet and extremely warm pussy, she stared to moan once I’m inside her… and he’s in the room… I can feel his presence… OMG… it’s finally happening… I didn’t try to look behind or to see where he is, I just continued as if he’s not there, my rhythm got faster and harder and she was getting louder, and only then I turned my head to look at him. The look on his face was priceless, he was in a different world, he couldn’t believe what he is seeing, a full figured curvy milf with real big breasts swaying all over the bed and moaning as hell, he was real HARD… I couldn’t gaziemir escort bayan miss his large dick trying to push its way out of his pants… fuck I got more excited and I guess I had the hardest erection ever. After a little while I gave him a signal to go out of the room for few seconds, asked her to change position to have zone doggy action, he couldn’t wait till I even stick my dick back in her ass and he came back into the room to continue filming and to enjoy the scene. In that position it was easier for me to see him and to direct him to different angles so he can have better view and better filming, it was so fucking new experience to me, I just had my dick pounding her ass harder than ever and she made the sexiest moans she ever made, and the guy was going to cum in his pants, it was obvious. I signaled to him to get his dick out if he wants, he didn’t understand in the beginning but eventually he was going to pull his dick out to give it some relief, BUT… for my bad luck she felt the movement and turned her head towards him and OMG. She screamed and buried her head back between her arms, asking me loudly to stop fucking her and what the hell is happening? , who’s he? How can you let someone in and watch me naked and having sex? I was speechless for a few seconds but very calmly I replied to her that I told her before that I wanted someone to film us having sex, and we are in a foreign country and theses people will not see us again, so why not fulfill my fantasy? Let’s continue honey and he will not do anything, pretend that he is not here, I said. Lucky she didn’t reply and I didn’t talk till escort gaziemir I came hard inside her ass, she laid down on her belly and covered her back with the bed cover and asked me quietly is he still in the room and if he’s still in the room that I should ask him to leave, I did and he left. She went to the bathroom without saying anything, and I rushed outside to find the camera and watch the video. The story didn’t finish as yet, actually what comes next during that month is even more exciting and unbelievable.watched the film quickly but couldn’t really take my time, the beauty of this video is that you feel as if someone is going to catch his wife having sex in his bedroom with a stranger, moving with the camera from outside to the bedroom and watching man and woman having steamy sex, that was the part that I wanted to see first, after that I went to the bathroom to talk with her and try to fix the problem that I expect will happinShe didn’t want to speak with me, and asked me to leave the bathroom, i was going towards the door and she then asked me, how could you do that? don’t you love me? is it normal for you to let someone see me full naked and having sex? I can’t believe you did thatI said, honey for sure I love, actually I did this because I love you, it made me so excited and you cannot deny that this is the best time we ever had sex.She didn’t answer me, and I continued, honey, let me show you the video, you will love it, the guy is only a camera man in this video, and he will never speak about thisShe asked, how can I meet him again or have an eye contact with him in the coming month? I feel as if he was the one fucking me not youOnly then I tried to tell a joke, I said to her, well honey if you wish I don’t mind asking him to fuck you and I film it all, she had a half smiled and told me to go out. Then I knew that there will not be a problem and I must plan for my main goal which is having him fucking her very soon

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