family Training part 3


family Training part 3We both laid there not sure what to do. Mom just stared at us as if she was not sure what to do next. Meagan and I were laying on the bed with no covers, my semi hard cock still snug in Meagans cute cunt. I thought that if I removed it now, globs of Meagan’s and my cum would come runnung out and really set mom off. Meagan was the first to speak, she told mom that this is not as bad as it looks. Meagan went on to explain that we were practicing, experimenting, she went into her sales pitch-the same one she did on me when she sold me on the idea of fucking her. And it worked on mom just like it did on me. Mom smiled real big and told Meagan that the first several times she had sex it was a horrible experince for her also. She told Meagan and I that it was very smart for us to think about doing sex with each other to get used to it and build up our confidence. She said that the way Meagan explained everything so well it sounds like a very good idea and that she really does not see anything wrong with it, mom thought it better that we fuck each other rather than be out catching a diease or getting heart broke or pregnant. Then mom asked if anyone else knew what we were doing and we assured her that it had to be secret. Then malatya escort mom dropped the bomb, she pointed out that dad had gone over seas about a month ago and she was getting horny. Mom said that dad would not be back for another six months or maybe longer. Then mom said that in the past when dad would be gone for long periods she would have to go out and have one night stands to satisfy her needs. Then she said that she might could help Meagan and I with our “training” as she has had many different experiences with sex thru the years. Now before we go any further, I have seen my mom naked plenty of times. Our family is one of those where everybody is okay with being naked in front of each other. I have seen my mom naked, both of mom’s sisters, my mom’s mom, and my mom’s grandma. My mom is a personal trainer and owns her own gym so she is in real ggod shape. Mom looks like a sister to Meagan, nice pert tits, nice hips and ass, five foot tall, black hair, cute cunt with just enough bush to give it some texture and color. You would not think mom is forty years old. Meagan and I looked at each other and smiled. Meagan told mom that we would be happy to include her in our project. Mom smiled and asked if we could start now as escort malatya she is so horny she is about to pop. Mom pulled her t-shirt off and climbed on the bed.I pulled my cock out of Meagan and mom took it in her mouth, it got hard quick as she worked her tongue around it. Then mom removed her mouth and went to Meagan’s pussy to clean up to goo leaking from it. I stuck my finger in mom’s cunt and it was wet and ready to go. Mom was working Meagan’s cunt real good and I could tell Meagan would soon orgasim. I played with mom’s cunt when she pulled my hand away and she told me to quit teasing her and mount her and fuck her. I moved in and mounted her doggy. My cock slid easily into her hot, wet, tight little snatch. I banged her good and hard, just the way Meagan likes it. Meagan reached up and started to play with mom’s clit. In a matter of seconds mom let loose a large orgasim, I slammed my cock as far into her cunt as I could and flooded mom’s insides with my hot seed. We all collasped in a heap. My jizz was leaking from both Meagan’s and mom’s cunt. Mom said that we were both very good, that was really good fuck. Having mom be a part of our training was the best thing that could have happened. Mom told about her sex experiences malatya escort bayan and taught Meagan and I many different things. I enjoyed having two women in the house to fuck now. And making a forty year old woman scream and cum made me feel great. I pumped sperm into these two women every chance I got. Watching these two please each other was a real thrill also. Meagan and I did fuck several other people that summer. Meagan fucked a total of five guys and I porked seven girls. One night Meagan and mom went out together and each picked up a man and fucked him. They both got a real charge out of seeing the other fuck a stranger, they were so excited telling me the story they took turns fucking the daylights out of me. One of the women I fucked was one of mom’s friends. She came over to stay for a couple of days. She got really buzzed and was swiming naked in the pool. Mom came in and told me to go out and hit on her and I could get lucky. And I did! I fucked the shit out of that woman. Mom said she would not stop talking about what a great fuck I was. All that happened thirty years ago, but Meagan and I and mom still get together to fuck today. Noone knows that we have been fucking each other like rabbits over the years. I still get a big charge watching mom suck my sperm out of Meagan’s cunt. I have fucked many women over the years but none of them can fuck me as good as what my mom and my sister can do for me. The three of us just seem to have some really great fuck chemistry.

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