Far from Routine Ch. 01

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I walked into the Police Station like every other day. As a cops reporter, I knew the place and the people well. I was there for a story on the detective unit and didn’t think much of it.

The public information officer scheduled an interview with Lieutenant John Reed and I was led into one of the interrogation rooms. I took a full tour of the station long ago, but had never really noticed how naturally intimidating these rooms were designed to be.

The mirrored glass reflected my tight red button-up shirt and my straight black pants. I wondered if anyone was on the other side watching me, but before I could try to look through it, the door opened abruptly behind me.

John motioned for me to sit down and he sat at the faded blue chair across from me. I started asking the questions and he politely answered without much detail.

I wanted color for the story and he just wasn’t giving me any. All facts and stats make for a boring story so I wondered what I could do to move the interview in the right direction.

As a voluptuous 40D, I had grown accustomed to using my assets to my advantage. I coyly undid my top button revealing the tops of my milky white breasts. He glanced up and was obviously taken aback.

He adjusted himself in the padded chair and I began to grin. He started telling me more juicy details and the interview started turning in the direction I was hoping kurtuluş escort for.

Soon he told me the good, the bad and the ugly parts of his job. I asked what the hardest skill to perfect as an officer and almost as the last word crossed my cherry red lips, he was out of his chair and holding me against the wall of the ten by ten room.

My ball point pen had fallen to the grimy carpet floor aside my strappy black high heel and I was speechless. I was never expecting an innocent, albeit manipulative, exposure of my breasts to lead to this.

He firmly grabbed my wrists in his rough hands. He was holding them so tightly I felt my blood rush to my skin in anticipation of bruising. I held my breath because I was in such shock.

What had just happened? What was going to happen? How could this of happened?

John put my hands over my head and grabbed them both with one of his large, experienced hands. His other hand traced the curves of my arm and I shuttered with exhilaration.

He smirked as I shuttered. He leaned in and whispered, “The strip searches were always hard.” He added a firm pelvic thrust at the last word and I let out a low moan.

“That was nothing compared to what I’m gonna do to you!”

My mind started racing. Where was this going? Was he really going to take advantage of me in the middle of the police station?

His levent escort hand fell to my breast as he cupped it. I bit my lip as his finger flicked over my rosy pink nipples that instantly became hard. It was obvious he was enjoying torturing me.

After toying with my nipple for a few minutes, his chiseled arm fell to his side and he grabbed his silver handcuffs from his belt.

My line of sight followed his motions and my head started spinning. In a quick flash the handcuffs clinked around my wrists, which were already starting to tingle from the position.

He hooked them into a handle about six feet up on the wall, which I hadn’t noticed before. I resisted as much as I could, but it was useless. He had me just the way he wanted and I had no choice in the manner.

His hands started roaming my body and he unbuttoned the rest of my blouse revealing my black lace bra. He grabbed both of my breasts in his hands and said, “I love them big and boy are yours big!”

His left hand dropped to my waistband and he quickly unbuttoned my pants. He was an expert at this, I’ll give him that much! I was actually enjoying this although I was afraid to admit it.

The thin silk pants fell around my ankles and he dropped to his knees. He was inches from my crouch and kissed my black lace boy shorts. My eyes rolled into the back of my head as I maçka escort let out a sensual moan.

He pulled the panties down with his teeth and buried his tongue in my now soaked pussy. He furiously flicked my clit and pushed me to orgasm within a minute. I gasped for air as I reached ecstasy.

John rose to his feet and ran his fingers through my long red hair. I absolutely love having fingers run through my hair and I bit my lip.

He unbuckled his service pants and dropped his boxers to the ground. His hand closed around my thigh and he wrapped it around his waist.

Without even a bit of coaxing, he thrust his hard 7 inch penis into my now shell-shocked pleasure box. The first entry is always the best in my opinion, but the force was almost too much to bear.

He thrust it in so deep I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to handle it. He quickly retreated before impaling me again.

The rhythm was now positively erotic and I pushed back. His hand was firmly on my back offering leverage while the other held up my leg.

I moaned with every stroke and we both raced to our climax. His free hand covered my mouth and I bit at his palm in anticipation.

I arched my back as I peaked. He muffled my pleasured screams and his penis convulsed. I clenched my muscles around him and we both collapsed.

John pulled his clothes back up, fastened his belt and kissed my cheek.

“Perks of the job,” he said as he reached for the door handle.

My eyes pleaded with him to release me from my restraints, but he just laughed as he left the small room and returned to his duty of protecting and serving. At least I knew he was good at the last part…

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