First Time


First TimeSara had huge tits like her mom. She had began to develop her jugs at a young age. Today she was walking home when a family friend offered her a ride. She got in the car and he looked at her huge tits. As he drove her he asked “Want to go for a ride and then stop and chat?” Sara said “Sure.” They drove out on a secluded road and he stopped the car and turned off the engine and moved the seat all the way back. He pulled her to him and said “Mind if I kiss you? You are so pretty and so sexy. I have wanted to kiss you for a long time.” Sara nodded and he kissed her and pulled her tight to him and shoved his tongue deep in her mouth. She responded and loved the kissing. He then rubbed her tits through her shirt and Sara did not stop him. She felt his hands go under her shirt and her put a hand in her bra and rubbed her nipples. When she didn’t stop him he unhooked her bra and then both hands began to cup and rub her big globes. It did not take him long and he had her shirt and bra on the floor of the car. He moved his mouth from her lips to her nipples and as he sucked one his hands rubbed the other. Her tits were firm and her nipples got hard as he sucked them. He told her “You have great tits. I just want to suck them and feel them all day and night.” afyon escort Then he unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and said “See how you make my cock? That is because of your sexy body. Now touch me.” He took her hand and placed it on his big thick cock and rubbed it up and down till she kept rubbing him as he took his hand away and unzipped her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. As he sucked a nipple he put a hand inside her panties and rubbed her clit then he found her cunt and circled it then fingered her. She was warm and wet and very tight. “You feel so good. Do you like me toughing you?” She said “Yes.” He then removed her shorts and panties and spread her legs. His cock was so hard with him touching her cunt and she stroking his big meat. He then pulled her onto his lap and let his cock slide into her cunt and he began fucking her deep and hard as he still sucked a nipple. She moaned and let him do anything he wanted to her. She was flattered that he liked her. It did not take him long to fill her fuck hole with his thick cream. He left his cock in her and continued sucking her nipples as his hands rubbed her ass. He told her “You feel so good I am going to fuck you again. Your tight cunt feels so good around my thick dick afyon escort bayan I just want to keep it in your wet hole.” He fucked her longer this time and then filled her tight hole with another big load of cum. He laid her back on the seat and spread her legs and then began to lick her pussy and tongue fuck her cunt sucking the cum out of her tight hole. He sucked her clit then tongue fucked her cunt. He could feel her cunt pulse on his tongue. He used one hand to rub her tits as he sucked a clit and finger fucked her cunt with the other hand. Then he took her out of the car and walked her to a tree and leaned her against it with her legs spread. He looked at her tits and pussy and then told her “You are way too sexy. Look how hard you keep my dick. I am going to have to fuck you again right here against this tree. But first I am going to lick and suck you then fuck you.” He them licked and sucked on her tits and then down to her pussy. She was wet and he then stood and pulled her to him and shoved his cock into her fuck hole and began ramming her hard giving her every inch of his dick. His hands cupped her ass pulling her tight to him as he fucked her. When he filled her with cream she was sore and well fucked. He drove her most of the escort afyon way naked but had shehad to get dressed as they got close to town. When they got to her house he kissed her and felt her tits one more time. He made arrangements to meet her the next day and he then took her to a motel where they had a bed and they ended up going back to the motel three or four times a week. He kept her naked in the bed and they fucked then showered and then fucked more. He ate her pussy non stop and he taught her to suck his dick and she was very good at it and liked swallowing his cream. She liked being tongue fucked and liked him finger fucking her ass and then one day he cock fucked her ass and he thought he would pass oit as his cock entered her tight asshole. Then every day he ass fucked her too. He liked her naked and liked to see her walk across the room as he looked at her tits and ass. On her s*******nth birthday he married her. It was legal in their state. He fucked her non stop even when she was knocked up with a baby. He fucked her right through labor as the babies were all born in the back bedroom. He bred her every year and loved the size of her milk filled tits. The night she gave birth to their fifth baby he ass fucked her and ass fucked her every night till he could cunt fuck her again. She wasted no time sucking his cock every day. His cock would get rock hard when she would say “Fuck me and put a baby in me again. Fuck my cunt with that big thick dick. Knock me up.” And he always did.

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