Finding My Fantasy

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I walk in the door, you greet me with a smile; and that look in your gorgeous eyes. That longing look; the look of frustration and desire. You stand and embrace me in a long, sensual hug. I feel your hands caress my back and move in a circle all over. I hear your breathing increase, and the occasional catch in my ear, a soft moan.

Knowing how worked up you’re getting yourself I close my hand at the base of your neck, scratching my nails to your skin. My muscles start to tense, I bite my bottom lip and release a soft moan at your cheek. Your hands slowly move up my back to my low sitting ponytail. I barely feel you wind your hand around it before I feel you slowly, but firmly pull my head back to give you easy access to my neck.

You start kissing and tonguing my neck. Your hand around my waist holds me tight as I feel you start to move backward slowly until your legs meet your bed. You bend your knees to sit down, keeping a firm grip on my hair forcing me to kneel between your legs. You place the hand from my waist on my chin and move my head to the side-giving you control of my open, wanting flesh.

My moaning becomes more frequent and I rub my hands up and down your thighs. When I get close to your hardening cock you start biting my neck-I exhale sharply in pain and moan with pleasure. You bite me again, this time on my ear as you pull me tighter. My hands explore around your waist to your back. I feel under your shirt, back around to your stomach, up to your chest. I feel my hands clench to fists at one of the bites, as I quickly drag my nails across your skin.

You let go of my hair to take off your shirt and I quickly move toward your body and begin to kiss your chest. I tenderly move my tongue on you, tasting your skin. My hands now have moved back to your hard cock, bulging from under your pants. I can feel your enormous cock through your pants and continue stroking it.

Your hand again finds my hair and you begin to guide me down. Down from your chest to your stomach, kissing slowly and being cautious to not neglect a spot. While my mouth is busy and so close to your cock I stop playing with it to unbutton your pants and pull them down. As your pants are pulled down around your knees your huge cock is freed from your pants. Slowly adalar escort at first I grab your cock with one hand and rub up and down, then slowly start with the other hand as well.

You then, still gripping my hair change the angle of my head to make my mouth touch your dick. I eagerly open my mouth and take you in, not even able to get half your huge cock in my mouth. I take you in and out a few times before I take you out of my mouth. I lift your cock and expose your balls. With my mouth open and my tongue out I start to lick and suck on your balls. While I’m pleasuring you with my tongue I’m still working your dick with my hands, up and down, working around with both hands. I slowly take your balls from my mouth and lick over them again as I lick from the edge of your balls, up your hard shaft to the tip of your erection. I do this a couple times before taking you in my mouth again.

Until this point your hand has only been used to hold my hair, very tightly. The more I work your giant cock, the wetter my pussy is getting. I love the control you have of me as you tightly re-grasp your hand in my hair every few moments. I want you to show me what you want and what you like. I want to make you feel good. I want you to enjoy what I’m doing to you. You know I’m here to please you and do as you wish.

With one of my hands I reach up and easily caress your balls. Each time I take you into my mouth I feel you push down a little further. When you’ve pushed your cock into my throat a little more than halfway you feel my throat tighten a little. You slowly pull my head back and hear the popping of saliva around your dick; you hear me gasp for air. “Be sure to breathe when I pull you up,” you say as you shove your cock back into my throat. “You aren’t in control, and how good it feels will be how long it’ll be in your throat.”

You pick up the pace and start shoving harder and faster leaving me gasping for air and gagging on your hard cock. Finally when my nose is almost to your skin you hold my head tightly in place. I feel my throat contract as I start to gag and try to cough. You feel the muscles of my throat spasm around your hard dick and you breathe in deep, shoving yourself further into my throat, pulsing shallowly, anadolu yakası escort barely in and out. You slightly pull out and push back in further until all of your cock is down my throat.

I can hear your breathing rapidly increase and the twitching of your muscles as I continue to struggle, choking on your hard dick. I can feel myself start to panic since I can’t breathe. I star to feel a slight rush, but my eyes slowly start to fade. You soon pull out of my throat into a climax all over my face. As I become more aware of my surroundings and my breathing returns to normal I lick around my lips. Using your finger you wipe some off of my face and move it to my mouth. I quickly take your finger in and suck it clean.

Once I’m cleaned up enough you pull me up to standing, straddling one of your legs. You then pull me close to you as you feel my ass and kiss through my clothes under my belly button. You work your way down over my pants until your kissing and playing with my soaking wet pussy. While you’re kissing your hands work their way up and pull down my pants. You pull my outside leg up over the edge of the bed and pull me close. As you’re pulling me to you I feel you pull me down to your side, guiding me to lay beside where you were. As quick as I feel you pull and place me where you want me, you are already on top of me leaning over me. You slowly and tenderly lean down to kiss me. After a few soft kissing seconds, the mood transitions easily to hungry aggression. With your arms still on either side of my head I trace up them with my hands, running my nails down. One of my big turn ons is a guy’s shoulders and arms, so I love feeling yours; so sexy, so strong.. Every touch makes the fire in me burn so much hotter. I’m so wet right now. I lean over and kiss and lick up one of your arms. You bend at the elbow and lay your elbow down on the bed. The kissing turn into biting, here and there.

You lean down and kiss my neck, working your way to my collarbone. Your free hand slides under my shirt and bra. You start out so gentle and sensitive at first, but the more you start to get worked up again you can’t help but recover some of that masculine dominance. You grab my shirt and roughly pull it ataköy escort up, also moving my bra half off with it. You lean up a little and with both hands feel my breasts. With your hands full you work your fingers to my nipples and work them back and forth, pinching and pulling easily at first. As you continue to play with them my breathing increases, I close my eyes and again I’m biting my lip. You lean down and take one into your mouth, biting at my nipple. I gasp out loud, and it’s just what you want to hear. You do it again, a little rougher, and again. You work back and forth with your mouth, but constantly with your hands.

At one point when you have me in your mouth you move one hand down to my aching pussy. I’m so wet for you, I’m soaked.. you move your finger in closer and you feel my muscles tighten. You feel my clit; circling it, playing with it. Then you slide into my waiting pussy. It’s so wet you can hear the sound of you hand and fingers moving in and out. You wanted to start slow so you could get my pussy even more wet, but I’m grinding my hips up against you and telling you how much I want you.

You ask me, “How bad do you want me babe?” By now I’m so over the top with desire I can’t hold it in any longer. I’m grinding against you, I’m groaning and biting my lips, I’m moaning..

I reply, “I want you so fucking bad! My pussy is so wet.. I need you to fuck me. I want you to fuck me so hard I’ll feel it for days. I need you to tear it up and make my pussy yours. I’m so wet for you, and I need you to fuck me. Please baby, please fuck my pussy.. fuck me hard, fuck me so hard that my pussy will be ruined for anyone else.. please baby, I fucking need you!”

I just barely get the last word out and you’ve already replaced your hand with your dick. In one hard, fast motion you’re all the way inside me. I cry out loud in painful pleasure as you fill my pussy with your huge cock. Every thrust you make, I meet you. I push my pussy up to your cock like my life depends on it. I want it, I need it…

As you get closer to a climax you reach down to my throat and choke me again. As you see my face turn a darker shade of red you pull out and let go all over me. As you’re cumming all over me I reach down and finger my clit. It takes no time for me to explode into an amazing orgasm. We lay together for a few moments, trying to catch our breath. Finally we get dressed and I get up to leave. You walk me to the door and before I open it you turn me to you and kiss me. As I put my arms around your shoulders and kiss you back you slide your hand into my pants.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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