first time – short story


first time – short storyTonight the guys decided to go to a club with the sorority girls as Barrett and I have our date night on the couch and then back to our bedroom. Which lead us to making out and myself using Barrett’s arm muscles as a pillow once I sleep. After, Barrett and I had grilled cheese and tomato basil soup and beer- we made out in the kitchen and Barrett lifted me to my room. Three beers each later we were feeling pretty wasted – me especially trying out drinking for the first time- and making out on top of the now cleared table.As Barrett lifted me, we became hot and heavy and I removed Barrett’s shirt. Barrett removed mine and we kept making out. Barrett slid off my yoga pants and I pushed down his basketball mesh shorts. We were in our underwear making out and going wild. I removed my bra and Barrett began to suck on my breasts. He bit my nipples and I moaned as he kept sucking on them and biting. I groan and then I use my feet to remove his boxers. As my foot hit his growing member, Barrett letting the giant spring free and we kept making out in the nude with his huge d-ck brushing up against my p-ssy constantly.”Your so hot baby,” gümüşhane escort moans Barrett placing his cock in my mouth.I sucked on his c-ck for a while and were moaning as we felt Barrett’s pale d-ck grow to full erection. Barrett pulled out of my mouth and began to shove his giant into p-ssy.”Are you going to wrap it up?” I ask Barrett as he shoves it and moans as he does it.”Relax. It’s our first time. I swear I won’t ejaculate in you,” smiles Barrett kissing my lips and inching his way down and kissing every open skin. From my neck, breasts, stomach and now my pelvic bone.As he got closer, he pressed his lips to the inside of my thighs and started to s-ck and l-ck me. As he continued, I groaned and then Barrett climbed on top of me and carefully inserted himself in me.”Faster?” asks Barrett sucking my nipples and slowly inching his giant c-ck inside me. I mumble “yes” and tilt my head back as Barrett kept going.As we made love, Barrett pinned me on the bed and kept sliding in and out, quickly. We were groaning and then I flipped Barrett and pinned him on he bed. We kept making love and I came early on his bare member. Barrett escort gümüşhane groaned and tried to hold his c-m in.”Ah shit, it feels so good,” groans Barrett sliding in and out and then shoving his twelve inch dick deep inside me.I yelped and he kept shoving it in me fast and harder. I came again a bigger load and Barrett was holding his in super tight, moaning at the feeling.”Baby, your so w-t,” moans Barrett pulling out hitting me with his wet giant cock in front of my v-gin-.”Get in me now,” I moaned and opened my legs.”Are you serious?” asks Barrett inserting himself all the way in me.We kept fucking as he pinned me and shoving himself in and out of me until Barrett moaned, “Oh fuck, I gotta c-m,” and decided to c-m inside me, deep.I moaned and then I realized what happened, Barrett was without a condom as he came. He did not pull out.”Barrett,” I reply with fear.Barrett did not reply.”Barrett?” I questioned and then turned to see my boyfriend asleep inside me and pinning me.I could still feel his boner twitching in me trying to be normal when it feels hard still. I tried pulling myself from under him, but Barrett was too heavy. gümüşhane escort bayan I fell asleep under Barrett and hugged him as his arm wrapped around me.Then next morning, I woke up earlier than Barrett and felt morning wood inside me twitching. This d-ck never went back to normal. As I tried pushing off Barrett he wrapped me around him tighter and decided to c-m again inside me in his sleep. Shit, I hope I’m not pregnant. But if I am it’s okay.”Barrett,” I mumble as he opens his eyes slowly.”Yes,” mumbles Barrett.”Pull out of me,” I whisper.”What’s wrong?” asks Barrett pulling himself out of me and discovering his huge dick full of c-m.”Shit! I am so sorry, Bridget. I got comfortable,” laughs Barrett feeling super hung over.I slapped Barrett and looked at him.”Not cool. You could have got me pregnant,” I angry.”I cannot help it. A girl like you gets me h-rny and c-m like no other,” laughs Barrett climbing over me and inserting himself in me and keep going fast.”Barrett!” I yell.”I will not. Your my girl, Isabel. I came in you and now you are forever mine,” said Barrett shoving himself in me roughly and sucking on my breasts. He kept biting down on my nipples and sucking on them as he f-cked me. I screamed and he kept going and moaning until he came more and more and deep.As Barrett finished he p-ssed on my face and all over my body then, wrapped his arms around me as he fell asleep on my soaked body.

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