Exchanging Flesh Ch. 11

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Chapter 11: Loving Little Fat Girls

**hey, no need to have read the rest of the novel to enjoy this. esl**

Actually, I did fuck Melissa one more time. It was after Mae and I were married so I guess it classifies as adultery. As always with Melissa, the circumstances were strange.

It happened during a party I threw on the day I graduated from college. A bunch of friends came over to whoop it up and celebrate. Mae had to work that night and didn’t come home until late. The party on the other hand, started early. People came and went throughout the afternoon and early evening. Everyone happy and drunk.

Melissa arrived around seven. She greeted me with a kiss, gobbling on my lower lip with that overbite. I placed my hand on her copious behind and gave it a squeeze. We were in public, but at a party these gestures often seem oddly permissible. Things always loosen up at a party.

I gave her a drink and she bounced off to party down. I watched her hook up with a guy that Mae had told me Mel fucked once in a while. I felt sort of wistful, maybe a little jealous. But it was Mae and my home after all. What could happen? Boundaries must be obeyed. Even on my graduation day.

The guy cupped one of Mel’s tits and bent to kiss her. Before turning her face to his, she looked back at me and smiled. The she kissed the guy, driving her tongue into his mouth. I actually saw her tongue in the air before their mouths met.

I shivered and let it go. I greeted some more guests and had more drinks.

It was an hour and a half before I saw Melissa again. We met in a hallway that was just off the kitchen. People filled the kitchen and the living room at the other end of the hall. We were alone but people kept passing through.

Mel sipped her drink as we squeezed together to let someone pass by. “Mae’s not here?”

“No, she’s working late.”

“Oh. When will she be home?”

“Half an hour, give or take.”

“Wow, that doesn’t give us much time.” she said.

“For what?” I asked.

“For your graduation present. But I can’t give it to you right here, if you know what I mean.” She licked her lips and winked.

“Melissa, I really don’t think…”

She stopped me, “It’s best that you don’t think, Danny.”

Her white eyes bore into me. Challenging me.

“There’s a closet in your bedroom. In five minutes, I’m going to be in that closet. Come find me and I’ll give you your present.”


She stuffed something in my hand and said, “You have to come, Danny. I need these back.”

She brushed the front of my jeans with her hand and walked into the living room. She squealed to the room at large, “Oops, I can’t find my panties anywhere. What kind of party is this?”

I looked in my hand and saw a pair of panties. Big panties with tiny little roses printed on them. I quickly stuffed them in my pocket. I mingled around the party trying to decide what to do. I had a pretty good idea.

Six minutes later, I found myself in the bedroom. A couple of acquaintances of ours were making out on our bed. They stopped when I walked in. I knew Mae would be furious but I just said, “Bombs away.”

They fell into each other and I quickly slipped into the closet, closing bahis firmaları the door behind me.

Sure enough, Melissa was there.

It was a small walk-in closet so there was room for the two of us to stand. A small window provided some illumination.

“Hi, Danny. Ready for your present?”

She moved into me and I felt her round tits just below my chest. She had taken her top off. She wore only a flowing skirt and black high heels.

She reached out and touched my chest.

“Melissa, if we get caught, I’m fucked.”

“If we get started, we won’t get caught and we’ll both get fucked. Remember these.” She placed my hands on her breasts. The nipples jumped at my touch.

I massaged them. “Who could forget?”

I bent down and clamped my mouth over one of her nipples. I sucked hard. She moaned deeply.

She undid my pants and let them drop to my feet. My tool bobbed in the air. She began to pump it with both hands. In no time, I was hard as a rock.

I was working her tits when I felt her hand under my chin. She pulled my face up and kissed me sweetly.

“I want to see of you remember something else.”

She squatted on her heavy haunches in the cramped space. She put her mouth on the head of my prick and placed her hands on my ass. Then she pulled my ass toward her, driving my cock into her mouth and down her throat. The head of my dick bounced against the back of her throat. Boy, did I remember that! No one else had ever done it like she did. Experiencing it again made me realized how much I had missed it.

I groaned through clenched teeth. She plopped my big dick out of her mouth and looked up at me as she jerked me off with both fists.

“Do you still like little fat girls, Danny?”

“I still like you, Melissa. That’s for sure.”

She clamped her mouth on the head of my cock and sucked hard. She jerked it out and held it quivering in front of her face. Pre-come oozed out of the slit. Melissa shot her tongue out to catch it.

“Tasty. Baby’s getting ready. Listen, Danny, this was going to be my present. A great fucking blow job. I know Mae can’t do it for you and I wanted to help. But feeling this big dick, I remember how it felt in my pussy and I just have to have it fill me up again. I just have to, Danny.”

My back was against the wall. Literally.

“How? There’s no room to lie down.”

She got to her feet. Holding my meat in her hand, she said, “We’ll fuck standing up. You’re not getting out of here until I get that horse in my cunt.”

I had to kiss her. I missed her cheerful bossy way. The way she matter-of-factly expressed her needs and wants.

With our tongues mingling, my hand lifted her skirt and found her twat. It was drenched. I slid my hand down her inner thigh, slathering it with the slippery slime, to her knee. She lifted her leg as I did. She guided my prick toward her opening but our differing heights only allowed her to bump it against her pubic hair. The silken strands felt marvelous.

She pulled her mouth from mine. “Lift me up and slide me down onto your cock.”

She must have weighed two hundred pounds! Serious doubt entered my mind. I could lift her but I wasn’t sure for how long.

“That might be kind kaçak iddaa of awkward,” I stammered.

“Oh, Danny, it’s easy. Just lift me and I’ll guide you in. Then I’ll hold onto the clothes rod and we’ll fuck.”

