First time meeting


First time meeting”Keep your legs spread and grip the pillow with both hands Pet. Don’t let go till I say” I murmur as I kiss my way down your belly.They are the first words I have said to you since we got back to your flat. The trail of discarded and in some cases slightly torn clothes, leaves an adult version of a Hansel and Gretel trail, showing the path we took from your front door.And to think at the start of the night I had thought things would go badly!To say we were both nervous is an understatement. I thought you would bolt several times after I walked up to you in the park and said “Hello”. Somehow I got you to walk to the flying horse with me and we both sat their holding a drink, desperately looking for something to say.I can see you are coming up with excuses to leave so I blurt out, “Wow, never thought I would be sitting in a pub in town with a porn star!”, to which you gasp, blush then giggle. Things went well from there and soon I had you laughing like a horse and snorting in to your drink.The rest of the evening passes in a blur of laughter and flirting. I remember going to dinner, with the immortal line, “Fancy something to eat Pet? You do? Sweet, buy me something will you, I am broke!”, and some good Italian food shortly followed.During dinner I put my hand on your knee and slowly slide it up over your thigh. You give me a look and try to be both coy and stern at the same time, but the twinkle in your eye betrays you. We have been getting dirtier with our flirting. I think when I asked the waiter to get you a drink “Fit for a slut” was when it started. I can see your mouth moving and I can hear the words coming out, “Not sure yet… It’s been a fun night lets see what happens… Don’t want to rush things..” yet I can also feel the heat coming from your sex and we both know…The taxi ride back to yours was fun. Some heavy petting and deep kissing. Guessing by the odd swerve, the driver was getting an eyeful too!I allow you to open your front door and step through before I push you against the wall and kiss you deeply, my mouth still hungry for yours and my hands come up to squeeze your heavy breasts causing you to moan in desire.We bounce of walls as we stumble towards your bedroom, clothes being shed. Your hand on my crotch, my fingers inside you oh so briefly, mouth on your nipples as your bra is forced down. Touching, teasing, groping and squeezing we finally make our way to your bed. Mr Flopsy is deposited rudely on the floor. i know you will feel guilty later, but right now neither of us care!At last I have you naked before me on your bed and I kiss and lick down from your breasts, over your belly before telling you to grab the pillow.You do as you are told and you are open before me. Your bald pussy glistening with juices and the sweet smell of your excitement in my nostrils.I begin to taste you. Slowly at first. Little teasing licks the cause you to writhe with pleasure. I slip one finger in you from time to time, just the briefest of touches giving you a small taste of the penetration you crave.My tongue and fingers both tease your sweet little arse hole. Never penetrating to far. Just getting you used to the idea of me giving you pleasure from thathole.Then when your excitement is high enough I move for the kill.My mouth covers your clit and my tongue dances over it as I suck your pleasure bud in to my mouth. Two fingers are thrust inside you and I crook them, running my fingers over your internal gspot as I pump them in and out of you.You explode. Juices coat my fingers and face. I don’t stop. I continue to stimulate you letting your orgasms crash together. Letting pleasure roll through you till your are shrieking and begging me to stop. Yet your hands never leave the pillows. Good girl.I pull my face away from you. Your cunt and clit are red and swollen your already tight fanny now even tighter. Juices run freely from you, coating your bottom and forming a puddle on the bed.I rise up, my hard aching cock leaking manisa escort its own fluids. With one swift motion I bury myself inside you. Your eyes pop open wide and you shout “Oh my God – just how big are you?””Big enough” I reply as I fuck you hard and fast, seeking my own release.I smile as I look at your face. I know when we were fooling around you wished I was bigger and this is a favourite trick of mine. If I cant make my cock larger, I make the hole I am going to fuck tighter. Multiple orgasms always make a pussy shrink and makes the dick that enters it feel even larger!Sweat runs of us as our coupling reaches frenzied heights.Then, suddenly I am there. My balls spasm and what feels like gallons of sperm of pumped inside you. My cock twitches as each spurt is sent speeding towards your unprotected, fertile womb. If anything your eyes open even wider and I can feel you trembling and shaking beneath me as you cum again. You legs lock round my waist and you hold me as deeply inside you as you can as our joint orgasm consumes our senses.Finally it is over. Although we lay in that same position for some time, each little movement sending further shivers of pleasure through us. I stroke your hair out of your eyes and kiss you deeply.”You can let go of the pillow now Pet”, I whisper too you.You let go of the pillow and release me from the lock your legs have around me and I move next to you