Fantasy Pick Up

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So since you wanted a full report of my activities the other night I thought I would send you an email.

You got my text letting you know that I was not the good girl you wanted me to be – I did not seduce some random stranger and suck his cock in the parking lot. Alas for some reason no one wants to flirt with me when I am surrounded by off duty cops…. And although some of the guys are definitely fuckable they all know my husband and all know that I am a married lady and a ‘good girl’. There are a few that will flirt and who would probably take the opportunity to hit that if they thought I was willing, but cops are worst than women about gossiping and discussing everyone’s business so I wont risk that.

So, I did not follow you rules for last night. Oh well, I hope that you had fun anyway fantasizing about me picking up some random man… going out to his car and driving to some empty parking lot. Him turning to me and grabbing my face with both hands and kissing me hard. His tongue pushing into my mouth and stroking my tongue. Sliding my tongue into his mouth and moaning in response as his hands grope my breast squeezing hard and pressing me back against the passenger door. The center console on the truck seat flipped up so he can grab my hips and tug me down on my back across the bench seat as he kisses and bites down the side of my neck. Him growling into my ear as he uses his knee to push between my thighs his hand sliding down and pulling my leg up and back while his knee slides up so that I am pinned one leg bent at the knee and pressed against the back of the seat. My other leg hanging off the seat my foot scuffing the floor board as I squirm. I love the weight of his body pressing me down while he fucks my mouth with his tongue. His other hand roughly unbuttons the front of my shirt and reaches into my bra palming my breast. Gasping and whimpering as he rolls my nipple between his finger and thumb… mmm it hurts but feels so good. Panting and opening my eyes seeing his face inches from mine as he watches me. He rolls my nipple again and smiles darkly as I whimper and arch my back off the seat. I know from the way his eyes narrow at my response and how he is smiling that he knows. He likes how I respond to his roughness. He knows how I need to be taken, held down, used nice and rough.

I shiver at that look in his eyes, the realization dawning on me about how isolated we are and how heavy he is laying on top of me his 6’6” body making me feel small in comparison. My naturally cautious side sends goose bumps racing down my arms as he smiles and lets more of his weight pin me to the seat. He yanks the cup of my bra down beneath my breast making the strap bite into my shoulder and the breath catch in my throat. One hand tunnels into my hair and grips it hard wrapping it around his fist as he wraps his hand around my breast his fingers digging into my flesh.

His hand kneads my breast as he pulls my head back by the hair and leans down and whispers “I am going have you tonight, naked, wet, and pinned to MY bed. I am going to do all those things your kağıthane escort husband won’t. Is that what you want Kelly? You want to be my little toy tonight?”

I swallow the lump in my throat and wet my lips with my tongue. Stalling for time my body screaming YES… but I don’t know him… I don’t know if this is safe… I don’t know what to say. He watches my tongue slide over my lips and slides his hand over my breast, up over my breast bone, splaying it over the arch of my throat as he moves it up over my jaw. He tightens his hold on my hair while gently brushing the pad of his thumb over my wet lips. The contrast of the rough hold and the gentle touch has my head reeling.

He leans down brushing his nose along the curve of my ear his breath making me tremble as he says “Answer me, Kelly. Do you want to be my little toy tonight? I’ll let you go if you say no, but be sure because if you say yes… there’s no going back. You say yes and I am taking what I want.”

I turn my face into the side of his neck. I want it so bad but I can’t say it, not yet. I hear him sigh and his lips kiss my temple. I so don’t want this to stop but know he must be ready to leave if he can’t get what he wants. Damn!

He kisses my temple then slowly works his lips down my face. Small kisses over my cheek his lips brushing my lips softly as he growls into my parted lips “Mmmm, well I guess you just need more convincing.” He kisses me slow and deep. His tongue sweeping into my mouth then his teeth nipping my lips. He growls then kisses me even deeper sucking my tongue into his mouth grazing it with his teeth the growl vibrating in his chest pressed tight against my breast. He leans back kneeling above me his eyes sliding down my body. He raises up yanks the other cup of my bra down pulling it under my breast so both are exposed. Both hands wrapping around my breast sliding over them. He lets my nipples slide between two of his fingers then squeezes his fingers together pinching my nipples as he grips my breast tight. Squirming biting my bottom lip at the combination of pain laced with throbbing need.

Suddenly his hands leave my breast and he roughly grabs the band of my bra running under my breast. He grips and jerks hard lifting my body off the seat of the truck. The sound of fabric ripping is followed by the sound of my strangled voice crying out as his mouth latches onto my nipple. Drawing my nipple into his mouth, feeling teeth and tongue, tugging, sucking, and pulling on my breast. Feeling the weight of his body lift from my hips a second before his hands reach for the button of my jeans. Shivering at the feel of his knuckles brushing my stomach as he grips the zipper and slides it down. His mouth working my breast biting now then sucking and rolling it with his tongue. My back arching off the bench seat at the feel of his hand shoving into the front of my pants.

I love that feeling of a man forcing his hand into my pants. Almost as much as I love the sound of his voice breathless from sucking on my breast saying “No panties, I kartal escort fucking knew it.”

