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I wasn’t planning on what happened.

Ok, so maybe I kind of was. I always caught him looking at me, and I guess I DID think he was kind of a cutie. Not that I was ever going to go anything about it. He was one of my younger brother’s friends, which made him off-limits according to our little neighborhood code.

Plus, ever since I went away to college three years ago, I rarely saw my brother let alone his friends. But I needed to get out of the damn dorms next year. That meant spending the summer at home, working at some restaurant, and saving my ass off. After all that I could even hope to have enough money for an apartment next semester. So things being as they were, I thought this summer was going to suck. And it just might have, if it weren’t for what happened last weekend.

It all started in the midst of my parents annual 4th of July party. Things are just plain insane on that day. My entire extended family plus friends, neighbors, and God only knows who else crowding our house and yard. I’d just had about enough of chasing my little cousins around the lawn, and was going to pass out from heat exhaustion of I didn’t get into the pool A.S.A.P. I ran up to my room to change into my bathing suit, and right when I had stripped down to nothing, my door flew open. In bolted Lane, swimming trunks in hand. You should have seen the look of total shock on his face. What the hell? This wasn’t a freaking resort hotel! Was he surprised to find me in my own room?

I stared back at him. Lane—About 6’3,” 170-175, skinny but toned—face of an angel. Nineteen years old, he still had that look-at-me-I-wanna-be-punk style going, but actually kinda worked for him. This summer he bleached the tips of his spiky black hair and died them blood red. A few holes in each ear, his eyebrow and his tongue pierced. And as always he was wearing one of those leather metal-studded dog collar-lookin things around his neck. But this time with no shirt I could see the tight abs on his flat stomach, and his little happy trail disappearing down underneath his dark baggy jeans. I was just about drooling, before I came to my senses.

“Jesus Christ!!” I shrieked, suddenly grabbing my towel, trying to cover my completely nude body. “Close the fucking door!” I mean hell, it was bad enough that he saw me. I didn’t need half of Lower Michigan to see my bare ass as well.

He did close the door, all right. But not before first stepping inside. Lane walked slowly toward me, with a smile on his face that would make the Cheshire Cat’s look like a frown.

“What are you…” My voice trailed off, as Lane’s hands came up and touched my face. They were so soft. He brushed aside my long blonde hair, and caressed each cheek, then down my neck–the whole time his deep green eyes burning into mine. I tried to look away, but Lane put his hand under my chin and gently tilted my face up to his. His lips brushed mine, and I felt a jolt go through my body like I’d never felt before. Lane pressed his body against me, and I could feel his hard cock even through the thick material of his jeans. I put my arms around his body.

I felt Lane’s tongue lick gently at my lips, and I parted them, but he didn’t move inside. He stopped, stepped back, and looked at my body. I didn’t even realize I had dropped my towel, and I was about to grab for it again, until I felt his soft hands again against my quivering skin. He ran his fingers up my bare sides, over my stomach, and then gently over my breasts, cupping them in his bostancı escort hands. I felt his palms scraping my nipples softly. I didn’t want to wait any longer. I took one of his hands and slid it down my stomach, until I felt his palm brush my totally shaven pussy. I knew he had to feel how swollen and wet I was. I let out a little whimper. Lane jumped back, startled.

I looked in to his eyes. Something was wrong. Couldn’t this boy see how badly I wanted him? “Lane…?” I took a step back toward him. “What’s wro–“

“I’ve never been with a girl before,” he blurted out, before I could even finish. “I’ve never even really touched a girl,” he said quietly, looking down at his feet.

Oh my God, was all I could think. How in the hell could a guy who looked like this still be a virgin at nineteen? I could see the lust still on his face as he looked back up at me, waiting for me. Waiting for something from me.

“Hey Lane? Where the fuck’d you go?!” I heard my brother’s voice call from downstairs.

Lane grabbed his suit off the floor. “Dude! Hang on! Can’t I freakin’ change?” In one quick motion Lane kicked off his shoes, and yanked down both his jeans and his boxers. I caught a glimpse of the dark shadow of his closely trimmed pubic hair and his still rock hard erection before he slipped into his trunks, and out of my door.

