Family affair : Bathroom mommy


Family affair : Bathroom mommyNote : This is part two of a family’s journey into i****t. In part 1 (Backseat Sister), Phillip, unbeknownst to his sister Tanya, caught her masturbating… about him. A few days later the serendipitous stars all lined up and she ended up sitting on his lap in the backseat during a lengthy ride… a ride that ended with the almost silent taking of his sister’s virginity with his mom and dad in the front. Although the father was none the wiser that his daughter had been deflowered by his son as he drove, the mother caught her two grown c***dren in the act and watched as her son coated his sister’s face, and much to Phillip’s puzzlement she didn’t say anything. They have now arrived at Phillip’s grandmother’s home. Here are the last moments of part 1 as Phillip got out of the car after fucking his sister thus taking her virginity, and then coating her face with his load: I got out, and Dad said to the two of us, “So you survived.” Tanya, shocking me one more time, replied, “Yes, it was quite the ride.” Feeling my face go red this time, I quickly went around to the other side to grab a box that would hide the evidence. Mom was out of the car too by the time I went to the other side to grab one of the boxes from the backseat. She asked, her tone dripping with innuendo, “Did you enjoy the ride too?” I had no idea what to say. Thankfully, Dad was behind me and he asked, “Are you going to grab a box or what?” I grabbed a box and took it into grandma’s house. Dad said, “Put it on the front step and go grab the last one.” “Sure, Dad,” I nodded, making sure to shift my body so he wouldn’t see my wet crotch. I went back to the car and saw Mom was talking to Tanya. Fuck! I reached the car to hear Mom say, “And you still have your brother’s cum in your hair.” And now the continuation of Family Affair… I froze in my tracks as my sister’s face burned red, mortified to learn our mother had caught us having sex. Mom looked up at me with a look that was beyond comprehension: not angry, not happy… amused perhaps. She walked away from Tanya and said, as she passed by me, her tone suddenly stern, “Phillip, we will talk about this later.” I sheepishly walked to the car, completely anxiety-ridden that she may tell Dad. What would Dad say? What would he do? Mom could have been a champion poker player, her face was giving so little away. What was Mom thinking? What were her plans? Tanya was still standing shell shocked with the revelation that Mom had seen us, when I reached her. I asked, curious and nervous, “What did Mom say?” “Did you know she saw us?” she asked. “Yeah, right at the end,” I nodded. “And you didn’t tell me?” she demanded, instantly annoyed at me. “She didn’t say anything, just looked us over with a strange, almost amused look on her face,” I answered, before adding, “she watched as I was giving you the facial. I was coming; I couldn’t stop.” “Yeah, apparently I still have some in my hair,” she said calmly, forgiving me, pulling out her phone and using it like a mirror. “I can’t make any sense of where she’s coming from. Do you think she’s mad?” I asked. “I don’t know what she is,” Tanya said. “She asked how long we had been ‘fucking’… her word choice… and were we using protection.” “Shit, protection,” I said, appalled that the idea hadn’t occurred to me until this very moment. “Don’t worry,” she said. “I’ve been on the pill for months.” “Really?” I asked. “Better safe than sorry,” Tanya shrugged. “Indeed,” I agreed before asking, “Now what?” “I have no idea,” she said, just as Dad yelled at us. “Are you two going to bring in the rest of the stuff or what?” “Yeah, sorry,” I said. I was unsure what lay ahead. Were Tanya and I now lovers? God, I hoped so! And what would result from whatever Mom was really thinking? It wouldn’t be trivial, that was for sure. Whenever Mom made up her mind about something, we all jumped… even Dad. “We’ll talk later,” Tanya said, slapping my ass. “Hey! I’m more than just a piece of meat,” I joked, glad that she’d lightened the tense situation. “No,” she shook her head, “that is exactly what you are. A delicious piece of man meat. Yummy!” I laughed, and groaned dramatically, “Dearie me! I feel so objectified.” “And I still feel horny,” she said, before grabbing a box and walking away, leaving me even more bewildered… and once again horny. I walked into Grandma’s house with a big heavy box, confused at Mom’s words and her seemingly relaxed response to catching her son and daughter having sex. Grandma and Dad were talking… the house was a complete disaster, with clutter everywhere. There were stacks of newspapers and magazines, hundreds of little porcelain figures s**ttered about, potted artificial bushes, large