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fakeMy family consists of four members.Me, my younger brother, dad and my sexy mom.My dad is a business man and there was no guarantee that his work was only in one place. Sometimes he used to go abroad for business work.My mom is a very sensitive and religious lady. She and my dad had a good sexual life.I mostly used to go for tours with my friends.One day when I was back from tour to home, the time was around 12:30 in night as there was only brother and mom at home and were very Happy to See Me after a long time. I went to my room, got refreshed and sat with mom and brother as they were watching TV in hall. We had a good talk after a long time and we went to sleep after 1 hr.Next day morning I woke up at 11 am. Till that time brother had went to college and my dad was in abroad, me and mom was there at home.Until that time I had no bad attraction towards mom, but one situation had turned everything horny for me.When I woke up my mom was busy at preparing lunch for both of us. Usually mom wears Sari at home. When I saw mom in kitchen., I was shocked by seeing her bare back ( space between blouse and sari). It had a deep curve and her ass was not too big, not too illegal bahis small.It made me horny, as soon as I went to the washroom and Had a masturbation session for the first time seriously imagining her and I had a lot of cum.From that time I started planing for making my mom sleep with me and make love to me.I started to peep into her washroom while she was bathing and used to masturbate there only.Many days went off like that.After around 2 months I was suffering from high fever and she used to help me in everything…One fine day when I was sitting in couch and asked mom for coffee and after 15 mundane bought me a cup of coffee and she also had it. When she bent and gave me a cup her pallu sloped down and I saw her boob’s fighting with each other to come out of it , and soon she felt shy and covered her boobs completely and my cock got erected and made a big tent in my tracks and I’m sure that she saw It and ignored. We did not have a conversation about it and the day had completed normally. My dad still didn’t came back from his business tour.I thought of having sex with my mom and started to plan for it.I was unable to sleep at night thinking about boob’s illegal bahis siteleri and again I had many masturbation sessions imagining her like that.Next day when I woke up and came out of my room, my brother had left for college and I was not able to look where mom was. I went to her room nd heard some moans from the bathroom, I’m sure she was masturbating in the bathroom.Those moans made me horny and started masturbating near her bathroom and cummed a huge load.I thought this was a right time and was waiting for my mom to come out of bathroom.Finally, she completed her bath and came out of the bathroom and she silently closed her door and started dressing her self.I pi used the door with full of my force and pulled my mom towards me and started kissing her lips. She was trying to shout at me but there was no chance because I was deeply forcing my lips into hers..she was completely nude and I pushed her on her bed where my dad used to have a sex with her but in the place of dad I was there with her to have her body completely.After pushing her on the bed I removed my track and went on top of her and again started to kiss her on lips. She was completely canlı bahis siteleri surrendered her self to me now and she was mine completely.Her boobs were facing towards me and I was biting her nipples hard as they were bleeding and she was enjoying it very much and encouraging me by saying“come on Vikky darling….. Come on!!! Fuck me hard dear!!! ”I started to lick her pussy. It was neatly shaved and was already wet and it tastes sweet. After sucking her pussy,I slowly started to finger Fuck get and she was moaning louder and louder.After 15 mins of finger Fuck. I started to put my hard cock into her pussy and I just gave her a hard stroke and with one stroke my cock went deep into her pussy and she moaned loudly and started crying.Then I started to Fuck her like a wild dog and after few minutes of Fuck I shouted that I am going t OK cum and she said “dear cum into me” and I cummed a huge amount that it was flowing outside of my mom pussy. I got much pleasure. And after completing the shooting of my cum… I started to Fuck her in doggy style and around after 15-20 mins I again cummed into her.Then she said its enough for today and time was time to my brother to return back from college and we stopped it and Cleaned ourself in mom’s bathroom and also kissed around 30 mins while cleaning our self.And I came back to the couch and was started watching tv and mom went to Kitchen and started doing work.

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