first bisex experience


first bisex experienceI remember when i first jacked off with several neighborhood boys, but the first time I actually sucked and was sucked was with my neighbor kurt. Kurt was a spoiled brat. his mom and dad gave him everything and he was an only c***d. He asked me to sleep over one night and while he was getting ready to go to bed, he said since it was summer and it was hot out, he wanted to sleep in his undies only. I agreed and we both stripped to our undies and he flipped the light off and we both got into his twin bed and pulled the sheet over us. he only had one pillow and we were sharing it. I remember him asking if i ever jacked off with any of the other guys in the neighborhood. I said yes. he asked if i ever did anything else with them. I said no. He said he and his cousin sucked each others penis and it feels real good. he then asked if he could show me. I said yes and he pulled my undies off and threw them in the corner. I was semi hard and he took a flashlight under the sheet and was checking out my cock. I wasn’t huge, but i was a good size for a 5th grader. He was in the 7th grade and even though there was such a large age gap nobody ever questioned it. Kurt sucked my cock into his mouth and it felt awesome. I remember him tongueing it all over and after a while i could feel like i needed to pee. he said it was ok, and i was just going to get a real good tickly feeling. I remember that feeling and how i felt like something was coming out of my cock but nothing came out. It was awesome. He then asked me to do it to him. I had not ever seen kurts cock before and assumed it was like the rest of the guys in the neighborhood. his was not, and and he pulled his undies down and off and his cock was rock hard and sticking up straight. it looked to be about 6 inches long and i had never seen a hard cock on anyone older than my buddies who were all 10 or under. Seeing his big uncut cock was exciting. I remember feeling it all hard yet spngy. I took the tip in my mouth and I could feel and taste something on his cock. I learned it was precum and it tasted good. he forced my head down until i could feel it in my throat. I gagged a few times and he said try to open your throat by relaxing and make it feel like you are going to burp. I d di and it felt easier to take it in my mouth. I didn’t relize he had his entire cock in my mouth until i could feel his hairy bush on my nose. I got a real rush knowing i had his entire cock in my mouth and reached up to feel and verify that it was all in my mouth. since i had to raise my head a bit just to feeel his dick with my forefinger and thumb, I realized it was in fact all in my mouth. I was so turned on that i immediately started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. that lasted for about 2 minutes and he pulled my hand back to feel his bum and pushed my finger onto his bunghole. I was feeling it and thinking it was nice and dry, and i kept playing with his little rosebud and he was squirming real hard. all of a sudden he was shoting off in my throat. I swallowed without even thinking wehat it was. he was hodling my head down even though i wasn’t moving it. I finished swallowing his last of 7 shots and then he just slumped to the bed. I continued to suck until he stopped me saying his cock was too sensitive. I likced around his base of his cock and got all the remaining cum licked up and was hodlong the shatf in my hand. he pulled me to his lips and kissed me. That was my first oral expereince and my first kiss either a boy or girl and it was not my last. We slept at his house a lot after that, and i eventually passed on my new found skills to a lot of neighborhood boys. nobody ever talked about my adana escort bayan sucking their cocks, but i would meet new boys often and i would always wind up sucking them off. I was 13 when i found out my younger brother dan was much bigger in the cock department than I was. Dan and i never bathed or showered or changed in front of one another since we were little. We were in the field one day and dan asked if I ever saw a girls pussy. I admitted i had only seen one before and she was 3 years old. He said he and 2 other guys had talked karen into going to their fort and she let them look at her pussy and kiss it and then she even let him put his cock in her. I was shocked and asked if she would let me join in. He said he would ask. The next day we went to the fort and he said that jimmy would bring her there, but she only wanted jimmy, dale and my brother dan to touch her until she felt comfortable around us. she said we could watch but that was all. As we sat around, Dale pulled her shorts off and she wasn’t wearing any panties. he leaned forward and began kissing her pussy. She giggled nervously and kept looking around at all the guys watching her and she would keep looking at my eyes to see what I was watching. then she said ok, you guys all have to strip naked. She watched as we