illegal bahis plastic bags stuffed with pellets of Styrofoam… and on and on. “Yes, I can take you for some groceries,” Dad agreed, as I put a box in a rare open spot. “Hi, grandma,” I greeted, always amazed by how big a pack rat she was. She hadn’t dealt with grandpa’s death well and had become a hoarder. “Hi, Phillip, stop growing,” she said like she always did, as I towered over her five foot frame. I joked, “Stop shrinking,” my usual response back, as I gave her a big hug. I won’t go into the lengthy details that led to what transpired next, but to make a long story short: -Dad took grandma to the grocery store to fill her empty fridge and cupboard (her kitchen looked like that of a poor college student) -Mom and Tanya stayed to clean the house and try to make it look like it wasn’t hit by a tornado -and I was to fix a leaky pipe in the bathroom (I had spent the summer before my senior year as a plumber’s apprentice… which meant I did all the shit jobs, literally… and although I hated it, I did learn the basics of fixing sinks and toilets). I was under the cabinet, disassembling the j-trap to see if the issue was a clog, even though a clog usually didn’t mean a leak… but it was always a good place to start. I was just reaching for a pair of pipe wrenches when I heard Mom come in and say the words every man (husband or son) dreads to hear, “We need to talk.” I pretended I didn’t hear, one of all men’s go to responses to that dreaded phrase. “Don’t pretend you didn’t hear me, young man,” she scolded, her tone sounding very annoyed. I kept working under the sink as I said the go to words to use when Mom used that tone (advice given to me by my father a couple of years ago during the birds and the bees conversation), “I’m sorry.” “For what?” She asked. “For what you saw,” I answered, finding this conversation very strange. “Not for what you did?” she questioned. “That too,” I agreed, even though I wasn’t the least bit sorry I had fucked my sister. “Are you sorry you fucked your sister in the back seat of the car while your parents were in the front or are you sorry you got caught?” she questioned, recognizing my vague apology for what it was. “That we got caught,” I admitted. “What am I going to do about this?” she questioned just as I got the pipe off and was sprayed with water, right in my mouth. “Fuck!” I cursed, even though I realized that that could be an answer to my mother’s most recent question. “Can you get me a towel?” I asked, trying to shift the answer, as I slid out from under the sink. When I sat up, Mom handed me a towel and asked, an unreadable look on her face, “Do you often fuck your sister?” “No, that was the first time,” I admitted. Hearing my mom say ‘fuck’, sounded really strange. I knew Mom had a foul mouth in the bedroom since the walls were thin, and I had heard her on many occasions beg Dad to ‘fuck me hard’, ‘pound me’ and ‘give it to me like a slut’. “You expect me to believe that was the first time you fucked my daughter?” she scoffed, not looking at all like she believed me. “I swear,” I said, as I finished wiping my face. “Tell me what happened,” she ordered… so I retold seeing Tanya getting off on the washing machine and coming while she cried out my name and then recapped, as best I could, what transpired in the backseat… even though it was such a surreal experience that I wasn’t sure I remembered the play by play perfectly… just how perfect my sister had felt riding me. “Wow,” she said, her face slightly flushed at my story, seeming to be as much in shock and awe as I myself still was. “I’m sorry,” I repeated, still feeling shock and awe that she didn’t seem angry. My shock and awe mushroomed exponentially when she suddenly lifted up her sundress, revealing she wasn’t wearing any panties. My eyes went wide as I found myself staring at my mother’s completely shaved pussy. She ordered, as my mouth dropped open, “Phillip, we need to get your face all wet again, although I can promise this will be a lot more pleasant than that dirty water that sprayed on you.” Before I could respond, she grabbed the back of my head and shoved my face deep into her pussy. I was dazed and confused. Paralyzed with shock. “Get licking,” she ordered. “You can’t get me all hot and bothered and not deal with the consequences.” Of all the possible consequences of my actions, this was one I had never expected. So even though I couldn’t believe what was happening, I obeyed, licking my mom’s very wet and strongly scented smooth pussy. “That’s it, lick Mommy’s cunt,” she moaned, as I parted her pussy lips and began to really eat Mom’s box, focusing on doing what I really liked to do… eat illegal bahis siteleri pussy. Of course I couldn’t believe I was licking my own Mom’s pussy. I also