Exploring Megan Ch. 3

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Megan looked up at Jill in terror. Most of her horniness was quashed by how scared she was. What would Jill think of her, sitting there with a banana shoved six or seven inches into her cunt? And all she could say was, “you couldn’t even imagine how hot that looks?!” Megan was trying to think of a response to Jill’s totally tactless comment, but Jill acted before she could come up with anything.

“You look like you could use a hand there,” Jill said, and she walked up to Megan. Placing her right hand behind Megan’s head, she tilted it up and began to kiss her lips. Megan resisted. What was Jill doing? Jill wasn’t a lesbian! Was she? Was Megan? Thoughts flooded through her head as she held her lips tightly sealed.

Meanwhile, Jill’s left hand grabbed the end of the banana and began slowly pumping it in and out of Megan’s incredibly wet pussy. The thoughts racing through Megan’s head were being overshadowed by the intense pleasure coming from her soaked, hungry slit. Jill’s hand was twisting and pumping the banana, and despite her protests Megan couldn’t help but feel the pleasure of it. Megan stopped trying to push Jill away. Slowly, her lips gave in to Jill’s proddings and opened wide. Jill’s tongue danced in her mouth, as Megan began to tentatively kiss her back. Megan felt an orgasm building as she leaned back in the chair. All she could think about was coming. She began bucking her hips trying as hard as he could to force the banana in deeper. She felt an orgasm coming, and tried to warn Jill, but couldn’t get a word out as Jill’s tongue continued to occupy hers. She pulled away from Jill, moaning as she came, and sank back into the chair. Jill lowered her slowly into the seat. She slowed her pumping of the banana and then pulled it’s dripping length out of Megan’s pussy.

“Christ Jill, that felt great.” She shook her head to clear it. “But what are you doing?” Megan managed to get out between her heavy panting.

Jill ignored her. “All this excitement is making me hungry,” she responded. She peeled the soaked banana and took a bite. “A bit plain, it needs some more flavor.”

“What the casino şirketleri fuck are you talking. . .” Megan was cut off as Jill pushed the soft banana into her pussy.

“You still look a little horny,” Jill said. “And I’m quite hungry.” She began to pump the now-peeled banana in Megan’s cunt. Megan could feel it mingling with her juices as little pieces broke off inside of her. Jill with drew the somewhat mutilated banana. And took a bite. It was covered in Megan’s juices. “Delicious! Have a bite.” Jill took it and shoved the edge into Megan’s mouth. Megan could think of nothing to do but chew. Its taste didn’t matter, she was so turned on by the fact she was eating something that had been inside of her, and even more turned on that Jill was doing the same.

“Mmmmm, that was good,” Jill said licking her fingers. “But I’m still hungry. I want the rest of my banana.” She got on her knees and moved her mouth to Megan’s pussy. Megan couldn’t believe her eyes. Or the pleasure that suddenly came to her. Jill’s tongue pushed inside of her, scraping the walls of her slit clean of the fruit. Megan had never felt anything like it. She hadn’t imagined getting eaten out would be this great, not to mention having it done by a girl! “All done!” Jill smiled up at her from between her legs. But I’m thirsty. I think a little cum will wash this down nicely.” Megan could only nod and pull Jill’s face to her waiting entrance.

Jill showed surprising skill at pussy-eating. Megan was soon moaning again, pulling Jill’s head into her clit with one hand and pinching her nipples with the other. Jill, meanwhile, was fingering Megan and sucking on her clit. If only Megan knew how long Jill had wanted her! Jill’s free hand was between her legs, rubbing at her clit through her shorts. As her two fingers pumped in and out, she sucked Megan’s clit into her mouth. Using her lips to pull it in, she used her tongue to flick it and tease it. Megan tasted so good.

