First Lesbian Experience With My Maid


First Lesbian Experience With My MaidIt was the summer holidays after my tenthclass final exams. There were two months of vacation and I was completely boredafter the first week itself. My mom had gone out for work. I was curled up onthe sofa, lazily browsing through the TV channels. I was wearing a round neck,sleeveless, white t shirt and a tight denim shorts. I was also having my smallear rings, a thin waist chain and a pair of anklets on me.I stared at the TV, switching the channelsone by one. Suddenly I remembered the CD Renu had given at the last day atschool. Renu was my classmate and my best friend. She had said that the CD waspretty exciting and was a must watch. It was some kind of a porn movie. I hadnot watched porn before. So after asking for a number of times, she had finallyhanded me one of her CD s to watch. I ran into my bedroom.I switched on my PC and scanned through myschool bag for the CD. Finally I found it, between the heavy math books. I wastoo excited. I opened the cover and inserted the CD into my PC drive. It wasnot playing. I opened the drive and took out the CD. It was all scratched atthe back. I cleaned it up with my t shirt and inserted it again. Still, it wasnot getting recognized by the PC. I tried two or three times but did notsucceed.Finally, cursing Renu, I went into thehall. Still pissed off with her, I started watching the TV. I made a mentalnote to slap her for this, when we meet. I was brooding over it, when the frontdoor opened and Seema walked in. She was our maid. She was a stout woman in herforties. She was wearing a white blouse and a red flowery sari.Hi baby, do you need something to drink?She smiled at me. I nodded my head, indicating no. She went inside the kitchenand started cleaning the house as I sadly watched the boring operas in the TV.“Ayesha..!”, Seema was calling me from my bedroom. “Come here for a sec”, shecalled out. I slowly got up from the sofa and slipped on my slippers.Coming”, I called out as I walked towardsmy room. Seema was standing inside my room, with a broom in her hand, staringat the PC monitor. I was shocked to see the video of two nude girls kissing onmy screen. The disc had finally ran, but at the wrong time. I had forgotten toswitch off the PC or to take out the disc. “So this is what you do, when yourmom goes to the office?Seema questioned me. I stood there, withmy head hanging down. “Let me inform your mom right away. “Please don’t”, Ipleaded with her. She came close to me. “Your mom should know, what you weredoing”, she said. “Please Seema. I won’t repeat it”, I begged. Suddenly sheplaced her hand on my breasts and squeezed. I was shocked. I was not wearingany bra and I felt her powerful hand squeezing my breasts through my t shirt.I caught her hand in shock. “If you wantme not to tell you mom, you should do as I say”, she looked fiercely at me. Istood there holding her hand which was on my breasts. “Take off your hands”,she commanded. I was scared. I did not want my mom to know. But I did not havea clue to what Seema had in mind. I slowly took off my hands. “Good girl”, shesaid. “Now, switch off the PC.I went and switched off the PC. “Go andsit on the bed”, she ordered. I sat on the edge of the bed. I was confused andscared. I knew that what I saw on the PC screen was going to happen to me. Butshe was not kissing me. I sat there timidly, watching her. She slipped myslippers off me on to the floor and pushed me to the center of the bed. Shemade me lie on my back. My hands were stretched out above the head.She sat on the edge of the bed near myfeet, as I lay stretched out in a straight line looking up at the ceiling. Iflinched as she placed her hand on my feet. She was playing around with myanklets. She fondled my feet and ran her fingers on my legs. Slowly, I could feelher fingers crawling up from my feet to my thighs. The denim short I waswearing was very short. It barely covered my private parts and was skin tight.I had thought that it was Ok at home to bein this dress. I clenched my fists as her fingers ran over my exposed thighs. Iclosed my eyes as it moved higher and higher. I was fighting back my tears. Herfingers stopped at the edge of the denim shorts. I lay with my eyes tightlyshut, on the verge of tears. She suddenly raised my t shirt a little bit, exposingmy belly. I opened my eyes and saw that she