Fat old man


Fat old manAnne and I both drink in a local pub in our village and there is this bloke, Mike, who always seems to be paying her lots of attention, he must be in his 50s and he lost his wife are Year ago. He’s always telling my wife how she reminds him of his dead wife. What’s more he’s forever giving her presents like his wife’s old jewellery, he has asked me whether I minded him giving her gifts and I told him that I really didn’t object, being that he’s lonely and harmless.Anyway, I told Anne that she should invite him round to dinner so that we could thank him for all the gifts she had received. When that night came, Anne look very sexy in a short dress that showed off her cleavage, black stockings and suspenders. When Mike arrived and saw Anne his eyes nearly popped out of his head. We sat down to eat and he never once took his eyes off her, not once throughout the whole meal.We were all quite drunk from the wine we had with dinner and Mike kept commenting on how beautiful Anne was and how much she reminded him canlı kaçak iddaa of his wife. I suggested he might like to see her in some of her jewellery he had given Anne, and he jumped at the chance. So Annie went upstairs to put on a small items for Mike. We continue drinking and every time she went away to change the jewellery, she would change her outfit, and each time it was getting more and more revealing. Finally she came down she was wearing a pink silk bra, pink hot pants, that showed he camel toe, knee length boots and his wife’s necklace which disappeared between her boobs. I could actually see the bulge growing in mikes jeans.Anne was loving all the attention of us watching her so I got up and started to dance with her, slowly rubbing her body, she was moaning in my ear so I went further and started to undress her, when I unfastened and her bra and released her tits she didn’t complain. So I started to lick and caress them, the whole time she was staring at Mike and I could see that he tipobet was enjoying the show.Anne reached out her hand for Mike to join us, he was off his seat in a flash, moving behind her and started to stroke her body. It didn’t take us long to get her naked between us and she was obviously loving the feeling of being groped and played with by two sets of hands. I stepped back and let Mike enjoy himself with my wife. I sat down with my cock in my hand, and watched this older man fondle my wife. She reached down and felt of the bulge in his jeans and I heard a gasp. When she unzipped him and pulled out his cock I could see why, it was enormous not so much long as fat. She dropped to her knees and tried to suck it but she had trouble fitting it all in mouth. She looked like she was worshipping it kissing and licking every inch.I was wanking hard when Mike pushed my wife onto her back looked at me and said “I’m sorry mate, I’ve got to have her” “Don’t be sorry, give her what she wants” was my reply.Mike tipobet giriş rubbed the end of his fat cock up and down the wet slit, and with one’s swift thrust he entered his entire length. She let out a great cry of pleasure. He moved in and out slowly, gradually picked up pace until she was thrashing and writhing around on the floor. “Oh yes that’s it” she cried. Her morning was getting louder and she painted faster, she looked like she was on the brink of an enormous orgasm. He thrust harder and she yelled with one great scream of pleasure, his face turned red and I feared the old boy might have a heart attack. Then he let out a big cry whipped his cock out of my wife and spilled his load all over her stomach.This went on all night, my young wife at the mercy of this fat old cock. He took her anyway he wanted, even coming in her mouth, which she won’t let me do, and she swallowed. I couldn’t touch her all night as she was too preoccupied with her new old man. So I had to sit and wank whilst my wife and her older lover enjoyed themselves in front of me.Mike has promised to return for a few more dinner parties and has even promised to bring along his 64-year-old mate who he says has got an even bigger dick than his own. Needless to say Anne can’t wait…!

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