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Carl held the hotel door open for Andrea and she smiled sweetly has she glided past. Carl briefly caught the alluring autumn scents of her curly auburn hair as she went by and quickly entered, closing the door more firmly behind him than he intended, and causing her to jump slightly at the bang. They both laughed easily, and then looked around the Hotel room. It was a relatively spacious room, clean and with plenty of light. Carl had arrived in the city the night before, and his bag lay in the corner, the clothes he had been last night wearing draped across it.

Carl’s eyes settled back onto Andrea, who was now standing by the end of the large king-sized bed in the middle of the room. He ran his eyes from her shapely long legs, enclosed in a professional looking long flowing skirt, and then up over her delicate blouse, lingering momentarily on her small but beautifully shaped breasts and then up to her sweetly oval face. Andrea was a tall girl, but still shorter than Carl, and she usually carried herself with an assured confidence that Carl found attractive. Now, she attempted to project that same confident image, her back straight, the curves of her breasts pushing very slightly against the dark colours of her blouse.

She met his eyes, now that they had arrived after his inspection of her body, and what he saw there did not match her confident stance. Her gaze as it met his was uncertain, and, if he was reading it right, submissive, waiting. This unexpected timidness, so uncharacteristic of the strong willed Andrea, made Carl feel even closer to her, and as he watched her she very briefly licked her lips, reminding him of all the times he had felt those warm lips on his.

Then realising he had been standing, staring, by the door for too long Carl stepped forward. His stride quickly covering the space between them. Wrapping his arms around her he forcefully pulled her body close against his. She came easily, her body flowing into him. Looking down into her now upturned face and noticed that a glimmer of excitement, of expectation, had joined the uncertain look in her face.

Their lips met, bodies pressing even closer, Carl’s hands moving up her back to pull her close, while Andrea’s stayed gripped at his hips, holding on to his worn jeans. Andrea’s teeth now grazed Carl’s lips followed quickly by her warm lips. They tasted sweet and warm. A tender softness next to his own strength. Her body seemed to melt even more against him, its warmness becoming even more apparent.

The kiss broke and they stared at each other for a moment. Then with taksim elit escort a small mischievous, if still somewhat unsure, smile her hands moved from his hips and slipped into the space between them, feeling at the front of his jeans. With a groan Karl responded by again kissing her as her hands continued to push and rub against his cock, making it throb and harden, pushing back against her hands.

This time when their lips parted, Carl took the opportunity to begin to unbutton her blouse with his right hand. Meanwhile, he reached up with his other hand and pulled her head to one side, exposing her long shapely neck. She closed her eyes, her breath heavier now, as one by one the buttons of her blouse slipped open, and Carl’s lips began to brush the exposed flesh of her neck. Andrea let out a small moan as he began to kiss and gently bite at her neck and moved her arms back to allow the now unbuttoned blouse to slip way off her shoulders and land on the ground with a soft swishing sound. Under the blouse she was wearing a delicate yet simple black bra, which Carl glanced at briefly before continuing to saviour the smooth soft skin of her neck, his hands now caressingly moving across her warm skin towards the clasp of the bra.

Andrea’s hands were not idle though, moving swiftly back to his side and then pulling at the bottom of his t-shirt. Reluctantly Carl took a step back, allowing her to remove his t-shirt and again meeting her gaze as she opened her eyes. The submission he has seen before was most definitely there, but any unease had disappeared, replaced by desire.

Grinning, Carl looked down at Andrea’s skirt and then back up to her face, suggesting what it was he wanted with a mock questioning look. Stepping back Andrea slid her hands down the smooth skin of her side and to the top of her skirt, hooking her thumbs into the waist band and then pulling it down. As she did so she bent forward, looking never taking her eyes off Carl’s and allowing him a view down her bra, where the lightly tanned flesh of her breasts was visible.

She then stepped out of the skirt, kicking it casually away behind her, and straightened up. Revealing a matching simple pair of black panties. While he couldn’t see it, Carl could faintly smell her excitement in the air. With a smile Carl then repeated his previous look, first looking at his own jeans and then back up at Andrea’s face. She moved immediately, her hands gliding over his chest, stopping briefly to playfully squeeze his nipples, producing a grunt of pleasure, but then taksim escort heading down to the his belt buckle. The buckle came undone quickly and the buttons of his fly quickly followed as she sunk to her knees pulling his jeans down as she went.