His finger finds my wet slit and slides down reaching for that spot. Hearing him growl in frustration as his hand works for more room in my tight jeans. Then feeling his hands on my hips pulling and yanking my jeans down. I lift my ass up off the seat catching the look he shoots me at the silent invitation. He knows. Jeans pushed and pulled down my legs naked from the waist down the air in the truck cold on my ass. His hands on my thighs pressing them further apart in the small space of the truck. I look down and see him staring at my pussy spread open wide. One hand on my thigh the other sliding over my pussy opening it as one finger slides deep.

Moaning deep in the back of my throat. I love the feeling of getting penetrated. He fingers me deep watching his finger slide in and out of my cunt then he braces his hand on the passenger door and leans over me his other hand pushing his finger deep and hard. Feeling it as he slides his finger out slightly then arching my hips as I feel him add a second and push deep inside me again. He fucks me slow and hard like that leaning over me and bruising my mouth with a hard kiss.

I am so close now. He shoves a third finger in stretching my pussy around them. I am humping his hand and making small little begging noises for him.

“Mmmm you are so wet, Kelly, so fucking wet.” His shoves them hard inside me and I whimper it is almost too much, almost pain. “You need it like this don’t you baby? Hard, deep, rough, and a bit of force? I know, Kelly, I know what you need.”

He leans down and grazes his teeth along the side of my neck. I am sooooo close. His fingers are pumping my pussy. The truck smells of sex and my legs are trembling. “Cum for me, be a good girl and cum right now. Show me you want it, Kelly.”

I can’t stop trembling then his mouth latches onto my nipple hard and I lose it. I cum so hard on his fingers. I scream and he smothers my cries by raising up and eating my mouth. I scream into his mouth while my pussy milks his fingers.

As I start to cum down from my high the weight of his body suddenly leaves my body and I open my eyes to see him above me one knee on the bench between my thighs the other leg braced against the floor his body looming over me as I watch him yanking open his belt. Licking my lips and scooting into a sitting position as he rips open his jeans and lifts his cock out. He is hard and huge. At least 10 inches, the biggest cock I have ever seen, with a thick plump head and veins. He doesn’t say anything just reaches for my hair, grabs on, and pulls my head forward while gripping the base of that thick cock. I look up at him as he pulls my face lower. He watches me as he slides his cock over my lips and cheeks.

“I’ve thought about fucking that pretty little mouth all damn night. Now open up, I need to cum in your mouth before I take you right here in this truck.”

He pulls my head back and I kiss the tip of his cock letting my lips part küçükçekmece escort so he can slide into my wet mouth. MMmmmmm I love sucking cock. He growls deep in his chest as my mouth slides down the length. I run my tongue along the underside of his cock whimpering around it. He pulls me off by the back of my hair and holds me there staring at my mouth open, panting, waiting. Then with a grunt he shoves his cock deep and holds my head down making me struggle to breath through my nose. Using my hair he guides my head up and down his cock watching my mouth slide down the length. I am moaning and gurgling around all that hard cock in my mouth. Opening my eyes and looking up at him with my mouth full of his cock. He fucks my mouth then starts bucking harder struggling to push his cock deeper into my throat.

I want his cum so bad. I am struggling to time my breaths with his thrust. I love the way he looks leaning over me watching me suck his cock. Then he is palming the sides of my face while he bucks into my mouth and all then he is cumming. Cumming into my mouth while his fingers dig into my cheeks and he holds my mouth down on his cock making me swallow every last drop.

I keep sucking and licking his cock. He pulls free of my mouth and holds it so I can place a kiss to the tip with my wet parted lips. He smiles down at me and strokes my cheek with the back of his fingers as he lowers his mouth down to mine. The kiss is slow and thorough and has me making little begging noises again while my pussy melts. He slides his thumb under my jaw and tilts my head back looking down at me. I am dripping wet again and shivering in the cold air of the truck. His other hand slides down and over my ass grabbing it and pulling my ass cheeks apart.

“Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, your body knows what it wants. Let me take you home, say yes and I promise I will take everything I want tonight. Tell me, Kelly, do you want to say yes?”

Shivering I press my forehead to the center of his chest and nod yes.

“No that won’t work little girl. You are going to say the words. Tell me Kelly, tell me right now.”

I look up at him watching me. His dark eyes never leaving my face. Waiting. I can’t…

“Yes.” I whisper softly, my bottom lip quivering a bit as he stares at me.

The moment stretches on forever as I wait for his response. He is watching me and then suddenly he presses a hard kiss to my lips. He abruptly turns and slides into the drivers seat. He reaches down and zips up his pants then leans forward and starts the truck. I reach down to the floor board and start to pick up my discarded jeans when his hand latches onto my wrist stopping me short. I look up at him startled.

“No. You can pull your shirt together but I want your ass naked. I want to be able to play with my pussy while we drive home. I want you fucking wet when we get there because I am not going to wait to fuck you.”

Nodding I drop the jeans to the floor then turn to face him with my back pressed to the passenger door. I bend one leg and let it lean against the back of the seat the other spread wide giving him a good view.

He holds my gaze then looks down and just stares at my pussy wide open for his view.

“Good girl.”

He puts the truck in gear then reaches over and thumbs my clit as we pull onto the on ramp and head to his home…

To Be continued..

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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