First experience in a lorry, Part 2


First experience in a lorry, Part 2We had now been driving for quite a while and it was tome for a lunchstop soon. i was very exoted after looking thru all magazines, and Jon asked a lot of questions about my sexual experience so far, which was almost none to be honest. He asked if I do masturbate, and if I like it, and I said I haven’t tried, which was a small lie. Ok, he said, then we need to take it from there. I was thinking a while about what he was the meaning with that, but it was not clear to my mind. He asked if I like to show off naked to others, and I told him I only did that twice to my cousin who was one your younger than me. We played cards and the one who lost had to strip in front of the other. That was a thrill I admitted, and it happendone more time, but that time I had to run naked to the mailbox and back again, Ok, so that might be something for you then, he said. At least it looked like you enjoyed to swim naked yesterday he said, and I was a bit ashamed. We where now really in the middle of nowhere, and at the next small village we need to refuel the lorry and he turned off the mainroad and into the gas station.Here is my wallet, go buy 2 icecreams and at least two pornomagazines he said. I said I can’t do that, thats to embarrassing. Do it he said, in a very demanding way, and I climbed out of the lorry and went into the gas station. A lady in her 50:s said hello, and I quickly got some icecreams,, and then I went to the magazines. I stood there for some düzce escort minutes tried to look as I was looking for something special. The lady came by and asked if she could help. I said it’s ok, and then I quickly took one magazine called Fib Aktuellt, and went to the desk. She just smiled and asked if I liked this type of magazines. I was ashamed and paid and went to the truck. I handed the icecream to Jon, and he asked if I bought the two magazines and I told him I bought one. One he said, I told you to buy two. Go in there and buy another one, I prefer Dax he said. Crazy ashamed I went in again, and the lady asked if I forgot something? I went directly to the magazines and grabbed the magazine and went to the desk once again. Thats the best one she said smiling, and I just paid and went out. Into the truck again and soon Jon was ready, and when he got in he said, good job, that wasn’t to bad or? I said I felt ashamed, but also a bit proud to buy a porn magazine at my age..We started to go again, and just a few km later he stopped again by a small lake, fot the lunchstop. He took some sandwiches from the small fridge and we went out. Had a sandwich and he just said a few words. I went down to the water and felt it was really nice. Take a swim he said, and I said why. Just do as I told you and get undressed. Dropped my dress and went naked into the water, and went out 10 m from land, and started to go back. Jon took my dress up, and went up to the lorry, edirne escort and I was completly naked without anything to cover myself with. He git into the truck and I quickly got up and just when I got out of the water a car stopped, and out was two old men. They just looked at me and drove away again, and I felt a relif. I went to the truck and into the cabin. Jon was laughing, and I was a bit angry at him, and when I asked why he did like that, he changed completly. I will teach you how to behave, and as long as you are in my lorry you do as I say…I got a bit afraid, and he told me to go back behind the seats to the bed. He closed the curtains and then he told me to masturbate for him. He took his pants of and I could see his half erected cock. I laid down and he jumped to the other end of the bed. Do it he said, and my fingers went to my pussy, while he started to stroke his cock, and soon he was hard again. I felt my wetness and my rubbing got more intense, and I was just about to come when he told me to get on all four. Up on my knees and my ass was pointing straight in the air, and he told me to continue rubbing myself. Suddenly I felt his tounge touching my anus and he licked and licked it. Now I was really close to cumming and then he stopped and started to look for something in the small fridge. Soon I felt something cold pushing against my pussy and it slowly went inside. You like sausage he laughed, and started to push it in and outof escort bayan my pussy. His tounge got back to my anus and then I felt another ssausage puch against my anus, and slowly I opened and it got inside me. He started to work the sausages inside me and the feeling was amazing. He told me to turn around and I went on my back and spread my legs. Then he pushed the sausage in my butt in and out in a crazy tempo, and soon I couldnt stand it any longer and I came and came and came, and he just keep pushing. He sat backwards to the wall and I was still laying with the sausages inserted when he told me to turn around and suck him. I took them out and turned as he said, and was on my stomage when he took my head and put it on his cock. It was the first time I had a cock in my throat and he started jerking with my mouth around the top of his cock. He told me to insert the sausage in my butt again, and I did as I was told. Now you keep it there he said and I had one hand on my back to keep it inside, while he took a grip of my ponytail and bent my head backwards while he was jerking in my mouth. A minute later he shot his load deep into my mouth, and I couldnt do anything else than swallow to not get drenched. He let me loose from his grip and told me to clean him up. I did as good as I could with my mouth and he stepped forward and got some shorts on again. I felt the sausage pop out from my butt, and I was just about to step into the front and get dressed when he stopped me. You shall stay there and masturbate for me all the time until we stop again, then I will teach you how a real cock fells instead. Do it he said and I grabbed the sausages and placed them back again and started to rub my clit again. 8 orgasms later the truck stopped again….

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