couldn’t believe she was using the word ‘cunt’ or seeming to relish the idea of i****t. I couldn’t believe my Mom was beginning to grind on my face. I licked hungrily, shutting my morality ridden brain off as I focused on licking Mom’s amazingly tasty pussy… always loving licking pussy… and mom’s was one of the sweetest, most tangy snatches I had ever tasted. “Oh yes,” Mom moaned, “get that tongue buried in Mommy’s box.” I couldn’t believe how loud she was, how demanding, and I couldn’t believe how my cock was responding to all this. It was suddenly hard as steel. “I can’t believe you fucked your sister in the backseat of our car,” she continued, “like some cheap slut.” I pondered pointing out the truth, that Tanya hadn’t been a slut but a virgin, but realized two obvious things: 1. My Mom was holding my head deep in her cunt as she ground her pussy on my face. 2. Telling her I had just taken her only daughter’s virginity might make things worse. So I kept licking, just living in the surreal moment. “You’re such a dirty boy,” she moaned, after a couple more minutes of my licking, as she suddenly began really grinding on my face. I just extended my tongue and did the best I could to keep up as she declared, “Yes, yes, baby boy, Mommy is coming.” And did she ever! My face was plastered with wetness for the second time in a few minutes. This time it was much more enjoyable than the dirty water leak… although equally surprising. I lapped up my Mom’s cum as best I could, feeling good about getting her off even as I still tried to come to grips with what had just happened. When she let go of my head, she sighed, “You should probably get that pipe dealt with before your father gets back.” “Um, yeah, okay,” I agreed, kind of happy to be able to get to that task, as I was completely unsure what to say next… still overwhelmed by what had just transpired. I grabbed the wrenches and towel, and moved back under the sink to pull the j-trap out and clean it out… After I dried the floor of course. Once I was back and working, I felt a hand on my crotch as Mom purred, “I meant this pipe, baby boy.” I groaned as she rubbed my hard cock through my shorts… this crazy day somehow, impossibly, getting even crazier. “Do you want Mommy to unclog your pipe?” she cooed teasingly, giving my dick a firm squeeze. I couldn’t believe it. This was another fantasy I had jerked off to enough times to fill New York City’s sperm banks, yet the fantasy had become an immediate possibility and I was speechless. “Or is Mommy too old for you?” she asked, continuing to rub my cock through my pants… now sounding more insecure than teasing. I moved out from underneath the sink for a second time and said, “Mom, don’t even go there. You’re the most beautiful woman in the world.” She smiled, “You’re just saying that.” “Mom, every one of my friends wants to fuck you,” I insisted, now focused only on convincing my mother she was a hot fucking MILF, which somehow eased the awkwardness I was feeling. Far better to focus on how sultry my Mom was becoming than to attempt to deal with the maelstrom of thoughts and emotions eddying around inside me. “Every one?” she questioned. “Every one,” I agreed, “even the girls.” “Well, I do have a delicious pussy,” she admitted jokingly. “It’s pussy perfection,” I agreed. “So you do want to fuck Mommy?” she asked. “Oh God, more than anything in the world,” I admitted, my hard cock desperate to break out of its solitary confinement. “So you want be a mother fucker?” she questioned, a wicked grin crossing her face… knowing full well that such a term was nasty as hell. “I want to be the best mother fucker there is,” I nodded, as she began fishing my cock towards freedom. “I’d better be the only mother you’re fucking,” she teased, as my cock emerged from its prison and was released to a full parole. “In about one and a half moments you will be,” I said, as I stood up, spun her around and bent her over the sink. “Ooooooo, I like a man that knows what he wants,” she said, surprisingly abandoning her dominant role and testing the waters, wanting to know if I could step up to the plate and become the one in charge here. I d****d her skirt over her back and stared at her ass. Fuck, it was amazing. I wanted to just plunge my cock into the pussy I had once emerged from … that idea somehow not sounding sick and twisted, but hot as hell. But first I wanted to show her I could indeed be the man in charge, “Beg for it, Mom. Tell me what you want.” “You know what I want,” Mom said. “I want my son’s big dick pounding canlı bahis siteleri my cunt.” “Beg for it,” I ordered, rubbing my cock up and down her pussy lips. “You little fucker,” she snapped, both playful and yet equally annoyed. “Shove that big cock back in my