all got naked. My brother dan was naked before me and i saw his cock was semi hard, but it looked bigger than mine. I finished getting naked and she looked around and pointed to dan and said your’s is biggest so you come here first. She took dan’s cock and began stroking it and then she sucked on the head of his cock. it was now rock hard and indeed it was longer than mine. I was about 5 1/2 inches long then, but at 12 Dan was about 6 1/2 inches oto 7 inches long. she got real excited and told dan to put it in her pussy. he got into position and we all got on the one side of Dan and karen where we could all watch. As i was leaing forward to get a good look, Dale leaned over my right shoulder and his cock was rubbing against my right butt cheek. I felt a jolt of electricity run through me as it touched my ass. we all watched mesmerized as jimmys face was right next to dans cock and karens pussy. Jimmy was so close i thought if it was me i would lick them both, and then he did. karen came when she felt his tongue touch her pussy. Dan was just pushing his cock into her and I couldn’t believe I was witnessing my brother have intercourse since he was younger than me and it was all happeinging in front of my eyes. Dale just keep leaning over trying to get a better look and his cock kept moving around and than all of a sudden it was at my back door. I flet his cock nudge against my little rosebud and it was being pushed against it rather firmly. I kind of leaned down a bit and asked if Dale could see ok and backed up a bit while doing so. He said yes I can see better now but stay right there, and he pushed bit more firmly with noone sles knowing what was happening. dale kept pressure against my ass and his cock eventually slipped in an inch or so and he didn’t move at all as we watched Dan fuck Karen and Jimmy kept licking her pussy and his cock. Dale got it in another inch and was now humping my ass. I closed my eyes and allowed him to hump against me. Dale was 12 also as he and dan were best friends. Dale was moving in and out of my ass real qucikly now and Dan was fucking Karen as quickly. Karen came again and jimmys cock was now inches from my face and stood about 5 inches long. I dropped my head and felt his cock against my cheek. Jimmy bucked up against my cheek as dan kept humping Karen. I lost rack of time and now jimmys cock found my lips or i found his adana escort cock and i opened my mouth and let it slide in and Dale was now openly humping my ass as Karen and Dan were now cumming. Dale came in my ass, Jimmy in my throat and I came on jimmys leg. Karen and dan wer huffing and puffing along with the three of us. Jimmy never said a word, Dale didnt say anything to alude to our actions, and all he did say was that was awesome. We need to do that again. We all went home and that night after i took a shower, Dan asked if I would join him in the basement watching a movie. I agreed thinking he knew something and hoping i could see and feel his big cock. We told mom our plan and she agreed but said to keep the sound down so it didn’t dusturb them when they went to sleep. We laid on the fold out couch and dan got a huge quilt to cover us with and as we laid watching tv, I said I wish we had a lighter cover cause i was hot. He said me too, lets take off our tshirts and undies. I gladly accepted and we were laying down naked next to each other now. I was closest to the tv. Dan was behind me and I could feel him lean against me. I said that feels cool to have your body against my back. he took the hint and spooned against me. could feel his cock against my bum and it felt so hot. I backed up a bit and he pushed forward. he said i need to adjust myself and soon he was placing his cock against my ass. I reached back and helped him find my asshole. he said so it is true that you let Dale stick his dick in your bum. I said uh huh. He said kewl, I wanted to do it too. Have you done that with many other guys before? I told him, no. Dale was the first and that day was the first time ever. He said no sit. He told me Dale said it was so hot watching you fuck karen and seeing Jimmy suck on her pussy and your cock and then ebing able to cornhole your ass. I said yeah but he also didn’t know i was sucking Jimmys cock. dan said no way. by this time his cock was in my ass and inch or so and he said damn that is so hot to know you were watching us fuck while dale was fucking yoru ass and you were sucking jimmys dick. I leaned back hard and it slipped in the rest of the way. Dan was so turned on that he shot off in my ass right away. he layed ther breathing really hard and was slumped against me. I was still hard and asked if he ever sucked another guys cock. he said no. I asked if he wanted to. He said not really. I then said well would you mind if i try to suck on your cock. He said OK, but dont expect me to do yours. He said let me get it hard again while i am still inside you. I said ok, and he began humping lightly