Leaning back and looking up at him she reached behind her back with one hand unhooking her bra, while with the other hand, quickly and without waiting for any signal from him opened the front of his boxers. The sudden release of his hard cock made Carl shiver, and Andrea, her breasts now free from their bra, nipples standing at attention, began to move her lips quickly towards Carl’s twitching cock.

Carl had different ideas however reaching down to grab Andrea under her arms and lifting her up, making her let out a small squeak of surprise, before pushing her down onto the bed next to them. Carl moved on top of her as she lay back, guided by his hands. He let his weight settle on her, pushing her down, but not hurting her. His bare cock grazed the insides of her thighs as he moved between them, pushing them open, and causing them both to moan. His hands moved up her arms forcing them higher on the bed and then settled around her wrists holding them in place. He held her like that, his face above hers, his body pressing down, hard cock pressing lightly against her fabric of her panties.

Andrea looked up at him pleadingly, desire painted strong in her face, and arched her back as much as possible, rubbing herself against his cock, her lips parting in pleasure. Not moving his body, but allowing her to continue her upwards grinding Carl’s lips met hers, muffling her soft, sweet moans, their tongues meeting. Carl then moved his body down suddenly, still keeping his grip firmly on her wrists. Andrea began to complain, her back still arched, the smell of her desire now unmistakable in the air, but the complaint was stifled before it could even start by Carl’s mouth enclosing her nipple, his tongue flicking gently, and then his teeth gently biting, bringing a gasp of pleasure from her mouth. Carl began to move from breast to breast, each time taking the nipple in his mouth, sucking, licking and nibbling, until Andrea was bucking under his grip, her legs twitching and her breath quick and shallow. Carl then released her left wrist, his hand instantly going down, and sliding under her now soaked panties. Andrea moaned loudly as his hand reached her pussy, and ran over the hot, wet lips, before slipping inside, his thumb moving up to rub her sensitive clit. Her hand moved to his head, grabbing taksim eve gelen escort at his hair and pushing his head harder against her nipples, to which Carl responded by biting harder, making her yelp and cry out in pleasure.

Carl began to time the lick’s of Andrea’s nipples along with the rubbing of her clit, two of his fingers now probing inside of her, causing her to buck and moan louder, and louder. “Yes, yes.. please make me cum” she said breathlessly, the first words either of them had said since they entered the room. In response Carl’s fingers curled inside her, pressing upwards against her g-spot, and causing her to shudder and cry out as an orgasm racked her body.

Holding her as she came, Carl gently rubbed Andrea’s clit and licked at her nipples, until she stopped shaking. Then wasting no time he released her, whipped her sodden panties off, as her hands removed his boxers, and positioned his hard cock between her legs. This moment had been a long time coming, and finally it was here. Using one hand to open the lips of her pussy he then slipped inside her. She was wet from her orgasm, but still tight, and as he felt the muscles of her pussy contract around his cock he moaned in pleasure and began to move inside her. Slowly at first, but then in increasing intensity as she began to moan and rock against him, arching her back and running her arms over his back, her fingernails scratching against his flesh and sending shivers down his spine.

Arching his own back Carl began to thrust even deeper into Andrea, his pubic bone grinding against her, and his balls slapping nosily with each thrust. Andrea’s hands had now stopped moving, as she moaned and groaned, obviously heading towards another orgasm, and then bucking and shuddering she came. It was all that Carl could do not to join her. Quickly rolling over, and pulling her along with him and then pushing her up, his cock still inside her twitching wet pussy.

He looked up at her sweat covered body, and knew he didn’t have much time before he came himself. Moving her hands then to his chest he placed them forcefully at his nipples and commanded “pull” before moving his own hands to her waist and beginning to forcefully pull her up and down his cock, enjoying her wide eyed look of pleasure, and watching her breasts bounce. Andrea’s fingers tightened round Carl’s nipples, twisting and pulling back each time Carl lifted her up, causing Carl to groan loudly and close his eyes in pleasure. Joining in with Carl’s encouraging hands at her waist Andrea pushed down hard grinding against him, and moaned “cum.. cum inside me.. please cum”.

With that Carl came, groaning loudly and thrusting upwards against Andrea, who herself moaned feeling his cock jerk inside her, and grinding herself against him as he shuddered she moved her hands form his nipples and to her own, and joined him in orgasm.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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