Escort… A First Time

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“Miss Bond!” arrived promptly and discreetly and, to be honest, when I opened the door to her she looked more attractive than I had hoped or expected. She was wearing a long black coat and when I took it from her she revealed a very tight little black dress that fitted her curvy body perfectly.

I offered her a drink and she asked for water. I had the same and the chilled “fizz” remained in the fridge as we drank iced water from champagne flutes. We sat on the big sofa chatting for a short while and exchanged nervous small talk for a few minutes. Eventually I explained how this was my first time with an escort and she assured me that she would take care of me….

She enquired what I would like her to do and after pretending to think about it, I asked if she would perform a lap dance for me. She smiled, stood up and slowly began to move provocatively to the carefully chosen background music that was playing. She started tentatively and as she seemed to relax, she began to writhe and gyrate sensuously. She faced me and brushed against me, lifted her skirt slightly and then leant her breasts towards my face and I found the stiffness in my trousers to be more than slightly uncomfortable.

She turned her back to me, lifted her skirt further and bent forwards, giving me an incredible view of her round, smooth bum cheeks. Her fingers appeared between her legs and began sliding across the panty material that still barely covered her pussy. I knew now that she really was going to take care of me!

The dance continued and she began to rub herself more and more, cupping her breasts and squeezing them in front of my eyes. She slowly pulled her top and bra down to allow her breasts to be free and I was mesmerised by their beautiful round shape and the size of her erect nipples: I asked if I could lick them and she said yes and she immediately fed one breast towards my lips and I licked the nipple and took it into my mouth where it seemed to harden further.

As I turned my attention to her other breast, she positioned her knees either side of my hips so that her skirt rode up and I could see her stocking tops. She ground down against my cock and pressed those stunning tits into my face. Her perfume was sweet and alluring and when etiler ucuz escort she brushed her lips against mine, I nearly came in my trousers. She whispered in my ear, “do you want me to suck you now?” and I nodded weakly.

She slipped down to the floor in front of me and unbuttoned my trousers and then my shirt, she then lowered my zip and, with no underwear in the way, freed my erection. She looked up at me with those incredible eyes and ran her smooth, cool fingers up and down my shaft, never breaking eye contact. She then lowered her head and took me deep in her mouth, making me gasp and softly cry out.

What followed was unforgettable: she licked every inch of my erection, and, with raking strokes of her fingernails, she teased my stomach and chest; she pinched and stroked my nipples, she squeezed and caressed my balls AND ALL THE TIME she kept sucking and licking my cock with those eyes staring at me while muffled moans of pleasure escaped occasionally from her lips.

I couldn’t take it and had to break away and asked if we could stand . As we did she kissed me again and squeezed my arse and pulled me against her so that my cock was pressed against her stomach. More clothes seemed to fall away as we kissed and I then led her to the bedroom and to the large bed.

With knees slightly bent, I remained standing as she lay down on her front and she took my hard dick in her mouth once again. As she lay there, she sucked me hungrily and I committed the image of her gorgeous arse and narrow waist to eternal memory. She twisted her body as she sucked, and as she lay on her back and I could see her heavy tits and a stunning shaven pussy, my orgasm began to build.

She vigorously rubbed my shaft and opened her mouth wide. She rubbed my cock head against her extended tongue and I asked if I could cum in her mouth to which she eagerly answered, “Yes! Yes!” and with that a heavy stream of cum splashed across her cheek and then more spurts landed in her mouth….. I could not believe what I was seeing or feeling. As the spasms in my cock subsided, she sat up and smiled and I leant forward and kissed her deeply, tasting my own cum on her lips and tongue; I had never done something like this etiler üniversiteli escort before and I was amazed at how much it turned me on.

I was left feeling euphoric and totally spent – the experience was beyond anything else I had encountered and my head was spinning. However, I could not have conceived that my mind and my body were about to go to places where they had never been before…

We lay on the bed in each others arms and for a few moments there was an almost imagined air of tenderness and romance. But before I knew it, Miss Bond had swung her body round and her head was once again alongside my groin and her lips were eagerly kissing my soft penis. I hardened in her mouth and found myself looking directly at her shaven pussy as she lay alongside me.

Up to this moment I had not even touched it and as she sucked me I slowly reached out and ran my fingers along her smooth lips. I have never been so close to a completely shaved pussy and I was mesmerised. I stroked it so, so softly and she let out a stifled moan. As I gently rubbed up and down the soft folds of skin, my fingers suddenly slipped into her liquid silky softness and I was desperate to taste those juices. I took her wrist and guided her hands to her pussy and she looked at me and smiled. She took her cue perfectly and pushed her fingers into her wetness; I took her wrist again and brought her fingers up to my mouth and licked them as we stared into each others eyes – her taste was deliciously sweet and salty.

At this point I asked her to move onto her front and I lay alongside her and admired her beautiful peachy bum, her narrow waist and her smooth back. With my hands I stroked and massaged her with slow, careful strokes and gradually worked my way down till I caressed between her bum cheeks and occasionally allowed a finger or two to slide between her wet pussy lips. She responded by raising her hips from the bed and parted her knees further to allow me better access. I slipped two fingers inside her and moved my thumb to rub her clitoris. She was so responsive and her reactions were heightened when I moved to run my tongue down the crack of her arse and I licked as deep as I could against her tight fatih escort ring. I thrust my fingers deeper into her pussy and they became wetter. She pushed against me and demanded my full, rhythmic attention. She turned onto her back and I could now dive into her gorgeous pussy, lapping and kissing as I continued to rub and suck her clit while thrusting with my fingers.

I really don’t know if she came.. she moaned and gasped almost constantly. I hope so because she had already given me so much pleasure and I instinctively just wanted to make her feel the same way.

She now moved me onto my front and began to stroke my back. She was incredibly gentle and I was so turned on when she allowed her large nipples to brush lightly against my skin. She kissed my buttocks softly and then I suddenly felt her hand between my legs, pulling my cock so it pushed down parallel to my thighs. I moved one leg to the side to give her easier access and she accepted the invitation to get to my hardening shaft. I suddenly felt her lips against my cock and I let out a gasp… it felt amazing! She continued to lick and suck and I was intensely hard. I lifted my hips and she now grasped my cock in her hand and began to wank me vigorously while her mouth was tonguing and licking my balls.

I was on all fours and in a situation I had only imagined in my most extreme and depraved fantasies. I was experiencing an intensity of pleasure that I really cannot put into words… it was almost too much, NO.. it was too much! I felt as though I was coming but I couldn’t because it was on the borderline between pleasure and pain. I was moaning, gasping and suppressing the need to scream out loud. I had to ask Leanna to stop, I could not cope with it any more at that moment. I needed more time to accept what was happening and I was beginning to regret that I’d only made a two hour booking because I knew that I needed to see this to a conclusion.

We lay together again on the bed in each others arms and chatted for ten minutes or so and then it was time to bring things to a close. For me it had been a mixture of emotions: I had crossed a line in deciding to sleep with an escort and there was a small feeling of having done something wrong. However, this was massively outweighed by a sweet and beautiful woman who had made me feel incredible. She was exceptional in so many ways and most of all, for two hours she took me away from everything and made me experience feelings that were incomparable. I may never see her again but I know that the memories of that night will stay with me forever….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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