First time Black


First time BlackGrowing up around the army i spent lots of time with blacks, right before my husband and i married i was spending the day with a good friend Robin she was a lovely black woman, we spent the afternoon at the swimming pool with her k**s, before we left we both went into the showers to wash and change, I slipped out of my swim suit and got under the shower, Robin did the same she was standing right next to me, I started to wash my hair with my hands over my head she had a good view of my boobs, Robin said to me that I had some nice tits, I got a bit red and thanked her but could not help myself and looked at hers i loved the way they looked, Robin said she liked the fact that my pussy was covered with hair, that kind of shook me up, i had never had a woman come on to me like that …. i was so shook up i dropped my wash cloth, as i bent over to pick it up I felt Robin’s hand on my pussy , 2 of her fingers slipped right in to me it felt so good as her thumb rubbed my rectum I stood up and looked at her, she took my hand and placed it on her pussy, I could feel the wiry hair as my fingers slid melikgazi escort over her clit and into her wet pussy, she looked at me and said “I have always wanted to eat your white cunt”….I couldn’t help it i wanted to feel her between my legs, I told her then lets go to your place, we quickly dried off and got dressed and picked up our things and headed for the bus, on the way home she was asking me if i had ever had sex with a woman before, No i said, she asked me about the biggest cock i ever had and about the first time i had sex, and anal sex. I was so wet by the time we got off the bus.We put her k**s down for a nap, when the door was closed Robin grabbed me and pushed me into the bedroom, she striped me naked then took all her cloths off, she pushed me onto the bed and got on top of me, she started to kiss my neck and ears, our body’s rubbed together, she whispered to me, ‘I was such a nasty white girl” as she took my left nipple in her mouth and sucked hard on it, he fingers rubbed my cunt until 3 of them slipped into me , I went wild talas escort with an orgasm Robin rolled me over and pushed my ass cheeks wide apart, it felt as if she was ripping me open as her tongue danced over my rectum. It was mt turn to please her I went to work sucking on her clit the way the men would suck on mine, she was pulling her nipples saying ” eat my black cunt you nasty white bitch” as she had a mighty orgasm, I slipped my finger up into her tight asshole, as she begged for more, my second finger entered her, she went wild, as I felt something press against my cunt lips, it was a cock, it entered me in one hard thrust almost ripping me apart, I had the strongest orgasm of my life, the big cock pounded in and out of me, Robin pushed my face back into her pussy hard, I was going wild from the cock inside me as it filled me with cum, it was such a big load, it was running out of my pussy as he pulled his cock out of me, Robin released my head from her grip and pushed me up.As I sat up I was looking a the biggest black cock I had ever seen covered görükle escort in cum and my pussy juice, Robin took a hold of the cock and stroked it with one hand, her other hand went to the back of my head and pushed it forward she told me to lick her husbands cock clean like a good white girl, I could see it bobbing as I started to lick it ‘s head, and taste the cum, Robin pushed my head down so I could lick his balls and back up his shaft, I licked and sucked the BBC as she stroked it in to my mouth until he unloaded again in to my mouth, I tried to eat all of it but some dripped out and Robin licked it from the corner’s of my mouth as she kissed me.We sat there for a few seconds the Robin introduced me to her husband Ben, she told me that she had always wanted to eat my pussy out, and Ben wanted to watch her do it, I told them both it was great I loved it, , Robin took my hand and pulled me off the bed, and into the bathroom the 3 of us showered together washing each others body’s I felt Ben slip a finger into my rectum, and say wow she is tight, we spent the rest of the day and night naked, we fucked and sucked each other, I licked Ben’s cum from Robin’s pussy and ass, I took Ben up my ass as his wife cheered him on telling him to ”fill that white ass with his black seed”, I was spanked as he filled my asshole with cock, we slept in each others arms, and Robin and I woke up Ben by both of us sucking on his cock and balls.

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