was illegal bahis siteleri hungrily looking at my navel.She placed her hand on my stomach and fondled my navel.I held my breath as I felt her palm on mybare belly. She was fondling my stomach fiercely now. I could feel her handspressing hard on my skin. I also noticed that she was breathing hard. Shegrasped my breasts with her hands and squeezed hard, as I cried out in pain.Even with the t shirt on, I could feel her hardened and powerful hands cuppingup my small and soft breasts. “Remove your shorts”, she told me. I did not move.I was not sure what to do.Shall I tell your mom? Still I did notmake a move. She placed her hands on my shorts and unbuttoned it. I did notresist. I knew that I was at her mercy. She unzipped my shorts and removed themoff me. Now, I was in my t shirt and panties. She looked hungrily at mypanties. She removed my t shirt and dropped them on the bed. She photographedmy body with her eyes, as I lay before her in my panties, trying to cover up mybreasts with my hands.I was crying. Seema climbed on top of meand pinned my hands on the bed. She started licking my armpits. I did not haveany hair on my armpits. I could feel her saliva in my pits and felt ticklish.She then moved her lips over to my breasts. I winced as her tongue brushedagainst my small nipples. Immediately, I felt my nipples erect. I did not knowwhat was happening to me. There were some new sensations running through mybody as she sucked and licked my breasts.I was trying to turn around unable tocontrol myself. She held me on the bed with her body. I felt her weight on me,as I lay there breathing hard. She was getting rough. She was now biting mynipples and I winced in pain. Small squeals escaped through my lips as herteeth bit into my bare breasts. I was slightly moaning. I felt a mixture ofboth pain and pleasure, as she continued tormenting my breasts one after theother.She moved her mouth to my belly, lickingmy belly button. She licked and sucked my belly button, as her hands squeezedmy breasts. She pushed my waist chain out of the way of her mouth. I wasturning left and right, as I felt too excited to lie still. I was actuallypanting. Tears were rolling down my cheeks as these new feelings ripped my bodyapart. I was beginning to enjoy this. I squealed loudly, as she pulled mynipples with her fingers.I was slightly moaning now. My innerthighs were wet with my sweat. I did not know what was going through my body,but I certainly liked it. She moved her lips to my thighs. She started runningher tongue through my thighs. It went down to my feet. Now she was holding myfeet and sucking my toes one by one. She hugged my feet and rubbed her face onthem.I could feel her hot heavy breath on mybare legs. I had tightly closed my eyes. I moved my head from one side toanother. My whole body was shivering. It felt very hot and I had begun tosweat. Suddenly I felt a weird sensation between my legs. Seema continuedlicking my legs. I was feeling some wetness in my pussy. I felt somethingdischarge from my pussy. Immediately, I sensed my panties getting stained withmy own wetness.I felt ashamed of myself. I did not knowwhat happened at that moment. I tried to cover up my panties with my hands,trying to hide it from her. Seema did not seem to notice all this. She was busysucking my feet. Suddenly she turned me around on the bed. She ran her moutharound the back of my thighs and moved her lips up to my shoulders. I felt atickling sensation, as her wet tongue ran through my bare back.She started kissing the back of my neck.Suddenly, I felt her strong hands on my buttocks. Still kissing my neck, herhands squeezed my ass cheeks over my panties. I winced in pain, as her handcrushed my ass cheeks one by one. I sensed her fingers trying to get inside mypanties. Something stuck up in my throat, as her hand touched my bare skin ofmy ass inside the panties.I felt more wetness at the front of mypanties. I was in no position to take notice of the new stain at the front, asI squealed with excitement. I did not know what was happening to me. But I wasbeginning to enjoy all this. It was exciting to feel her powerful hands on mybare ass, crushing them one by one. It felt good to watch her hunger for mybody. It was so exciting to let her mouth roam around my body, canlı bahis siteleri sucking andkissing every inch of me.She was dominating and rough and it feltnice to submit