First time massage


First time massageIt was the second tennis match kloe had played that week and she knew her injury was getting worse. This was the final though, she couldn’t tell her coach she was injured.She slowly walked back to the changing room, her back in agony but trying desperately not to let anyone notice. She ran a very hot shower in an attempt to ease the pain in her muscles but knew getting in shape for the weekend would be hard.Kloe left to exit the leisure centre and walk home – it was at this point the next few days started to take an unexpected change. As she left she saw an advert on the leisure centre door – 2 massages for the price of 1. Sports massage and muscle pain was listed – maybe this was the chance to make the final?!She asked at reception and was told it was a new masseuse that had just taken a space in the leisure centre – it was an introductory offer but if she wanted some there was still space. She looked at availability, there was one on Wednesday and one on Friday she could take. Although expensive she knew one would be free and having worked so hard to get to the final she knew she had to do it.Kloe singed up and left for home.Next morning, she gathered her things and went back to the leisure centre. Kloe had not had a massage before so was a bit unsure how long it would last and what they would do? Still she carried on hopeful to see if it could cure her back. She got to the leisure centre bursa escort desk and was told to head to treatment room 2.She knocked twice when a male voice came back – ‘come in’. Opening the door she was greeted by a young man – clearly into his sport himself. In fact Kloe quite liked the look of him, tall, dark hair, and a great body! She explained she was here for the massage. The man looked down the list – ‘ah yes, he said, you must be kloe?’. Yes she said – 11am appointment.He asked her to take a seat and explain why she needed a massage. She explained about her tennis final and the pain she had experienced in training all week. The masseuse nodded assuringly and said he had experienced similar pains, and while the only real cure is rest he said a massage might be enough to get her through one game.Having written some notes he asked if she could get changed and pointed towards a curtained rail. She had not thought the masseuse would be male but knew she could not question this now.She pulled the rail across and began to get changed. Reaching her underwear she was unsure of whether to take it off, she had not asked? Slightly embarrassed and nervous she decided to leave it on. Then wrapping the towel around her she emerged from the changing room.The masseuse asked her to climb onto the table and as she did so he lay a towel over her body. She felt much more comfortable covered up! He then said, ‘right escort bursa kloe, face down, your neck must be straight and I will start working across your back’. Just shout if anything hurts.She could hear him getting the room ready and went over to the window again to close a small gap in the curtain. Kloe then felt the towel being slowly folded down her back – she was glad she had worn nice underwear – it was her favourite pink bra – although still very self conscious of a man she knew she found attractive but did not know at all getting this close to her. Suddenly, she felt his hands kneading her back, it felt good, firm and hard. She was desperate for this to work for her.He rubbed for a long time all over her back when she felt his hands all of a sudden push under her bra strap – ‘do you mind’ she heard?? Mind what kloe asked? The masseuse replied – its very hard to knead your back with the bra strap across – may I undo it? Kloe replied slightly hesitantly – ‘err…yes’! He did so, she certainly felt very vulnerable but she knew it was no different really, she was face down and it was true the massage felt much better.The strokes were varied – when all of a sudden she felt his hands move slightly under the towel and onto the top of her knickers, it made her shiver slightly but she was no so relaxed she didn’t ask anything. This carried on for some time before he moved to her legs. This time rolling bursa escort bayan the towel up – she knew it was just her arse covered now and felt completely at the masseuse’s mercy.His hands running right from her ankles up to the top of her legs. This continued before Kloe suddenly realised she was letting herself get turned on..,her mind was carried away. His hands felt amazing and she knew her knickers were getting wet…! She was desperate to stay face down and hoped he would not notice.After a while he asked, how is that?? Slowly bringing herself around – ‘much better she said’. The masseuse said that she would need the same in a couple of days and it would definitely help but she could now get up and get changed. She gathered the towel around her and moved off the table.As she did she caught the towel underneath her and it pulled on one side and fell down, her pert breasts staring right back at him. Flushing slightly she gathered it around her and moved away. ‘Don’t worry the masseuse said, I’ve seen it all before – it happens! She went back to change and caught site of her knickers in the mirror, she had got much wetter than she thought! Feeling embarrassed she got changed – and as she did so caught site of the masseuse. To her shock he had seen a small wet patch where her crotch had been on the table – but worse he was smelling it.She didn’t know what to think. Maybe he was trying to work out what it was and did not know? All she could do now was gloss over it.As she left the room, she thanked him and he smiled back. Did he know what had happened?!His smile said it all – of course he did.Kloe left, now excited for the next session…!

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