Megan spasmed, and then came. Her thighs squeezed, pulling Jill tight to her as her feet wrapped around Jill’s head. Jill kept on tonguing her clit. Megan’s juices casino firmaları poured into her mouth, but she just swallowed and kept on licking. Megan came again. And again, before Jill finally stopped. Five times in one day! Megan was so tired out, she slumped in her chair. Jill stoop up and kissed her cheek. “We didn’t need to go the gym; we got a workout right here. She kissed Megan again. This time, there was no fight. Megan wrapped her arms around Jill. It was such a turn on to taste her juices in Jill’s mouth, but she didn’t think could’ve come again that day for any amount of money.

“Let’s go get cleaned up, babe. Last one to the shower is a rotten egg!” Megan followed Jill to her parent’s giant bathroom and turned on the water.

Megan grabbed Jill’s shirt and pulled it slowly over her head, revealing a black bra that covered a pair of beautiful, C-cup tits. She kissed Jill as she reached around and removed the bra. She then pulled off her friends shorts and now thoroughly wet underpants. They stepped into the shower.

Jill picked up a bar of soap and gently ran it over every inch of Megan’s body, paying special attention to her most sensitive areas. “It’s your turn now, ” said Megan.

She took the soap and began to soap her friend up. After rinsing off Jill’s tits, she began to lick and tease her nipples. Jill seemed to be enjoying herself, from the look on her face. A moan escaped her mouth, but Megan stopped anyway. She moved around behind Jill to get a look at her nice ass (not as nice as her own, but nice, Megan thought to herself) and then reached around front, running the soap down Jill’s belly and over her mound. “Mmmmmm,” was all that escaped Jill’s lips. Megan dropped the soap and began rubbing her clit with her palm as she kissed and sucked on the back of her neck.

Megan could feel Jill’s clit getting hard, so she stopped and grabbed the shower head off of the wall. She pointed it at Jill’s wet mound. She moved it closer, so that the spray teased Jill’s pussy as it had done for hers so many times before. Soon, Jill was moaning and groaning. “Oohs, Fuck me.” She whispered. güvenilir casino As her pleasure increased, she got louder and louder. “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me fuck me fuck me. Fuck me with the water, you dirty little cunt! FUCK ME!” She grunted as she came, shaking. Megan held her up, supporting her weight. After a few more minutes of caressing and kissing, Megan shut off the water and they got out of the stand-up shower.

Megan and Jill were sitting in the kitchen, eating leftover pizza together.

“Why did you come over here, anyway,” Megan finally asked.

“You invited me yesterday, remember dummy?” Jill laughed. “Aren’t you glad I came?”

“Of course I’m glad you came. I had just forgotten that I invited you, that’s all.”

“Well, I was actually about an hour early. But I was in the neighborhood, so I thought I’d drop by and see if you were in. Once I saw you in the kitchen, with that banana inside of you, I just had to come inside.”

They sat in silence for a moment. “Jill, Are you a lesbian?” Megan asked.

“Yeah. I have been for a while really. Occasionally I’m attracted to guys, but I’m mostly a lesbian. I’ve wanted to do it with you for a while, but I was worried you would turn my away.”

“Am I a, um, lesbian?”

“Did you like what we did today?”

“Yeah, well, it felt great, but. . .”

“Are you attracted to me, and other women?”

“Yes, I guess so, but. . .”

“Well, I had trouble admitting it to myself for a while to. But it sounds to me like you’re a lesbian. Do you like guys too?”

“Well, I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure. Maybe I was just lying to myself that whole time.” Megan sat in silence for a moment. She couldn’t be a lesbian, could she? This was too weird.

“Look, let’s go do something else now. I told my mom I was gonna sleep over, let’s go rent a movie and hang out. Cool?” asked Jill.

“Sounds like a great idea, babe.”

They spent the rest of the night hanging out, and didn’t bring up their day’s activities again, but it was in the back of Megan’s mind the whole time. She couldn’t believe, didn’t want to believe that she was a lesbian. But she couldn’t deny how much pleasure Jill had given her. She’d never been close to that attracted to any guy she knew. Megan could tell that her life was changing, but she wasn’t quite sure how.

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