cunt… where it came from and where it’s supposed to be.” I loved her saying, ‘where it’s supposed to be’, even though it didn’t make much sense. I slowly slid my cock inside her warm box, a treasured fantasy becoming unbelievable reality for the second time today. “Oh yes,” she moaned, as I filled her. “So fucking wet,” I recognized. “Watching you shoot your load all over your sister got me pretty horny,” she admitted, as I completely filled her pussy. “I guess I may have to shoot a load all over your face too,” I responded, then worried I’d gone too far… which seemed a silly thought, considering I was balls deep in her cunt at the moment. “Sweetness, come wherever you want on Mommy,” she returned, showing her natural comfort with a submissive role. In my fantasies and even my dreams I had long assigned her that role, based on what I had overheard from her in the bedroom… even though she showed no signs of that in any other aspect of her life. Today was literally a dream come true. Having shot my load under an hour ago, I was going to be able to hold off awhile and allow this unbelievable moment to last as long as humanly possible. I slowly slid in and out of her, enjoying watching her facial expressions in the mirror above the sink. Her eyes were closed, but besides her soft moans, her lips and cheeks were beautiful signs of how much she was enjoying this. I slid in and out of Mom’s wet cunt for a couple of minutes, just beginning to go slightly faster when her phone rang. “Fuck,” she sighed, clearly annoyed to be interrupted. She pointed to her purse on the floor beside the tub and ordered, switching instantly to mother mode and not mother getting mother fucked mode, “Quick, pass me my phone.” I reluctantly pulled out of Mom and got her phone. I wondered whether she would have second thoughts now that we’d been interrupted. Sometimes a moment moves very quickly from ‘available’ to ‘too late’; that’s why the expression is ‘carpe diem’ and not whatever the Latin is for ‘take a good long stretch, then amble leisurely across the room and wonder where the day had gone’. I looked at the number and told Mom, “It’s Dad.” “Of course it is,” she said, perturbed, turning around and taking the phone. To my surprise, as she answered it, she got back into the exact same position, “Hey, honey. How’s shopping going with your mother?” I stood there, unsure what to do. She was bent over as if inviting me to move behind her and resume fucking her, but she was talking to Dad. “Oh, well you’re a good son,” Mom said, as she turned back to me and gave me a ‘what the fuck’ look. I shrugged still unsure. She snapped her fingers and pointed to her ass as she agreed, “Well, just do as she tells you.” Any ambiguity cleared up, I moved back behind her, amused that her words to Dad somehow also fit me, I was going to do exactly what she told me to do… like a good son. “Take your time,” Mom said, as I slowly resumed fucking her. “We’re in no hurry.” I just kept listening to the conversation, utterly in awe that I was not only fucking my mother, but fucking her while she talked to Dad. Also, I was amused by the conversation, wondering if she was purposely wording it so it dripped with double entendres. “I’m helping him with a pipe right now,” and “Well, there was a bit of a flood,” and “It is a little bit of a tight situation,” and “Oh yeah, he’s working his ass off right now.” Fuck, Mom was so bad. “Bring back something for lunch,” Mom suggested, “I’m working up quite an appetite working on this pipe with Phillip.” OH MY GOD!! “Well, we’re both getting down and dirty,” Mom added, looking into the mirror to make sure it was clear she was talking to me as she added, “I need to get going, I think Phillip is about to start drilling away.” She mouthed, ‘Faster’. I began fucking her faster, which made Mom let out the slightest of a moan, as she wickedly added, “I’ll see you when you get here. Hopefully Phillip will have cleaned out the pipe and cleaned up the mess he created before you get here.” “No, no, I’m fine,” Mom said, explaining her moan, “Phillip and I are just crammed together here trying to get a clamp tightened around this big pipe.” So turned on by Mom’s nastiness, I began fucking her hard, making her entire body shake. “Okay, see you soon, I need to help Phillip before the pipe blows and the dam breaks.” She hung up and moaned, “Your father says to keep working until the job’s done.” “That is great advice,” I laughed, as I held her hips and fucked her as hard as I could… amused at what Dad really was instructing me to do. “Your cock fits so perfectly in Mommy’s cunt, baby,” she moaned, as she moved her hands to the mirror to steady herself as I hammered away.

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