on the bed.Your still breathing heavily and shuddering as little aftershocks run through you.I stroke your hair for a while as you get your breath back, then I move my mouth to your breast and take your rock hard nipple in my mouth, gently closing my teeth on it and pulling away, lightly scr****g your senstive bud with my teeth, teeth just firmly enough closed to cause it to stretch out from your heavy breast before it pulls free. You shriek as a new sensation is added to your pleasure and as you do, my hand goes back between your legs and starts to manipulate your aching clit.You cum again, hard.”Please, no more, pleasssee”, you moan at my as your hand grabs my wrist in a futile effort to stop me.I let you shudder your way through another orgasm before I reply.”Beg me to allow you to clean my cock with your mouth Pet, then tell me how much you want me balls deep in your arse and I will stop”.”Please let me suck your co..”.”I said CLEAN Pet, try again!””Please let me ooohhhh shhhiiiitttt….!!!”As you wriggle once again through another cum, I take a little pity on you and lessen the stimulation that you are receiving. Plus – I really want my dicksucked!!You take a deep breath and say as fast as you can “Pleaseletmecleanyourcockandthenfuckmeinmyarse!”Its not perfect, but it will do……I continue to lick and suck your hard nipples and run my hands lightly over your thighs and belly, half to give you a chance to get your breath back, half to continue to send little shudders of feeling through your post orgasmic body. My lightly trailing fingers bringing up little goosebumps of sensation on your hot skin.I kiss you once, hard and deep then say”I believe you have some cleaning to do Pet?” and raise my eyebrows at you, trying to look stern, but unable to stop a grin escaping.In reply, you just grin widely at me, blow your hair out of your eyes, shake your head once, sigh softly, then kiss me quickly on the lips before starting to work your way down my body with your mouth.You leave a soft feather like trail of kisses, down my neck, across my chest, briefly teasing each nipple before carrying on downwards towards my slowly stiffening cock. So light are your touches they leave little ghost like sensations behind them so it feels like I am being kissed by several people at once, as my senses, already heightened by our shared passions, send frantic messages to the pleasure centres of my brain. I can feel the heavy warmth of your breasts and the hardness of your nipples, blazing the trail for your mouth to follow as you work ever lower.Your hair escort manisa falls across my thighs and I feel your breath on my penis, but you kiss and lick everywhere but my now stiff rod. My balls go in to your wet mouth one at a time as you suck and lick, the tip of your tongue teases my arse, your hands run over my belly. I am moaning and groaning and thrusting, seeking the embrace of your mouth on my throbbing member, but you are denying me, working me to the point where I will take charge and make you suck cock.I am not one to disappoint a lady… or a slut as the case may be!”I said clean me, not tease me whore”, I growl at you as I take a handful of blonde hair and stuff my cock in to your throat. Any lingering doubts I may have had about this being what you wanted are quickly dispelled, not only by the frantic movements of your tongue on my hard cock, but also how wide you open your mouth, to enable my to get your lips to the root of me in one thrust.Taking a bunch of hair in each hand, i set my own varied pace, pushing deep till you gag or holding just the tip of my cock in your mouth, allowing your tongue to dance over my helmet. Sometimes fast, sometimes slow, I maximise my pleasure from your eager mouth. I smile as I notice that you have worked one hand between your legs, fingering and rubbing your sperm soaked cunt as I fuck your face.Before long, I can feel the cum boiling in my balls, but it is not time to fill your belly with hot spunk. Well, not from this end at least…Pulling my swollen cock free from your mouth with a wet pop, I tell you.”On your hands and knees, I believe you just begged me to fuck your arse?”You hesitate for half a second, then move in to position, a brief scowl crossing your pretty face as you contemplate the coming buggery.I know you are nervous about this, but I also know I can help you enjoy it, so I lean down to whisper in your ear “Just relax Pet, relax and let me take my time. I am going to make you want my cock in your arse. I am going to fuck your bum so well that every time you masturbate for the nexy couple of months it will be thinking of this moment and me taking your arse.”You look round a, nervous smile on your face, “That would be awesome. I trust you. Make me like it. Please.”I smile back at you and slowly trace my fingers down your spine and between your taunt arse cheeks, till I am tracing the tight hole of your sphincter. It is already slick from my earlier teasing and the copious juices that have leaked from your wet snatch.Using just the very tip of my finger, I begin to rub the lubrication in to you. Pushing no deeper than the first joint of my index finger, I begin the slow process of opening you up for my cock.I can see you trying far to hard to relax, your pink tongue protruding from your mouth as you concentrate on letting go. Thats no good, I need oyu far more