againse me. I was feeling his cock getting firmer. I reached back and cupped his balls as i flet his cock at my ass. It was so hot. I loved the feel of his balls which felt bigger than I rmembered seeing them the other day. Dan said ok, i am hard now, but don’t you want to wash my cock or somehintg before you suck on it. I said sure. I got up and he saw how hard i was. he said you look like you need a cum too. I said I sure do but it can wait. I went into the laundry and got a wash cloth and came out to wash his cock off. he laid there with the light from the tv showing his gorgeous cock. I washed it off and dropped the rag to the floor and then procedded to make love to his huge thick cock. It was gorgeous to see it up close and to feel the heat coming from it. I licked up the side and around the head and back down to his balls. I found some of the um from his cock around the base where i didn’t wipe it clean enough and i tasted it. It was so good. I then went bach up the sides licking as i went and back down and along his balls to his ridsge escort adana that runs along between your balls to his ass. and he was thrusting and bucking up into my face. I then licked his asshole and he said oh shit im gonna cum if you dont stop that. I then went down on his cock and got about 3 inches in my mouth before i began to gag. I rmembered what kurt taught me and then I sucked his cock in while breathing through my nose and trying to burp. it went in and Dan was holding my head and humping my face as he shot one after anothe ropes of cum into my throat. I was enjoying the shit out of this and i started shooting cum on his leg as i humped against his leg. I backed off and was holding his cock in my mouth now and could feel his cum and taste it in my mouth as he shot the final shot of cum a total of 8 shots of cum into my mouth and throat. I loved the feeling and didn’t want to let it go. He said ow it hurts to suck it now. It is so sensitive. I let go of the head and just held it at the base as i licked the sides and felt him soften in my hands. I enjoyed that immensley. I was now under my younger brothers spell. I can remember sleeping many nights in the basement with him as we pretended to go down there to watch some late night movies on the weekends. I remember as we grew up, His cock kept getting bigger and bigger. it was 9 inches when i last sucked it. that was just before he went to college. Many nights I would often suck his cock and he would make love to my face as i let him use it like his personal pussy. Sometimes he would have me lay down and he would get into a 69 position with me but he never sucked my cock. this just allowed him a better angle to shove his cock into my mouth. When he got to dating girls he would come hiome after a date and I wouuld suck him off cause he had lovers nuts. I remember him allowing me to clean up the remnants of his cum and the pussy juice on his cock if he had fucked a girl that evening. I even sucked his cock after he fucked my ass many times. He told me that Dale told him about the many ass fuckings he had given me also and he said that Dale allowed him to fuck his ass too. Dale would suck me off when we were alone but he never wanted anyone to know about it. Dan said he told Jimmy about my sucking Jimmys cock that day in the fort. He said jimmy was also sucking his cock for him all those years. I also found out that jimmy was sucking all the coks I was sucking in school and dale was getting fucked bu most of them as well as fucking most of them, too. Kurt moved out of the enightborhood but before he left he wanted to let me know who else was as horny as me and i met 2 new guys from about a mile from my house. Mike and ameel. The both had sepnt time in Kurts bed and been lured into sex as I was by kurt. Kurt was 17 the last time I sucked his cock and let him fuck my ass. Ameel was younger than me and mike was even younger than ameel. Mike was also about 10 when kurt fucked him, but kurt was 16 then. I like mike and ameel since we all enjoyed being fucked as well as sucked and we also enjoyed fucking and sucking each atoehr. I think back to my adoration of my brother Dan’s huge cock and think i can attribute my love of his younger larger cock to the reason i love my wife to fuck younger larger dicked guys. I was married early. I got married about 20 years old to a 19 year old and within the first year had confessed tom my wife about my thoughts of her fucking my brother. she never did fuck him but we had become accustomed to thinking and talking about it during foreplay cause she evn went dildo shopping with me to but a nice big cock in the shape and size of my brother dan. We even called it Dan. She told me she often fantasized about having sex with him especially after i told her about my love making with dan. She was just worried about other family members finding out.I will always remember loving his big thick cock,

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