First Time Blow and Go Gay


First Time Blow and Go GayIt is my first time with another man, and it is supposed to be a simple blow and go. It starts out with his naked body on the bed, and with his legs spread. I am naked also as I crawl up onto the bed. His soft cock is lying sideways on his abdomen. I gently place my fingers under and around his cock. It is the first time I have touched another man’s cock. I have to know what it feels like in my mouth. I am literally drawn to it as I lower my head down. I wrap my warm wet mouth around his soft cock and he moans. His pubic hair tickles my nose as I realize I my dream of having a cock in my mouth was been fulfilled.I cup my hand around his balls. His sack is soft and warm in my hands. I must be doing something right because his cock is beginning to grow. I begin moving my lips up and down the growing shaft. Within moments, he is fully hard. I remove my mouth from his cock and begin using my tongue to lick up and down the strong shaft. A pearl of precum appears at the tip and I eagerly lick it off. It tastes sweet with a hint düzce escort of saltiness, not unlike my own.Once again I wrap my lips around him and begin sliding them up and down. I want to deepthroat him, but I am nervous. Ever so slowly I move my lips downward, while adjusting to the feel of his cock as it makes its way further into me. Before I know it, my nose is once again planted in his hairy abdomen. My lips have reached the base. I remain there for moments with his cock firmly planted in me, while my hand once again cups and feel his balls. They feel different in my hand than my own. They are now larger than when I started. No doubt they are filling full of sperm that is meant for me. I moan. The vibration of my moan on his cock causes him to moan as well.I am now moving my head up and down. My own cock throbs beneath me. It has been probably twenty minutes, but it seems like hours. This is my first time. My jaw is unaccustomed to this and is starting to ache. I notice his body beginning to squirm below me. I feel hands edirne escort on the back of my head. His cock somehow feels even larger than it did when I started. I am trying hard to make him cum, but hadn’t taken the time to think about what I would do when he cums. Suddenly, every muscle in his body seems to stiffen. I hear him say “OH SHITTT.” That’s when it starts…..His strong hands shove down roughly on the back of my head, forcing his cock all the way into my throat. I realize what is about to happen. My mind says pull away, but my body begs for him to feed me. I feel his cock expand and then pulse. I try to lift my head but his hands hold me in place. My ears are ringing with the sound of his masculine voice saying “Take It Bitch.” Suddenly the back of my throat is afire with his molten hot sperm. I fight off the feeling to gag. I try to pull away but can’t. It is hard to breathe with his strong hands forcing my face down into his belly. His pubic hair is tickling my face. He shouts out “OH FUCK YEA!” His cock escort bayan pulses again, and I immediately feel more of his sperm hit the back of my throat. Over and over again his throbbing cock forces his warm load into me. About halfway through, gravity brings his sperm down where it pools in my mouth. It can’t leak out because his firm grasp keeps my lips pressed tightly against him.Finally, after what seems like hours, every muscle in his body relaxes. I feel his hands release me from captivity. I remain in place momentarily. My nose is no longer being shoved into his belly, so I can catch my breath. I begin to slowly remove my lips from his cock. I keep them wrapped around him tightly to keep the warm liquid he rewarded me with in my mouth. Finally, my mouth releases his still hard cock. I begin to sit up. In doing so I realize that it is another man’s cum in my mouth and not my own. It doesn’t taste much like mine. A part of me wants to spit it out, but I resist. His voice is soft now, but still firm when he says, “Swallow it all.” I lift my chin up. The salty goo slides back into my throat and I swallow.I sit there momentarily trying to wrap my mind around the entire event. The fog in my brain is lifted by that deep voice of his. “We’re not done yet. Lay down on your stomach while I go get some lube…..”

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