She seemed to have done it before. The turn-on was being told what to do. Mae just laid there.

I scooped up her other knee and gained purchase on her expansive thighs. I bent my knees as if I was doing a bench press in the weight room. I lifted up hard with both arms. She actually didn’t seem to weigh that much at all. She came easily off the floor. She put one arm around my neck and, when I had her high enough, she put the head of my cock against her pussy lips. The hair around them was soaked. I was going to slide in easily.

Melissa looked into my eyes and said, “Kiss me, beautiful man.”

Our mouths met and I lowered her onto my cock. She engulfed it to the hilt. It felt so fucking good.

Melissa put her other arm around my neck and began lifting her great girth up and down on my prick.

“Fuck me. Fuck me hard, Dan.”

I tried to thrust up with my hips when she dropped down her big ass and we found a kind of rhythm. The strokes were short–only four or five inches of my shaft went inside her so we picked up speed to make them count for more. She was so wet the sensation was incredible.

We kissed deeply, exploring each other’s mouths completely. Her tongue was a live wire.

Finally, she broke our kiss, “Oh, this is too good, but I need more of that dick. Turn around and put my back up against the door. I can hold onto the top of the door. Then you can pump that big cock into me.”

I did as I was told. With her back against the door, she raised her arms over her head and grabbed the top of the cornice work. She lifted herself up a bit as if she were doing a chin up. This took a lot of weight off my arms and had the added advantage of positioning her gorgeous melons right in front of my face.

I dove into them and thrust up hard using my calf muscles. My cock went in her to the balls and she screamed.

I put a hand over her mouth–I remembered the people on the bed on the other side of the door. She began yelling into my hand for me to fuck her.

And I did, for all I was worth. I fucked her box with long, deep, hard thrusts. Soon, her lower lip was aquiver and her nipples hardened into little buds. She squeezed my cock with her cunt muscles. She began pushing her breath out of her mouth through pursed lips.

She panted, “Come with me, Danny. I want you to shoot your come inside of me when I come.”

I wasn’t sure it was going to work out that way and told her so. I said, “Let’s just concentrate on you.”

“No!” she refused. “I want you to come with me. Understand?”

I pounded away. My dick actually was getting close.

After a second, she leaned the back of her head against the door, which was visibly moving. She said to me, “Need some help, baby? Remember your cock in my asshole? Remember how it felt?”

I gasped. The memory of her asshole was my favorite jerk off fantasy.

Her voice continued, low and sexy: “God, you felt good fucking my ass. I’ve never forgotten it. Your big cock jammed in my little bunghole. I never wanted kaçak bahis you to stop.”

I pumped harder. Melissa met every thrust. I was getting really close to coming.

“I’m going to come, Danny. And you are too. Remember the taste of you come mixed with my shit? Remember the sweetness, the dirtiness?”

That was it–I shot a quart of sperm into her cunt. My balls ached with the spasms as they squirted there load through my shaft. Melissa exploded too. Her juices all over my member soaking my pubic hair like her own.

She kept screaming, “Coming, coming, coming.”

I joined, “Yes, I’m coming in your beautiful cunt. It’s so good, Mel. You’re so bad. I can’t believe it.”

When it was done, I kissed her generous mouth. She put her arms around my neck and I moved my hands from her thighs to under her big ass. She wrapped her legs around my hips. We clung to each other this way for a long time.

Finally, my cock softened and slipped out of her pussy. She gave a sad little moan.

“I wish this wasn’t over. I wish I could fuck you all the time.”

I told her I felt the same way.

“Well then, let’s make it happen.”

“Melissa, I’m married. That’s how it is.”

She unlocked her legs and dropped to the floor. She hugged me mashing those awesome tits into my diaphragm. “I just really love fucking you, Danny. I’ve never forgotten the first time. I’ll never forget this. And I’m afraid it’ll never happen again.”

I lifted her face and kissed her mouth. I tried to be encouraging. “It happened tonight. It can happen again. Thank you for the present. It was beautiful.”

Then, she got tough again and I knew she’d be all right. “Yeah, well, maybe someday you’ll leave that silly Mae and come looking for me. If you’re lucky I won’t have found an even bigger dick than yours. ‘Cause I’ll be looking, baby. Happy Graduation Day, Danny.”

We got dressed in silence, brushing each other a few times in the dark space. At one point my hand touched her breast and her nipple turned into a little bud. I gave it a tweak but she grabbed my hand and pulled away. “No more freebies, buddy. Besides, I think your wife is almost home.”

She was right.

“You’re so bad,” I buttoned my pants and gave her a little kiss. “You’re wonderful, Mel. You’ll make some one very happy.”

“I think I already made your little soldier happy. Get outta here.”

I opened the door. The couple on the bed seemed to be asleep. I stepped out of the closet and was closing the door when Melissa spoke.

“Danny, my panties.”

I reached into my pocket and grabbed them. I tossed them to her and she gave me that big toothy grin. “That would have been nice. Mae finds some panties in Danny’s pants. Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad idea. Here, take them back.”

I laughed and closed the door. One thing I knew, life with Melissa would not be boring. But that was not to be.

I left the bedroom and stepped into the hallway just as the front door opened and Mae walked in. I went up to her and gave her a kiss. I said, “Come on, honey, join the party.”

I took her coat and went to get her a drink. When I returned, Melissa was coming out of the bedroom and Mae greeted her with a hug.

Melissa said, “Mae, I think you’ve got a couple of guests using your bed in there.”

Mae looked at me with her Oh great! Just what I need look.

Melissa looked at me, smiling her wicked grin.

God, she was bad, so bad.

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