relaxed than that, so I remove my probing didget and position my self behind you, my head between your legs.Your cunt is still red a swollen and leaking both your juices and a slow trickle of my sperm. As I move my mouth to your bum, I bring up my left hand and slip my thumb in to your pussy, slowly massaging your well fucked slit.I begin to tease your rectum, slowly licking around your most private hole. I allow spit to slowly dribble down adding yet more lubrication, before pushing my way inside you, fucking your arse with my hot, wet tongue.You squirm and shiver and sigh and the combined stimulation of pussy and arse sends little waves of pleasure coursing through you. With a moan you drop your head on to the bed and thrust your arse up higher, giving me greater access. You are no longer resisting the probing of my tongue and when I move my head back so I can slip a finger from my left hand in side you, it goes in easily, so I quickly add a second, filling you and stretching your bowels to a new level of fullness.Your only response is to groan long and deep in to the sheet covered mattress.Slowly I work manisa escort bayan my fingers deeper, opening you up and readying you for my cock. But before I do that, I want you to cum again, so I shift the focus of my thumb from your slit to your clit and with in seconds you are once again cumming for me, though this time your arse hole clenches down on my invading fingers as your cum shoots through you.As your orgasm dies away, your bottom is ready and relaxed and you actually murmur with disappointment as my fingers withdraw. I swiftly move on to the bed and work the very head of my cock in to your bum, once more opening you up and causing a little cry of pleasure to escape your lips. Now you are ready. Now I can fuck your arse.But before I do, I need to relube my cock, so I pull my helmet free of your little bum hole and, much to your surprise, sink my self in to your dripping cunt.The sudden deep thrust catches you by surprise and you give a yelp of pleasure as the muscles in your pussy convulse, gripping and squeezing my cock.So wet are you, that there is a loud squelching sound as I withdraw, but you are moaning so loudly I don’t think you even notice.Positioning myself once again at your arse, I push forward, forcing myself past your slowly closing sphincter.I sink about two thirds of my cock in to your bowels with the initial thrust then just stop still as your tense slightly. I hold myself still, allowing you to adjust, before pulling back slowly and then pushing myself further in to your tight arse.I repeat this a couple of times and then I am balls deep inside your bum. As I hold myself there you are constantly moaning, “Oh God, oooh shit, so full, so deep, be gentle, please” over and over as you slowly start to grind back against me.”Does it feel good Pet, me fucking your arse?” I ask as I push a little harder in to you, “Do you like my dick in your bum Baby Girl?””Oh yessss, its so much nicer than last time. Please, cum in my arse, flood me with your spunk.””You want me to cum? Are you my little anal whore Pet? Say it my sweet slut”I start to move back and fowards inside you, each time, pulling a little further back before pushing back in t you with slightly more force.”Oh God, yes, i am your dirty little anal whore. Fuck my slutty arse. Shove your wonderful cock in me. Use me. Cum in me!”I need no further encouragement and pull out so just the head of my cock remains in you before driving the full length of my shaft in to you.I was already close to orgasm from your wonderful mouth and although I had time to cool off, this new hot, tightness is pulling me ever closer to exploding in you. But I want you to cum first, so I push deep, deliver a hard smack to each cheek making you yelp once more in surprise, before reaching around your body and between your legs so I can frig your clit as I fuck you.”Cum with my cock in your arse hole my little anal slut. Cum for me baby. I want to feel your arse massage the cum out of my cock like a velvet vice.”Thats all it takes. You cry out as my cock rubs your gspot and my fingers excite your clit.You bum grips my, the muscles feel like they are rolling along my dick as you cum for me.I reach forward, abandoning your clit to grab a handful of hair so I can pull your head up. I want to see your face as my cum floods your bowels.Your face is flushed, your mouth hangs open as you try to find the strength to cry out in pleasure, your eyes are screwed up tight.You look so good.I cum. Crying out myself as my own pleasure rips through me. Your eyes pop open as the first stream of hot thick cum paints the inside of your arse and you finally mange to give a wordless, high pitched moan, your hole body now shaking with the intense pleasures that stream through your body.You fall forwards, pulling my with you, my dick never leaving your tight behind. Not that I am sure it could, so tight are your muscles gripping me, milking every last drop of cum from my dick and balls.We lay on the bed, totally spent. You are only semi concious and I can barely find the strength to roll of you and fall on the bed next to you. I glance down and see your arse, open and quivering and leaking sperm.Its the last thing I see for a while as sleep claims me like it has you.

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