Everything is in the memory stick


Everything is in the memory stickI was thinking about a previous experience, last time when I had to use the subway during the rush hour, some months ago. Someone had fucked me real good in the middle of the crowded train car…That afternoon I decided to get another chance to enjoy something like that pleasant adventure. This time I was wearing high stiletto heels, a loose short skirt and a blouse that left little to the imagination.I got inside the train and reached for a pole to hold on to. The car was not very crowded yet but I knew that the next stop would be fully occupied…We were packed like sardines in a can and as I expected there was a guy in my back. As much as he tried not to lean into me; he got pushed by other people and soon his crotch was up my ass cheeks. I glanced around and found he was a big black guy, looking embarrassed. I smiled at him and pressed my firm buttocks a little more into him. Soon he could not help it and then I felt a hard on pushing to the crack of my ass.I gasped, sensing he was at least nine inches long…As we were rolling along, the train was rocking from side to side and let myself moving and rubbing against him. He bent over and whispered in my ear that he was sorry. I answered that it was fine for me and smiled to him.Then he got my message and he moved his hand between me and his front. Soon I began to feel one finger pressing into my very tight rear hole…I did not move and let him to rub up and down. He next pulled my skirt up. Then I spread my legs a bit because I knew he wanted to get his hand on my ass and then go for my tight rosebud or my pussy lips.I felt a finger snake from the back to my pussy. I bent a little and he got in enough to rub my swollen bursa escort wet clit. Soon I was ready to climax and pushed myself into him; which made his finger go in a little more. I shuddered and climaxed. Then he pulled his soaked finger out and he went for my asshole. His finger now was able to slide up fairly easily. He finger fucked my ass until we got to the next stop.The black guy moved to get off and he asked me to join him, which I did. Where we got off, the street was very dark and lonely. We walked just two blocks and he pulled me into a doorway.He put his hand under my dress and asked me if I would go upstairs with him; so he could eat me and fuck me. I was too much horny to say no…We climbed some dark stairs and he opened a door that led into his flat.As I entered I noticed a very young black woman; a sensual one. I looked back at him, but he said that sexy babe was just a roommate…I felt I was trapped, but I was also so fucking horny for a hard cock…We went into a filthy living room and my new friend told me to sit down.His black roommate came in and handed me a large drink. The black guy then introduced himself as Bob. He sat down next to me and pushed me down on my back. Then using his heavy hands, he pulled off my tiny thong and made me spread my legs. I was so hot and feeling great from the drink, that I did not notice her girlfriend coming back and sitting down in a chair.Bob moved up and opened my blouse and took out my round boobs; then he started playing with my hardened nipples; twisting them between his fingers. I felt electricity going down to my cunt and got wetter than before.He slid down my belly with his tongue and when he got to my pussy, he grabbed my ass and spread bursa escort bayan me apart as far as he could. I noticed the sensual woman getting up and coming toward me. She pulled on my nipples and sucked them until they were close to explode.Bob meanwhile stuck his tongue into my cunt as far as he could; then he slowly pushed a medium size dildo up my tight asshole…His tongue was working my clit and I felt an orgasm coming up. My legs started shaking and I felt this tremendous orgasm running through my body. As my orgasm was coming, her girlfriend pulled my hard nipples and the feeling was like something I had never felt. Some other orgasms kept coming on and on; as I was ready to pass out. I finally screamed loud for him to stop sucking my swollen clit.He stopped and stood up, looking at me and smiling. He took out his cock and brought it up to my wet stretched pussy lips. He made me beg for it.As I cried for his huge black, Bob slowly pushed it in. It felt like I was going to split apart; because it was really so big. He grabbed my hips and started to pump me hard; nailing me on the couch. As he was fucking me, his sexy friend reached under my buttocks and pulled out the medium size dildo from my poor asshole. Then she stuck another larger one, deep inside of my now stretched asshole…Between Bob fucking me with his huge black cock and she ravaging my asshole with that dildo, I came like a bitch in heat and could feel my juices running out of my well stretched cunt.Suddenly I heard him groaning and shooting a tremendous hot load into me. As he pulled out he kept shooting his load all over my belly…Bob flipped me over and pulled me up on my knees. I knew what that naughty boy was going to do escort bursa next. He spread my ass cheeks and brought the head of his cock up to my very tight asshole. Between my pussy juices running down to my ass crack and the toy her girlfriend had put in there, it was easy for him to find my tight anal ring and push until his balls were up against my ass cheeks. He was so big that I thought I was going to split me in two halves, like when he got into my cunt.The sexy girl started again to lick my hardened nipples,; as Bob pumped my anus and slapped my ass cheeks, making me tighten my muscles for a tighter ride. Very soon I started to shake again. This made me buck up, so that I was pushing hard against his rock hard black cock. His balls were slapping against my pussy lips and my juices flooded like a waterfall as I came again.Bob kept slapping my ass hard and he grunted as he shot a huge load up my ass, still pumping like a wild man. Then I felt totally spent and lay down on my stomach. The black guy groaned again and he pulled out…His girlfriend sat in front of me with her legs wide spread open and started to play with her pussy and a vibrator in and out. She soon let out a loud wild scream and had her own orgasm. Then she fell to the floor, next to me.I could hardly move. My ass was very sore; but I was also exhausted.When the girl got up, I could see a blinking red light of a cam recorder. I asked Bob if he had recorded our fucking session and he said that only as a souvenir; to share with his friends… I asked him to make a copy for me and then he handed me a memory stick…We got dressed and Bob walked me to the subway. It was very late now.When I got home my loving husband was concerned and wanted to know what had happened to me. I smiled and just handed him the memory stick. He played it; but I asked him to wait until I had a warm shower…I told him we could enjoy a great fuck later, whilst watching that video…

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