Extra Classes Pt. 01

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Hanna was finally into her second semester of university, and loving every minute. She enjoyed her classes, had made some good friends, and her professors were great. One professor in particular she thought. John Black. Hanna’s English Literature professor. He was smart, kind, funny. And devilishly handsome for a man of his age. Short brown hair matching his intensive dark eyes, a kind smile on his lips surrounded with light stubble. And he looked great in a suit, with his shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

Hanna really liked him. So much so, that lately she had begun to dream about him. In her sleep, in class. She’d imagined the two of them alone together. Laughing and smiling. All leading up to them kissing passionately in his classroom. Though she knew she wanted more than that.

In the third week of the semester, just as class was coming to an end, John approached Hanna, quietly, and asked her to remain behind whilst the rest of the class went to their other lectures. Once alone, he asked her if something was bothering her. He’d noticed şişhane escort her work slipping in the last few weeks. John had suggested she take extra classes with him, when neither of them were in other lectures. She agreed to four sessions a week.

They grew closer as the first week went on. Laughing and joking together. Even having a drink together during sessions in the evening. By week two, the sessions grew longer, and ended later and later. John had started dreaming too. He wanted her. Hanna was a attractive girl; a little shorter than him, slim but curvatious. Long brown hair, clipped back to reveal her face. Thin black glasses framing her bright blue eyes. Her elegant skirts just shorter than knee-length, smart blouses and high heeled shoes made her look like a member of staff rather than a student. And John liked that.

One night, once again laughing and smiling, John looked at Hanna, his dark eyes full of passion, sent her into another dream. As he spoke, Hanna started imagining him touching her arm, şişli anal yapan escort slowly pulling her hair through his hands, and feeling his fingers on the back of her neck. A moment later, she realised she wasn’t dreaming anymore. He really was running his hands through her soft hair, as he ran his hand up her arm, onto her neck. Before she could register what was happening, his lips were on hers. They were softer than she’d imagined, feeling his lips pushing gently on hers. She began to kiss him back, one hand on the back of his head, the other on his shoulder. They stood up as he pulled her closer with one hand around her waist, the other still on the back of her neck. Slowly, he moved her to sit on the edge of his desk, using his knee to gently part her legs, before stroking her softly, over her underwear.

She began to moan quietly, as he pulled her underwear to the side, and began to work his fingers over her bare flesh. Slowly, and gently pushing his fingers inside of her. As Hanna began to şişli bdsm escort moan louder, he stopped. He knelt down on the floor in front of her, lingeringly pulling her underwear down, as he kissed softly between her legs. He made quick work of undressing himself, removing his trousers and boxers, whilst never taking his wanting eyes off Hanna. John leant over her, supporting his weight with one hand whilst grasping his cock in the other. Softly, he started to stroke the tip over Hanna’s wet, waiting pussy. Teasing her, making them both want more. He eventually slides in, but only an inch or so, before pulling out. Sliding in a little deeper, before once more, pulling out. Hanna’s moans becoming louder and more intense each time. Before long, his full length is inside her, and he thrusts slowly at first, gradually becoming faster, gradually becoming harder. With her mouth back on his, they both moan excessively to each others lips. They moan together until one last hard thrust brings John to come.

Once dressed again, and having caught their breath, they nervously sit together, finshing their drinks. After a while, Hanna picks up her work, and leaves.

The next morning, Hanna checked her emails to find one from John. ‘Hanna, I understand last night may make working together difficult, but if you would like to continue our sessions, meet me tonight at 8pm.’

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