Evolution of an Indian Marriage

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My name is Atul. I was born and raised in India and relocated to the USA a few years ago. I have been married to Payal for a little over three years. In the past 1 year or so, we have transitioned from being a strictly monogamous couple to having an open marriage. The following post describes the events that happened prior to the transition.

As a child, I was raised in a relatively conservative family in India and was discouraged from having any female friends. As a result, I was awkward around girls even when I left my home for college. This combined with a general lack of girls in my college, led to me being single (and virgin) well into my early twenties. I did compensate for this, by watching a lot of porn. Well maybe, I overcompensated for this by watching too much. I soon developed an affinity for threesomes and group sex. Of course, all of this just remained in my own head. Immediately after college, I was hired as an entry-level employee at one of the industry leaders in my field. This was also an opportunity for me to hang out with a lot of girls (unlike my college). During the day, I slowly began getting comfortable talking with girls. During the night, I jerked-off fantasizing about the attractive girls I knew.

I met Payal few months into my job and developed an instant liking towards her. Very soon, she was all I could think about. I had an amazing emotional connection with her and could spend hours talking with her without being bored. I was also sexually attracted to her like crazy. I spent many hours every night, drooling over her pictures on facebook and private photos from our outings. I used to fantasize in my head, about stripping her naked and fucking her in various positions. In fact, I was exclusively jerking off to her and stopped fantasizing about porn and other girls. Luckily for me, she too had feelings for me, and after some romantic back and forth we were in a relationship.

Although we were kissing from the very beginning, It took a few months, before our relationship turned into a sexual one. It started with sexting. We spent many hours every night, describing in detail about what we would do to each other. We exchanged erotic images and GIFs relevant to our current discussions. And we were masturbating together over the phone. Strangely, maltepe escort we didn’t discuss sex when we met in person. We were too shy to talk about it face to face. But we both knew it was coming soon.

Our first physical experience did not involve penetration, but it was still one of the most amazing evenings for us. It happened at her apartment one evening after work. We were on her couch kissing. Payal had a very beautiful face. She had a relatively fair complexion for an Indian woman and was about 5 foot tall. She had shoulder length dark black hair. Her boobs were average sized, but her butt was to die for. Overall she maintained a great figure. So far, I had only appreciated her figure visually. That evening, with some courage I started appreciating it physically.

As we kissed, I lightly pressed her boobs over her shirt. She moaned in approval. My cock hardened in my pants and was making an uncomfortable tent. I squeezed her tits harder and harder each time, till she asked me to go slow. I opened my legs and pulled her towards me such that our crotches aligned with each other. Almost by instinct, she started dry-humping me. This didn’t do much for me, but she seemed to be getting hornier with each rub. With her permission, I took off her shirt. This was the first time, I was looking at a woman in a bra. As I saw her bra covered tits, my dick was almost exploding in my pants. Wasting no time, I bit her on her boobs while simultaneously massaging the other one.

Her moaning intensified, and she went back, unhooked her bra. She pulled me away from her boobs and removed her bra once strap a time. Looking at her bare boobs made me so hard, my cock was hurting caged in my jeans. I was staring at them with my mouth wide open. I immediately grabbed them with my hands and squeezed them. While massaging her boobs, I started sucking on her nipples one after other. I couldn’t stand my restricted dick any longer. I quickly unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down. My dick was making a very visible tent in my underwear. She started fondling me over my underwear, and I felt so horny that I thought I will cum soon If she continues her stroking.

Once I had spent some time on her boobs, I started to remove her jeans. Her milky body mecidiyeköy escort in just her underwear had my heart racing. I squeezed her butt over her panties and stroked her thighs. We again rubbed our crotches against each other, and I could feel the folds of her pussy by the tip of my dick while still separated by our underwears. Our rubbing was turning her extremely horny, evidenced by her loud moans. With her permission, I slowly slid her panty down. I was trying for my dick to be touched too, so I slid my underwear down and out. We had both shaved down there, I guess we were both expecting to be naked with each other soon. I took her hand and placed it on my dick. She held it lightly and stroked it slowly. I was so horny that I thought I will pass out. She continued to stroke it, till I stopped her. Another second, and I would have come all over her and her couch.

Thanks to porn, I had learnt a lot about oral sex. I pushed her on the couch and spear her legs open. I myself sat on the floor and began licking her. Starting from her to her knees. I moved up her thighs while massaging them with my hands. I teased her by licking around her pussy, but not on it. I slowly closed in on her pussy and began giving her large licks from the bottom to top. I soon discovered the importance of her clit and started to give special attention to it with my tongue and fingers. She was moaning so loudly that I was sure that her neighbors would have heard her. As this was my first time licking a pussy, I was probably doing a very bad job. But it was her first time being licked as well, so she was still having a blast. She was holding my head with her hands and was pushing it into her crotch. I must have made her cum at least twice. I asked her if she was ready to switch places, and she readily agreed. She too started to lick my legs. This didn’t do much for me, but I didn’t want to disappoint her in any way.

The fun began when she reached near my crotch and started playing with my balls and my dick. I asked her to suck my balls and my dick and she did. It was her first time as well, so I had to stop her a couple of times when she accidentally bit me or stroked me without enough lubrication. But overall, I was having a time of my life. I could feel nişantaşı escort my cum starting to build up and my dick was going to explode soon. I asked If I could cum in her mouth. But she was hesitant about it. I didn’t want to pressure her, so I let her do her thing. I soon started shooting thick ropes of cum. I got her face and tits a little bit, but it mostly went to the floor. We were both so drained, that we just lay with each other for a minute. At some point, we gathered enough energy to clean up. We were giggling all of the rest of the night. And before we slept, we managed another round of oral sex.

We spent a few months only performing oral sex. She was afraid of sex, and I was afraid to her. Nevertheless, we end up doing it at some point. The first time, It was confusing and frustrating. I do not think any of us actually had fun doing it. Eventually, we got better at it, and we started having fun. Soon, we were having sex multiple times a week and enjoying it to the fullest. We routinely introduced new things into the bedroom including various sex positions, role play, and light bondage. We did almost everything a sexually active couple can do with each other.

About one year into knowing each other, Payal and I got married. Soon after that, we relocated to the USA. Our sexually active lifestyle carried on. Every now and then, we surprised each other with new sex toys, lingerie, and costumes. For a long period of time, I only needed Payal to satisfy my sexually. There were no other women in my real life, or in my fantasies. For better or for worse, this was not going to last long.

After a year into my married life, I started realizing that although Payal was the most amazing woman I can be with, I still had room for other women. My fantasies of threesomes and group sex from my college days started to re-emerge in my head. I started fantasizing about women in our friend circle and my colleagues. Whenever I got a chance, I jerked-off thinking about them and looking at their pictures. I restarted pleasuring myself to porn, focussing on the threesome and group sex genre. I never told Payal about this. All this was in my head, and I intended to keep it that way. I did not want to hurt her feelings. But the more I kept my feelings hidden, the harder it became for me. I finally admitted to myself that I wanted to have an open marriage. I would never want to cheat on Payal. I had to tell about my feelings to Payal, but I was sure she would not readily agree. However she reacted, I knew that I could not keep these things to myself anymore. I had to tell her.

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