First Time Suck Buddies Part 6


First Time Suck Buddies Part 6I borrowed this story from a friend of mine (with his permission of course) who also has a xham profile page. He decided his stories would be better suited for my page since they are about two high school guys who experiment with each other.Please read and enjoy and PLEASE comment. Thanks!I didn’t want to cum yet so I pulled out of Jason’s mouth. Jason stood up and barely gave me a chance to get to my knees before he was pushing his cock in my mouth. I’m going to throatfuck you like you did me, Jason said as he thrust his cock deep. And that he did, fucking my mouth and throat fast and furious for several minutes.Finally he withdrew his cock from my mouth and said you fucking like that don’t you, lightly slapping my mouth and chin with his glistening man meat. Catching my breath I said, fuck yea, who wouldn’t. We did it standing up one more time, fucking each other’s throat hard, and then got back on the bed.I got in the middle of the bed, put both pillows under my head and spread my legs apart. Jason got between my legs and starting sucking my cock. He tried taking it all down but couldn’t because of the angle. He alternated between my cock and balls for a while, then withdrew my cock and asked if I was going to cum this time.I said let’s go a couple of times like this and then cum. He agreed and went back to blowing me, bobbing his head up and down. Finally I stopped him and told him he was going to make me cum too soon if he kept blowing me so fucking good.We changed places and I blew him with the same enthusiasm. I fucked his hard cock with my mouth in and out, using my tongue to swirl around his head and pee hole. After a short time he pushed my head away and said fuck dude, you were sucking me like it was the last dick you were ever going to suck. I just smiled and we changed position again.Not long after he started sucking me, I put my middle finger of my left pendik escort hand in my mouth and gathered some spit. I lifted my ass a little off the bed and slid my hand under, my wet finger finding my little puckered asshole and I slowly started rubbing it.I did this sometimes when I jerked off, rubbing my asshole with my middle finger. Jason knew what I was doing, so I figured he had done it before too. As I rubbed my hole, I was thinking how good this felt with my cock in Jason’s warm mouth. I particularly liked when Jason sucked on my balls and then stuck his tongue down licking all around the area between my asshole and balls.He then started flicking my asshole with his tongue after I had pulled my finger back some. The feeling was incredible and I could feel myself getting so close to exploding, so I pushed his head away and said your turn now.I got between his legs and lifted his balls up so I could get to his asshole. He wasn’t going to have to use any of his spit on his finger because I started rimming his asshole getting it nice and wet. He slid his hand under his ass and started rubbing his hole while I was still licking it.I gathered some spit in my mouth and pushed it out with my tongue towards his asshole and he grabbed some with his finger. I ran my tongue up to his balls and sucked them for a little while, then started blowing him as I felt and saw him gently massaging his asshole. He was slowly bucking his hips up fucking my mouth and soon he told me to stop. That feels so fucking good, Jason said as we switched positions.As soon as I got on my back, Jason was pushing my legs open, diving down beneath my balls licking and almost kissing my asshole. I laid back for a few moments and let him work his tongue all around my asshole and then he surprised me by pushing his tongue in my hole and started tongue fucking my ass. After a short while he ran his tongue up to my shaft and escort pendik said I bet that feels good doesn’t it. Hell fuck yea, I said, knowing I was going to tongue fuck his asshole next. I’m going to cum soon and I’m going to shoot in your mouth, I told him as I pushed his head down on my cock.He got the message and starting sucking and ramming his mouth down hard on my cock. I didn’t want to waste the spit lube on my asshole so I slid my hand down and started circular motions on my hole. I could feel my orgasm building and knew it wouldn’t be long. As I was rubbing my asshole I slowly pushed my finger in and pulled it out and pushed it in again deeper and started finger fucking my asshole. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum in your fucking mouth. I held Jason’s head down on my cock, as I started shooting what seemed like a massive load. I continued to finger fuck my asshole as I arched my hips up pushing my spurting cock deeper in his mouth. Jason was swallowing as fast as he could but still choked a little, but I kept his mouth on my cock. After what had to have been 10 or 11 spurts, my cock and I were drained.I took my hand from Jason head and he pulled his mouth off my cock. Were you trying to drown me or something, he said. Was it alot, I chuckled, I’ve been saving that load up for a week. I was hoping he too would pump my mouth full of his salty man juice. I wanted to swallow down all the warm cum his full balls could shoot in my mouth.As Jason sat for a few seconds catching he’s breath, he said that was a huge fucking load but it still tasted good, as he smacked his lips some. We switched places one last time and I got down between his legs and started slowly jacking his cock.As I started moving my mouth and tongue down his shaft heading for his asshole, I felt him lift his hips up a little from the bed and slip both his hands underneath his ass. But instead of rubbing his hole he pulled his ass pendik escort bayan cheeks apart giving me a full view and access to his puckered bunghole. I ran my tongue down to his asshole and started darting it in and out. I could tell by his moans that I was doing it right.I then pushed my mouth fully down on his ass and pushed my tongue in as far as I could into his tight musky hole. I continued to tongue his asshole until he withdrew his right hand and started pumping his cock. I’m getting close he murmured. I started to move up to his cock and as I did I stuck my middle finger in my mouth and got some spit on it.I took it out of my mouth and placed it on his anus and pushed it in slightly, pulled it out, rubbed his hole a little bit and then stuck it in deeper. Jason let out a little gasp but I continued to finger fuck his virgin asshole. He held his cock out for me and l took it in my mouth.He kept his hand wrapped around the base of his cock, pumping away. Oh fuck, I’m going to cum, he yelled. I pushed my finger a little further in his asshole, keeping my mouth and lips tightly around his cock head. He stroked faster and faster, then I felt him tense up and he started spurting and gushing out a stream of hot liquid spunk into my mouth.After what seemed like half a minute he stopped pumping and took his hand off his cock. As I was pulling my finger slowly out of his asshole, I slipped my mouth off his cock keeping my lips tightly around it, not wanting to waste any of that salty nectar. When I straighened up my head I opened my mouth a little to show Jason the huge load he had just shot in my mouth. I guess I can shoot a good load too, he said. I closed my mouth and swallowed once and then actually took a second swallow to get it all down. The warm goo coated my throat all the way down and made me think about how I wanted to swallow many more delicious cumloads.As we both laid there, our cocks starting to soften, we were drained but both knew that today had been epic and we still had nearly two more weeks of doing the same stuff over and over again. It was going to be a great two be continued…

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