Final Vows Ch. 01

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“I don’t understand, Father.”

“Well it’s really quite simple, Sister. You have been here in the convent for nearly three years and are about to take your final vows. You know that you are giving up all worldly possessions for your vow of poverty; you have learned to obey Mother Superior here for your vow of obedience; but you really don’t know what you are giving up when you take your vow of Chastity.”

“I know that I am forsaking all the pleasures of the flesh, Father, and that I will never be married to anyone but Our Lord.”

“Now that’s exactly what I mean. What exactly are “the pleasures of the flesh?”

The young novitiate’s head was spinning. She had been invited to have dinner with Father and with Mother Superior as she knew was tradition in this convent in the weeks leading up to her final vows. She had enjoyed a lovely three course meal, far richer than the ones she had got used to over the last few years. Father had even poured her a large glass of very smooth, rich red wine. She didn’t know anything about wine but it tasted divine and Father made sure her glass was topped up each time she took a sip; funnily enough, neither Mother Superior nor Father seemed to be taking much from their crystal bahis firmaları glasses. But it wasn’t the wine that was making her head spin.

How could she possibly put into words the little she knew about sins of the body which she had always guarded herself against? How could she say those words to the two most holy and respected people in her tiny world? Even before she had joined the convent just after her sixteenth birthday, she had never allowed any of the rough boys from her school to even so much as kiss her. Her mother had always told her that boys were bad and dirty; she was to have nothing to do with them. So, now, when Father asked her these questions, she just didn’t have the words.

She bowed her head and whispered, “I don’t know, Father.”

“Don’t look so worried, Sister. I know you don’t have the words. Mother Superior and I will be delighted when you take your vows but we would be failing in our duty if we didn’t make sure that you knew exactly what it was that you were about to renounce. Isn’t that right, Mother?”

“Of course, Father. You must understand, Sister, that the things we are going to tell you tonight, the things we are going to show you and the things we are going to do kaçak iddaa to you, we do not for our pleasure but for your instruction.”

At that, the Mother Superior pushed back her chair, stood up, walked away from the long dinner table and stood facing the young Sister and the priest. The night was dark outside but the curtains were drawn and no-one could see in to the well-lit dinning room. Mother reached up and pulled back her black veil to reveal a short bob of shiny, jet-black hair. Then she reached behind herself, pulled down the zip of her long black habit and shook it off her shoulders. She pulled at each sleeve in turn until the heavy, dark material fell to the floor and she stood there wearing nothing but a lacy, black bra, matching black knickers and high-heeled black patent shoes.

The young girl looked on in absolute confusion. She had never before seen another woman with so few clothes on. She had never imagined that she would ever see her beloved Mother Superior in just her bra and knickers. She couldn’t believe that this was happening before her very eyes and before those of Father. She dragged her eyes from the beautiful woman standing a few feet from her and looked at him. He had a strange look on kaçak bahis his face, one she had never seen before; it almost seemed to her to be a mixture of pleasure and hunger.

She turned back to face Mother only to be shocked even further. Mother was reaching behind herself, loosening her bra, letting it slide down her arms and dropping it on the floor on front of her. She stood up straight and the young girl saw for the first time another woman’s breasts. They were different from hers; her own were small but firm, they stood out from her body, her nipples pointing upwards. Mother’s were much bigger; they seemed to hang a bit lower too and her nipples were pointing to the floor but they were huge. She knew that sometimes when she used to go running and her nipples had been rubbing against her top that her nipples would get engorged and she would get a funny feeling coming from them, somewhere between pleasure and discomfort. But Mother hadn’t been running; her nipples hadn’t been rubbing; something else must be making them stand out like that.

Still in shock, the young nun could only drop her chin even lower when Mother Superior took a hold of her black, lacy knickers, bent forward, and lowered them to the ground. She stepped out of them and her young Sister saw the first bald pussy she had ever seen since she herself had grown hair between her legs.

“Now it’s your turn, Sister,” Mother Superior said to her with a beaming smile.

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