I smiled to myself, wondering if he was planning on swimming in his socks.

Ten o’clock was the designated time for my step-dad’s “famous” fireworks display. So, by quarter to ten the whole fiesta had headed out onto the driveway to watch, and I had retreated out to the backyard to hide. Perfect chance to chill in the hot tub by myself, I thought. That is, untill I got back there.

Walking around the corner of the deck, I could see a dark head of wet hair resting back against the Jacuzzi. Goddamnit, if Uncle Ralph had fallen asleep in there again I was gonna be pissed. For as big as he was, the man really couldn’t hold his party punch.

But it wasn’t Uncle Ralph. Even in the almost pitch dark, I could see it was Lane — the light from a tiki-lamp casting the shadow of his adorable face. Without even a thought, I stripped down to my bikini, and slid into the hot tub beside my prey. But he didn’t move. His eyes closed he didn’t even notice someone had joined him. I just sat there for a moment, simply enjoying the feel of the hot bubbling water massaging my skin. I watched as droplets of water collected on the baby-smooth skin of his chest.

I couldn’t hold back for long. “Lane…” I whispered, and impulsively I leaned in and brushed my lips softly against his. His green eyes opened, and looked directly into mine. Lane’s started to get up, and his mouth opened as if he were about to speak. But I stopped him, touching my finger gently over his parted lips.

“Shhh, sweetie. You’re not going to let you get away from me again.” I smiled at him, caressing his cheek with my fingertips. He smiled back, a bit shyly, and sat back down. That was all the encouragement I needed.

I moved closer to him, sitting myself onto his lap. I could already feel his cock hardening through the thin material of my bikini bottoms. I wrapped my legs around Lane’s waist as I began to lick and suck at his lips. I heard Lane moan softly, and with his arms tight around my body he began kissing me deeply. The feel of his hot tongue in my mouth was enough to make my pussy start to dampen. As we kissed, I rubbed büyükçekmece escort my swollen cunt against the hardness in his lap. I felt Lane’s hands slide slowly up my bare sides, as the steam from the bubbling water clouded around us.

His hands cupped and rubbed my tits, over my bathing suit. Even in the water, I could still smell his sweat and his cologne. I whimpered, and pushed harder against him, my lips pressed to his neck. It felt good, but I needed more. Leaning back, I untied the laces of my bikini top, and pulled it off. Letting it float away, I took Lane’s hand gently in mine, and placed them on my now bare, swollen tits.

His eyes lit up as he began to play with them, weighing them in his hands and rubbing his palms against their tips. He smiled as he watched my nipples tighten under his touch. He tried pinching one lightly, and feeling the responsive movement of my hips, he began to pinch my nipples harder, pulling at them as he left a trail of little kisses down my damp neck. He continued to kiss down my chest, stopping at my breasts. He looked into my eyes for encouragement. “It’s okay, you can taste them, sweetheart,” I whispered, and cupping the back of his head in my hands, I lowered his hungry mouth to my tits.

Lane stuck out his tongue and first only licked quickly at my now rock hard nipples. They were a deep almost hot-pink color now from all his attention. After a few minutes of licking at them like a little boy with an ice-cream cone, he put his lips around one nipple, sucking it into his hot mouth. I moaned again, and began to move up and down against his cock, showing him want I needed.

Not wanting to wait any longer, I reached into his trunks and found his hard dick. I began to rub it up and down with one soft hand, loving the way the friction from the water made my hand slide roughly over his cock. I started stroking him faster, until I felt a drip of sticky pre-cum leak from his swollen head. I rubbed the silky drop over his tip, until it melted away into the water.

Pushing him up onto the side of the Jacuzzi, I positioned Lane so his midsection was level with my mouth. “You ever had a girl suck your cock before, little Lane?” I asked, a devious smile on my pretty face. He just shook his head, eyes wide, as I lowered my lips to his throbbing dick. Cupping his balls in my hand, I licked slowing up and down his ridged shaft, loving the way he throbbed with every flick of my tongue. I tickled his heavy balls with my fingers, as I enjoyed the salty taste of Lane’s young hard cock.

