Finish what you start

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I was barely leaving in time so I came rushing out of my building. Once again, I got caught up answering e-mails and it’s just past when I was supposed to be leaving my office! As soon as I hit the street, a cab came around the corner, and he even stopped at my wave. Things were looking up.

I had a meeting with a new business attorney. This was the last step to getting my business going. The loan was set, and now the last piece was just to finish up the corporation documents. The attorney I was going to be working with was someone that I’ve met through mutual friends at cocktail parties, but I had never worked with him professionally. I hoped he was good.

Thanks to the quick cab I got to my appointment with plenty of time. The woman at the front desk let Richard know I was there. All the work until now has been over e-mail, so I was actually looking forward to being able to meet in person to make it official. When I was told, I entered his office. He was sitting at his desk facing me, hands on the desk. For just a second, I realized I’d forgotten he was good looking. I brush the thought away and reach out my hand. “Great to see you again.” He stood up reached out his hand and said, “Even better to see you. Let’s get down to business.” Okay, let’s.

I brought out my folder of documents he had sent, and I had signed. He said he was impressed with my preparedness and I was making his job easy. He said, “And here is the last document to sign.” I took it, read it, and leaned over to sign it. As I leaned, I felt his warm hand on my shoulder. I knew he was just being supportive, but I felt a chill shoot up and down my back at the warmth of his hand on my shoulder. The kind of chill that goes down the small of your back. Even the back of my neck warmed up forcing me to lean toward his hand just a little tiny bit. I was totally surprised to feel this way. Until this very minute I had only seen him bahçelievler escort in the most professional light. I would be so embarrassed if he knew that for some reason, I got weak in the knees the moment he touched me. I think I played it cool. I held up my pen for a second to catch my breath, and then continued to read and sign the documents.

“Good grief, Rachel,” I thought to myself, “the guy is just offering you a touch of support, and you’re hot head to toe. It’s clearly been too long since I’ve gotten any…I really need to get out more.”

So, I keep reading. There actually is a detail about profit sharing that I have a question about, so I ask for a highlighter. It’ll be best if I mark things as I go, and then we can go over them all at once when I’m done. I look up and there he is, Richard, as I’ve always known him, but looking right at me. Looking through me. He holds my eyes for a few seconds longer, Then he reaches around his back — to the desk top and grabs a highlighter. Handing it to me, he holds my gaze without saying a word. He holds the highlighter toward me with one hand, and with the other reaches around the back of my neck and pulls me toward him. Then he kisses me deeply. Oh my God. His tongue is in my mouth and I’m kissing him back, and my body is tingling in desire to get closer to him when the highlighter drops to the floor.

I stand up to reach up to him and now I have my whole body leaning hard into him while we kiss. He reaches around and pulls my hair, just enough to get a moan out of me, but not so hard that I’d want him to stop. His hands move to rubbing my tits through my dress and his mouth moves to the side of my neck. I am moaning louder now.

His secretary knocks, startling us both. “Your next client is here, when you’re ready.”

“I’m so not ready to end this meeting,” he whispers in my ear. He yells bahçeşehir escort back at the door. “Have him wait.”

He comes back to my mouth and kisses me so hard and so hot that I’m pushed up against the wall. With his body pressed against me I can feel his hard cock against me. When it hits me in just the right spot I tell him “Don’t stop, I’m going to cum.” His hands are moving up my thigh, and then he stops, and grabs my waist, looking me in the eyes.

“Oh no you don’t. Not with your clothes on. I want to see you when you cum. I want to feel you. I want you to cum with my dick inside you.” Hot, my body is hot on every level right now. I’m ready to drop my dress and my panties.

“Sir, your client is still waiting,” his secretary calls from the door again. “Thanks Sue, we’re just finishing up.” He replies.

Then he turns back to me, roughly puts his hand over my mouth. And in a hot second he reaches under my dress and has two fingers in my pussy. I would have let out a hot sound of surprise, but his hand muffles it, thank God. He pulls his hand away and says “I have to open that door, but we’re not done. When can I see you?”

“I have happy hour plans right around the corner, then I’m open.”

“Perfect, go to your plans, and come back here. And stay open.” He gives me a peck on the back of the neck as he passes me. He walks over to the door, straightening himself on the way, opens it and tells Sue, “Give me just a few minutes to get Bob’s file out. Rachel and I have some unfinished business. Don’t set the alarm or lock the door if you leave during my meeting. She’ll be coming back.”

Almost two hours later I walk back to his office. Happy hour was spent absently drinking a couple cosmos with friends, while my panties got wetter and wetter thinking about what was coming.

The lights are on, so I know he’s still here. I walk bakırköy escort right into his office. Still working at his desk, he looks up and smiles. My heart skips a bit. Plus I’m a bit tipsy. He says, “It’s about time.”

I smile big, “We have some unfinished business?”

He comes toward me, and I feel myself lifting my own skirt. He grabs both my hands and lifts them above my head. Kissing me hard, he keeps my hands up with one hand and with the other reaches under my skirt and starts pulling down my panties. Somehow he gets them around my ankles in about 2 seconds.

Oh God, I’m getting wetter and I’m waiting for him to be inside me. He lets my hands go, and then turns me around. Pressing me up against the wall, he whispers in my ear “You’re wet. Are you ready for my cock?

“I’m so ready, please fuck me,” I pant.

“Mmmm,” he says, “I like when you beg.”

“Step out of your panties” he demands. Which I do. I start to lift my dress and he says, “I’ll take it from here.”

When he reaches for my dress, my body goes electric. I feel like my pussy is vibrating with desire.

He unbuttons the top just enough that he can pull it over my head. Now I have a bra, my heels, and nothing else on. “Let me look at you.” He steps back one or two steps and I can see his cock trying to reach out to me. His eyes are already fucking me.

All of the sudden his mouth is on mine and his hands are gripping my ass. He lifts me up and I wrap my legs around him, moaning and leaning back waiting to feel him. I reach over and unzip his pants, finally letting his cock out, and he is pushing in my pussy before he puts me down.

Pushing hard, he sits me on the desk and bites my nipples while he continues to fuck me. Holy shit, I’m going to explode. His thrusting cock against my wet pussy is too much and I can’t hold back. I scream and convulse, squeezing him while he’s still inside me. “Oh fuck!”

“You are so fucking hot,” he moans while he thrusts and then shoots inside me. Oh God — my body is shaking, and I can’t stand. As he holds me against him, he says “I’m putting you on my calendar every day. Clear your schedule.” Still sitting on his desk, I say, “I think I’m on your calendar right now.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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