ex sister in law


ex sister in lawOh I haven’t forgot the sister in law, I went down this morning I text that lad & he met me outside with five of his mates, I knocked at the door she opened it saying what do u want I’m just going out lol U are when we have had a chat I said open the door & let just in & make us a drink of coffee like a nice little lady, we followed her in the kitchen & she put the kettle on, now she said this is not happening, u love it I said to her, No I don’t remember the picture of u in the bath with your cunt open well we are here for some fun, right lads drop them out show the lady what she going to get, so the lads drop there cock s out, One little fucker then said suck this bitch, No she said i’m not, yes u are he said I had to laugh, Now I said be a lady & do it, no I’m not yes u are or Sid will find out, now get on your knees & taste what u are going to get in your cunt, or should I just ring him & say come u nip home I have something in the kitchen u might like to see, ok she says she on her knees sucking a cock then all the lads let her taste there cocks, right its time to go upstairs but first strip bitch & show the lads what u have under the covers so off comes her top & trousers, now the bra bitch show them your tits, off it comes anyone want to feel them tits there was more hands on her tits feeling pulling illegal bahis her nipples, now one of u suck her nipples no two of u one on each, there they was 2 lads sucking on her tits, 1 of them rubbing the front of her knickers, I turned round & said to 1 of them go to the back & pull her knickers down so u can see what u are going to fuck, he did & there was a shout look at the cunt on that, there was hands all over her cunt & feeling her arse, open the legs bitch I going to finger u her legs where pushed apart & each of them had a least 2 finger in her if not 3 the 1 that fucked her the other day said to her u like that don’t u slag u will like it better when u are getting some cock with her she was pulled into the living room & pushed to the floor she was just laid there watching them get undressed all hard & ready to fuck her, the first one got between her legs & started to fuck her he was saying feel my cock shagging your cunt u love it don’t u slag I’m going to put my load up u & with that he shot forward hard & empty his balls in her, she just laid there with her legs open waiting for the next cock, he got it in & cum straight away, His mates laugh at him, then the third lad was between her legs shoved his cock in her & start to fuck her, he must have hit the right spot because her arms got hold of him as she illegal bahis siteleri started to cum go on fuck the bitch she likes your cock I said, he fucked her for about another 5 minutes before saying I’m going to cum the forth lad said its my turn now to do the bitch he was up her fucking her hard really banging his knob home the last lad moved round to her face & started to wank one lad said what u doing aren’t u going to fuck her, yes he said but I’m going to last a bit inside that cunt of hers so I’m having a safety wank & cum over her face he was a good shot it hit her mouth & there she was with spunk & her face the lad fucking her was getting really to cum he shot his load up her right I said my turn get on your hands & knees I’m going to have u doggy she did I could see all the spunk round her arse hole I smiled to myself I was up her cunt fucking her now boys this is how u make her cum I could feel inside was getting wetter I fucked her hard then she said I’m going to cum I slap her arse & told her she could cum when I said & not until I took my cock out of her cunt & shove it up her arse now boys this is bum sex & this slag loves it up her bum I slap her again don’t u slag yes I do what do u say when I’m like this, fuck my bum please make me cum do it fuck me up the bum, I slap her arse again don’t canlı bahis siteleri u cum yet I haven’t done with u & pulled out & shove it back in her cunt fucked her a bit like that & slap her again I then slipped out & rammed it back up her arse & slap her more u can cum slag & she did she was spraying cunt juice all down my legs it was also running down hers have u ever seen anything like that boys this slag can cum & she fucking loves it the dirty fucking whore now I’m getting ready to empty my balls in u I fuck her arse till I shot my load I pulled out & was quickly replace with the last lad he was fucking her really giving it her & making her have it I looked at the lads & said u lot slipped up u should have been round her face making her suck your cocks but now its my turn so I stuck my cock in her moth saying suck me till i’m hard slag the last lad then shot his load up her, I pulled out of her mouth & ask her if she enjoyed not at first she said but I have to admit yes I did, so more tomorrow then I slap her face with my cock come on slag u love it don’t u, yes I do, right lads that’s it for today & don’t come when I’m not here mow get dress kiss the slag goodbye I;m not kissing her 1 said she got spunk round her mouth kiss her or don’t come to fuck her again I told him ok he said & kissed her, then one asked if they could shave her cunt next time I look at her face & said well I don’t know about that she said I would love a bold cunt I want to eat u out next time look be on your way now this bitch as got some cleaning to do now u have shot spunk on the carpet

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