before her. Seema made me get up. She was sitting on the bed. Iwas kneeling close to her on the bed, facing her. She held me close and startedkissing my breasts. I jerked my head backwards and enjoyed her mouth on myerect nipples. Her hands came around me and cupped my ass cheeks. They wererubbing them over my panties. Her hands pulled down my panties at the back,just exposing my butt for her.I knew that most of my ass was exposed toher. I could feel the tightness of the stretched panties at the lower part ofmy ass. I noticed that at the front too, my panties was a little lower andbarely covered my pussy. The elastic top of the panties was at the tip of mypussy. Suddenly, she stopped and got up. I watched her bewildered. Come”, shesaid, holding my hand and leading into the hall. I walked with her, dressedonly my panties.I straightened my panties properly, tryingto cover up my body with the only cloth left on me. Seema went and sat on thesofa and made me stand in front of her. I stood there timidly in front of her.“Why don’t you remove that? She asked, pointing at my panties. I shyly lookeddown and stood there. Even though I did enjoy what she had done to me, I wastoo shy to get naked in front of her. I just stood there, holding my hands infront of me.Are you shy? She asked me. I did notrespond. “Turn around and remove it”, she said. Still I did not make a move. Myheart was beating faster. I felt something choking in my throat. She shruggedand stood up. She came close and turned me around. Then in one swift motion,she pulled down my panties. She removed my panties off my feet and sat back onthe sofa. I stood there, stark naked, with just my jewelery on my body, andwith my back to her. “Wow! she said. I felt a sudden sense ofpleasure in knowing that she liked me. It got me excited to think that I wascompletely nude in front of her and she enjoyed the view of my nudity. “Nowturn around”, Seema asked me. Slowly, I turned around facing her, with handscovering my pussy. Raise your hands I raised my hands above my head. Now mywhole body was exposed to her. I saw her hungrily looking between my legs.I felt a tinge of shyness, as her eyes ranthrough my exposed nude body. She was examining my small breasts and erectstiny pink nipples. She looked at my belly and then lowered her gaze. I felt hergaze lingering between my legs. Suddenly I saw a smile on her face, as shelooked at my pussy. I only had a tinge of small hair, here and there around thetop of my vagina, not even quite visible.I liked it when she looked there andsmiled. I knew that she liked what she saw. I realized that standing nude infront of someone actually excited me, and gave me pleasure. I also realizedthat, I actually wanted her to admire my body and, pleasing her pleased me too.So I decided to do whatever she wanted me to do. I stood there waiting for hercommands.Lean on the table”, Seema asked,indicating the coffee table beside the sofa, facing her. She pulled the tablecloser to her. She made me place my hands on the table and lean on it. I stoodbetween the table and her, bent forward and leaning on the table. She enjoyedthe view of my ass by sitting on the sofa. She leaned forward and ran her handaround my butt, measuring them and holding them in her palms.Spread your legs”, she instructed withoutmoving. I did as I was told. She sat back enjoyed the view. Turn around andsit”, she asked me. I sat on the table, facing her. I looked at her. She watchesmy body. “Spread your legs”, she said. She then made me place my legs on theedges of the table, exposing my pussy to her. She sat back on the coffee andgazed at my exposed genital.I sat there watching her, as she looked atmy unexplored private parts, completely exposed and open to her. I felt a senseof excitement, as I saw the wild hunger in her eyes. “Come here”, she said. Shemade me climb on the sofa and stand with my legs on her either sides. She satin between my legs. She placed her hand on my pussy. I felt a wave ofsensations rip my body apart. I jerked my head backwards and closed my eyes.I took a deep breath as I felt her hand onmy vagina. I did had not known that any part of my body could be bahis firmaları so sensitive.I had to lean on to the wall to hold myself. I felt my legs go weak. She placedher finger on my tight pussy and opened up my pussy lips. I immediately feltsome droplets drip out of my pussy. I moaned