After playing like that for a couple minutes, I wrapped my lips tightly around his head, and pushed the entire length of his cock down my throat. With my hands holding on tight to his sweet little ass, Lane put his hands behind my head and began to fuck my mouth, thrusting harder and harder. He suddenly stopped.

“I…I don’t want to cum yet.” He stammered, gently pushing my face away from his tummy, and climbing down off the side of the tub. Lane began kissing me again, this time a little more aggressively. I felt his hands run again over my breasts, but this time they didn’t stop, running down over my stomach and lower over my shaven little mound. He paused only for a second to pinch my hard clit, before shoving one long finger into my tight hole. He began to wiggle it inside of me, as if he was trying to get used to the totally new feel of a cunt around his finger. I moaned, a harsh, unladylike sound, çapa escort as he continued to finger my deeply, the water washing away all the hot lubrication that dripped from my hole. I think he was enjoying himself.

“Now it’s my turn to play,” Lane said, pushing me into his former position up on the wall of the Jacuzzi, and ripping off my bikini bottoms in one swift motion. As my tits met the rush of cool air, my nipples hardened even tighter, and he pinched each one roughly, before spreading my legs wide to get a good luck at what I had to offer.

Staring at my pink pussy lips, Lane played with them, pinching them between his fingers and spreading them wide until he found my hard clit. “I think I’m going to lick you now,” he said, a look of concentration creasing his forehead. I would have giggled if I hadn’t screamed.

Using two fingers this time, Lane shoved deeply them into my tight hole, as his mouth came down over my open pussy. He licked quickly in tight circles over my lips and hole, sucking my juices into his mouth. I whimpered in pleasure, as I felt the cool metal of his tounge-ring scrape my hard little clit. Removing his fingers, Lane stuck his long tongue up inside of me, and drank from my throbbing cunt. I came hard, pushing his face hard into my pulsing pussy, my nails digging into the skin on the back of Lane’s neck.

I sighed, as Lane let my body slide down the slick wall back into the hot water. Lane’s held my head to his chest until I calmed down, but I was nowhere near finished with this boy. I kissed him again, as a means of distraction, and I slide his trunks slowly off of his body. He didn’t seem to even notice until, pulling myself back onto his lap, I had positioned my hungry cunt directly over his cock.

“You’re going to fuck me now, Lane.” I said, my eyes locked with his. Again wrapping my legs around his waist, I took his hard shaft in my right hand and I lifted my body so I could feel his head just touching my pussy hole. “Push your cock up inside me.” I commanded.

No more then a second later I felt him penetrate me, scraping the inside of my tight cunt as he pushed himself as deep into my soaking cunt as he could go. Placing Lane’s hands on my ass, I showed him how to move me on his cock. And as I bounced up and down, Lane buried his head in the crook of my neck, as he thrust himself harder and harder into me.

After just a minute of fucking, all my wetness had been washed away, and with every thrust, it became harder and harder to get him all the way inside of me. I slowed down a bit, trying to let my tight pussy adjust to the feel of his big dick.

“Please…don’t stop. Ride me harder…” Lane grunted, grabbing my ass and trying to take me deeply once again. And I did, forcing the entire length of him roughly into my now burning hole. The friction was just too much, and I told him I was going to cum again. “Oh, fuck…I am too, baby.” Lane whispered.

Just then, I felt Lane’s body tense as he trust one final time, and grunting, he spilled his hot cum deep in my little hole just as my pussy pulsed around his cock in my own climax. We both moaned, and his arms came around me, pulling me close.

Resting his forehead against mine, “I…I think I love you…” he whispered, barely audible over the sounds of the bubbling water and our heavy breathing. “Shhh…shhhh” I hushed, stroking Lane’s hair until both of our breathing had returned to normal.

Lane helped my re-tie my bathing suit, and just as he slipped back into his, we heard my brother’s voice as he joined us in the backyard. “Hey!! What the hell are you doing? Did you guys just miss the fireworks?”

“HELL no!” answered Lane, as he took my hand and helped me step out of the Jacuzzi. With the smile I saw on his adoreable face, I knew this boy was mine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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