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Feminization 1 ENGFeminization 1Just say that nothing extra ordinary in terms of sex or orientation, I was not different. He studied at the university, like everyone else. Girls liked, but did not give much. So, more in porn specialized in the internet. You look, you twist and life normalizes.That’s how he lived, it’s okay, the truth is boring enough. But during this time I became practically an expert theorist in terms of different types of sex.There was a lot of theory, practice with partners was zero. So I had to entertain myself. And since the girls are dynamis, it somehow happened that now I’m for the guy and the girl acted for myself. Yes, and I did not look very manly. A short, short-haired boy with long hair.Of course, somehow it so happened that at all not advertising these cases, pictures in the internet were mine, on the corresponding dating sites. But nothing happened and I did not bathe in this occasion.In the summer, after the second year, I found myself working in Europe – working for students at some family farm in the outback. Also has gone.I went alone. In principle, I’m not a girl. that there is something to be afraid of. Guys, it’s easier in this regard.I flew to the airport. Passed registration. I left the cool hall of the airport-the heat, a hot southern wind smelled at me. Beauty!I already had a car waiting for me. Some ancient Fiat Panda. The driver is illegal bahis a man, a handsome such, dark-skinned southerner, about forty years old, probably. Of course, he spoke something to me in his own language, but I did not understand anything at all. But I sat down in a wheelbarrow and we went. We drove long enough, then the road went somewhere to the mountains, then everything got steeper. beauty stood around the stunning. I just looked out the window.When we arrived on the scene, it was already turning dark. Therefore, I really did not consider everything there. What can I say – it was some pretty secluded place, such as an alpine village in the style of the chateau, houses so on 5-7. Like vineyards on one side, there are olive groves and woods. There was no further road. In short, heaven on earth.We went to the biggest central house. The guy showed me the kitchen and my room, where I threw the bag and we went to dinner.We had dinner together. Cheese, wine, meat and greens. What you need from the road. Especially since I did not eat anything from the plane.There was a lot of wine, but he poured everything. So I soon became completely drunk and the malos ceased to control myself. You understand what I’m getting at – it’s still a story all the same.in short, when I got drunk, he took out a laptop, opened a xhamster website and showed me his profile. Damn, here I even through illegal bahis siteleri alcohol rushed that I, it turns out, corresponded with him. And I corresponded in the name of trance. And I wrote a lot about myself, and I sent a photo. Here they showed me now.169388264 [/ image] Well, what to say, the situation is funny. But I was drunk and did not assess her stalemate for myself. Then it even made me laugh and together, I do not know what language, they discussed my pictures.But soon he got started and started to pester me. Although I was drunk, I began to resist. Photos pictures. but then I’m a normal guy!But he poured me some wine, and I drank. And it looks like he added something to me in wine, like Viagra. And then I was completely led to the left. The desire is frenzied, but I do not know what to do myself.In short, I really do not remember how, but I succumbed.And soon he was standing in front of him in a woman’s night shirt, which appeared somewhere around. And also there was a wig, lipstick and shoes on stiletto heels exactly my size.The truth is that I quickly dropped it all off quickly. Without anything, I was more comfortable, and it was hot.And I had such an excitement that I was just a pip.You know, he was just waiting for this.It is visible and I waited too, I thought about this for so many years …With me this was the first time. Who says that canlı bahis siteleri the first time it hurts. Nope, it was great. Or maybe I was too drunk. I was just wound up when a healthy hot cock entered my ass.I’ve never expected anything from myself, but more. I was completely carried away. I could not imagine in a sober mind that I was capable of this. But I was intoxicated …I moaned and wriggled like a dirty whore, but I enjoyed myself. I did not know that it was so cool.We finished together. when I could no longer tolerate.The next day I woke up with a sick head and such a thing on the penis.With thorn I came into reality after yesterday’s drinking. And then I slowly began to return memory, which was yesterday. I remembered everything vaguely, but I still remembered.Got up. And where are my clothes?Instead of my things was T-shirt and shortsI had to go out like this. And then I had to cook breakfast.I did not even understand what I feel about this. In principle, there was not much to be ashamed of, except there was no one else here.And then he showed that it was necessary to dress in a woman’s and gave her skirt and everything else.But how I put them on, so he immediately took them off me, sat me down on the kitchen set and fucked in the ass. And I did not resist. I’m not myself anymore. but it became …Then he took me to my room and showed all sorts of women’s tricks. And I stayed to make it myself.In my opinion it turned out very worthy. And I sat down to wait for him in full female formThat’s how my feminization happened at a time.I spent, or rather spent it all summer – you can say, it was my honeymoon.

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