loudly as she licked my pussy. Thewetness of her tongue sent electric currents through out my body.I felt some new sensations between mylegs, something I had not felt before. She went on licking my pussy. I realizedmy sounds were getting high pitched, as I was unable to control the excitement.Suddenly I shrieked out aloud and my whole body shuddered. I felt a suddenoutburst from my pussy. I saw that some sort of white liquid had beendischarged from my pussy. It was all over her face and had dripped to herclothes too.Some were sticking to my pussy waiting todrop, while some had dripped down through my inner thighs to my legs. I stoodthere panting hard, a little shocked and surprised, staring at my first climax.Seema was pretty happy after seeing all my fluids gush out like that. I was alittle bit confused, about what had happened. I watched in amazement, as sheswiped my fluids from her face and licked her fingers. “You taste good”, shesaid, smiling at me.I smiled shyly. She put me on the floorwhere I stood watching her, as she got up from the sofa. I ran the images ofher licking my pussy and immediately liked it. It was sure that I secretlyenjoyed all this attention on me. I also enjoyed her stimulating my privateparts. I smiled to myself thinking about all this. The white fluids weresticking around my pussy and my inner thighs were also sticky with them.Seema sat straight on the sofa and pulledme closer to her. I stood facing her. She held me close to her and startedsucking my boobs. Her hands were massaging my butt. I moaned passionately. Ifelt my body shivering with all the sensations. I placed my hands on hershoulders for support. I was panting hard. She was also finding it hard tobreathe. She was getting rough. She cupped up my butt cheeks in her palms andcrushed them.Her teeth pulled and tugged at my nipples.Every time her hands squeezed my ass, I stood on my toes unable to bear thepain. But I was also getting excited. Still sucking my breasts, she held mearound the hips. Her hand, came forward and dived between my legs. Her palm wasimmediately sticky with my fluids. She did not seem to mind. I gave out ashrill cry, as her hand touched my pussy.I stood on my toes and leaned on to her,unable to contain the rising passion inside me. Even though I was not able towithstand her hand between my legs, I instinctively spread my feet apart,inviting her to continue. I moaned slightly, as she rubbed my vagina with herpalm. I felt my legs go weak. I leaned forward on her. She stopped. She thenturned me around and placed me on her lap.I was sitting on her lap, with my feetdangling on her either side. She massaged my breasts. I twitched and twirled inher lap, as she pulled my nipples with her fingers. She locked my legs withhers, so that my legs were helplessly spread apart from each other. She put herleft hand around my hips, pinning me down in her lap, as her other hand wentdown between my legs. She placed her hand on my pussy, as I moaneduncontrollably.My waist chain was coming in her way. Sheraised it and held it with the other hand, while she rubbed my pussy. I triedto close my thighs together unable to control the sensitivity in my pussy. Butmy legs were locked tight by her. She continued rubbing my pussy, as I screamedfor her to stop. My pussy lips were slightly opened up and I could feel herfinger touching the inside of my vaginal walls once in a while. I tried tomove.She kept on rubbing, as I jerked my headbackwards and shut my eyes tightly. I was sweating profusely, especially myinner thighs. My breathing was hard. I felt some sensations building up lowerdown my stomach. Seema kept on rubbing my pussy. Suddenly I let out a huge cryand collapsed on her. I felt my pussy explode, as my juices gushed outuncontrollably. It was bigger than the first. Juices flowed out of my pussy,through her hands and stained her sari.I breathed heavily as she watched inamazement. I lay back on her tired and drained. She picked me up and went tothe bathroom. She cleaned me up and put me to bed. My eye lids were gettingheavier. “Take some rest baby while I clean up your explosions”, she smiled atme and kissed me on the forehead. I closed my eyes and curled up on the bed, asshe went out of the room. I smiled at myself, thinking of my new experiences,as I drifted off to sleep, still unclothed.

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