Family Business Moving House

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Tommy and James Fraser were identical twins. They were part of a family fashion e-business with their divorced mother Alison Fraser. The boys had grown up with the family business and now at the age of 19, they were both very accomplished business people. They had helped their mother from the very beginning when she started the business from the kitchen table. Now that the business was so successful. Alison and her twin sons had some big plans.

Buying a bigger house with some land and other useful buildings meant that the family business could expand and also be better organised. Their old house had become too small, with most rooms filled with boxes and boxes of stock and hardly any room left for the three of them to live properly anymore. Alison had included the twins in the family business right from the start, as young teenagers they seemed to have a better grasp of the technology, computers and the Internet. She loved her twin boys and they loved her too, in their own very special way, which became more intense as they grew older and became young men.

After spending nearly five years in the old cramped house they were now moving out and up in the world.

“Wow! This house is big!” Tommy Fraser said as he went from empty room to empty room.

“That is why were are buying it. The old house is just too small for us now.” Alison said.

They were standing in an very large upstairs bedroom.

“This is going to me my room.” Alison said.

“What rooms do we get?” Tommy asked his mother.

“Oh there is an old tool shed at the bottom of the garden. I thought you and your brother could bunk down there. I could have it lined with straw. Etc.”

“That’s not funny mum.” Said Tommy.

“Yes both your rooms are pigsty’s, so I thought you would both be happy with nice big shed to live in.”

“Still not funny mum.”

“There are another three bedrooms on this floor, go pick one.” Alison told him.

Alison stood and daydreamed about how she would decorate and furnish her new bedroom. She was thinking about soft fabrics and materials, pastel colours and allowing her imagination uşak escort run free. She left the room and went to find her sons.

“Where is James?” Alison asked Tommy.

“Outside looking at the big workshop and garage. I think he is looking where to setup his photo studio.”

Alison went outside to look for her other twin son. As his brother had said. She found James in the workshop standing and imagining how he would setup his photo studio for his fashion photography.

“Are you impressed James?”

“Absolutely mum. I can just imagine it all laid out.” He said, waving both his hands in the air like a magician turning the old place into something new and sparkling.

“I’ll put the photo stage there, the camera here, the changing rooms over there. It’s just perfect for what I need.” Explained James.

“Good for you son. It’s all your to do what you want.”

Alison turned to her son and kissed him on the lips, just a quick kiss, then they kissed again for longer and more intense. Their tongues slipped between each others lips and open mouth they kissed passionately together.

They were joined by Tommy and her put his arm around his mother and she turned to him and kissed Tommy as passionately as she kissed James. Tommy put his hand onto his mothers bottom and felt for the suspender belt and stockings under her dress. He found what he was feeling for and gave his mothers bottom a firm squeeze and traced the line of her suspender belt under her thin dress. James joined in with the fondling of his mothers bottom, squeezing her bum cheek through the material of her dress.

“Mm. That feels good boys, you both love your mother very much don’t you?” Alison said as they continued to hug and fondle her bottom.

“Mum? Did you put on you remember to put on you panties when you got dressed this morning?” Asked Tommy.

“I think so. Why?”

“Because I can feel your suspenders but not your panties through your dress.” Tommy told her.

“Oh well.” Alison said, not bothered wither she was wearing panties of not.

Tommy began to pull up his mothers dress uşak escort bayan from behind and found her bare skin of her bottom and the suspenders and stocking, but no panties. James did much the same thing and made the same discovery about his mother and her underwear.

“Just come over this way a bit will you mother.” Tommy told her and led her over to a wide workshop table was in the middle of the room. Tommy turned her round so she was facing the table and bent her of it. Then lifting up her dress to reveal her tan stockings, black suspenders and proof the she was bare naked under her dress. Her pert round bum cheeks and her sphincter and her vagina were all clearly visible to his and his brothers gaze.

“Just keep that position mum.” Tommy told her.

He loosened his trousers and dropped them to the floor and out sprang his stiffening cock, which he guided between his mothers bum cheeks and found her moist pussy lips were parting in anticipation of him mounting her and beginning to fuck her over the old table.

“OH! That’s a surprise!” Alison called out.

“A nice surprise mum?” Tommy asked.

“A sexy surprise son.” She said back.

Tommy then expertly and rhythmically fucked Alison from behind building up a steady regular thrusting motion with his hips and holding his mother in place against the old table.

“OH GOD!” She yelled as Tommy worked his stiff erect cock deeper and deeper up her cunt until he was full inside her and riding her like a bitch on heat.

“FUCK. FUCK. FUCK!” Alison yelled aloud as she had the most amazing feelings and sensations in her body as her son Tommy ravished her.

Tommy kept a steady pace for a good while then he decided to release her and swap places with his twin brother James. As he slipped his cock from his mothers cunt. James took his place and mounted his mother in the same way, from behind and with his own cock now fucking his mothers cunt.

The twins were identical in looks but not in manners. Tommy was thought full and clever. James was more impetuous and his fucking technique was harder, rougher escort uşak and more violent than his brothers. Alison always knew which of the boys was fucking her by the two different methods the boys used with her.

“OH. FUCKING HELL JAMES!” Alison screamed as her son rammed his cock the full length up her cunt form behind.

“Easy, easy boy, I’m your mother for fuck’s sake not a whore you picked up off the street!” Alison yelled at him.

Eventually James relented and eased out from fucking her and let her gather her senses.

“We are really going to have a lot of fun in this new house.” Said Tommy with a big grin on his face.

“Why is that?” Alison asked him.

“Because we are going to have to christen every room in the house and every place here by fucking you silly mom. Twice with James and I doing you every which way.” Said Tommy.

They got themselves sorted and then locked up both the workshop and the house and drove back home. To make plans for moving all their belonging and furniture into this bigger house Alison had bought.

When they arrived home the twins marched Alison upstairs to her bedroom where they stripped her of her clothes till she was only in her stockings an suspenders. Her full rounded breast were teased and her nipples were pinched. The boys then positioned their mother onto her back on the bed as they too stripped naked.

“Spread your legs wide mother, I am going to take you.”

James then mounted his mother and gave her a vigorous and satisfying sexual servicing. Alison spread her stocking legs apart and allowed her son to bring her to a climax, a dizzying and orgasmic explosion of mother son and love.

After a short time recovering from her amazing orgasm. Tommy rolled his mother over onto her knees and the from behind mounted her again and with a slow steady rhythmic thrusting motion of his body and hip fucked his mother for what seemed like a wonderful, emotional and loving coupling between a mother and son.

Alison was in orgasmic heaven with her sons loving touch and sexual servicing. She needed the love of her two sons, her loving family and its strong ties and bonds the a mother and her sons could only share together.

“I love you both, my beautiful boys.” Alison said to them as all three lay together in a loving embrace on her bed.

“We love you too mother.” Both boys said together.

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