I imagine anyone who,s sexually active has a favourite position for sex.Some addicts will say “all of them” but according to the ancient Karma Sutra unless one,s extremely flexible it,s not possible to do all of them. Obviously when you,re young and justblesrning the ropes the Missionary Position is the first one you try and then you go on from there. There,s no “hard and fast” rule in the game of sexual love, but my favourite is with the woman or man above, most of the time a woman except for that very rare occasion. With my wife Sarah I loved it when she was really horny and decided to take the initiative sometimes with her bum facing me, but preferred with her face facing me so I could fondle and suckle her large pendulous boobies which hung down just asking to be played with while she fucked herself on my rigid cock. Often she,d really get going bouncing on my crotch like I was a “fucking bronco” to be ridden in a raunchy rodeo, her big tits flopping about till I gathered them together to suck both nipples at the same time which she adored. The only drawback to this position was that I couldn,t always climax as the sensations were too much or her pussy was squeezing me too tightly. What canlı bahis şirketleri a predicament you say! Easily solved though, simply change round with me sliding back into her furry slit and hammering her madly till my cock erupted in her twat filling her to,overflowing with my thick baby gravy. Sarah also liked to be on top as often she liked to dive down after I climaxed to squeeze the remaining cum from my balls and clean my semen from my cock like a vacuum cleaner might. It also made it much easier for her to simply straddle my face so I could then use my talented tongue on her pleasure palace and in those heady days by the time she,d groaned her own climax or was on the verge of one I would be up and ready for more fucking and would soon be pistoning deep in her cunt again. In those days it Wasn,t unusual to fuck her at least six times in a night and my balls would continuously produce loads of sperm to pump in her womb. Sarah in our later years confessed to me that her favourite position was a long passionate sixty nine again with her above to full climax for both of us, hardly surprising as she,s an expert cocksucker “fellationist” she calls herself as she says it sounds canlı kaçak bahis better and I assure you she can definitely suck spots off a leopard if she wanted to. 90 per cent of the time she,d climax long before me and I,d swallow her strong tasting musky juices which was very pleasant tasting and unless she pushed me away I,d carry on. Most of the time when she stopped me it would be to suck me to climax as she said “If you carry on licking Lady Kitty, her pet name for her snatch, that she d likely bite my cock and she Didn,t want that as she often had some intense orgasms and her involuntary actions could easily bite my cock. I found out the hard way as I carried on servicing her with my mouth after she,d had a climax and she had an even more intense second climax and accidentally did bite me. The wound Wasn,t too deep, but was sore for almost a week and meant no sex and uncomfortable pissing fo a while. Of course she was very sorry and when Sir Hairy was back to rude health she gave me one of the best gobbles she,d ever given me and all the semen that had built up,in that week she feasted on hungrily and happily. She even tried to see what my cock cream tasted like in a cup,of bahis siteleri canlı coffee before we got married, but said it tasted horrible so Didn,t repeat the experience again. One time at a party that turned into a sex contest she did something that remains as one of her favourite memories. With Sarah’s parents babysitting our two youngsters we attended a birthday party for a friend that worked at the school our c***dren went to and Sarah did part time teaching at. I Didn,t think the people who attended were “swingers” but the booze flowed and the women seemed like my wife to lose most of their inhibitions with the more alcohol they consumed. Sarah,s party piece justbafter midnight was to line all the husbands up, take their cocks out and start masturbating while my wife moved from man to man filling a wine glass when the semen erupted from each cock including mine. Once every male had cum in the glass Sarah drained the glass completely gulping it all down to rich applause. That signalled the couples to disappear into different places and I found myself dragged out to their spacious garden by Eileen the birthday girl. “Does your wife think she,s the only woman able to suck cocks?” Eileen asked me, extracted my cock from my trousers and sucked me till I was stiff then let me fuck her from behind till I filled her up with more cum. Sarah ended up getting fucked by no,less than three men and loved it, but orgies and gang bangs happened rarely in our sex life.

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