ESCAPE FROM AMAZONIA Chapter 1Hi Man Cum and share a drink with a salty sailor ,wot are you going to drink Ok barman lets have those drinksListen I’ve a tale to tell you that will knock you for six . At the end of it you may be begging me to tell you the secret location or running miles away from me. Whatever the result you’ll never be the same againListen Man 2 months ago I escaped from the Amazonian Islands. No one has ever charted these islands in the pacific Oceonas nobody except me has ever escaped from these bitter sweet islands There is a group of islands Amazonia being the largest surrounding islands are Labia island, clitostan island, tits island , femina island and many moreThis group of islands have been populated by women of all sorts of ages nationalities and looks. Most are very rich with big palatial homes and a wood of dense trees and bushes where they enjoy the national sport of man huunting. Wo behind any man caught The history of it inception goes back many centuries I am sure . I was told it started in the mid 19th century although there is evidence that the women had been there long . There are graves tones for queens going back well before the 1850s but is impossible to know as the years are counted in 28 months , 28 being more in tune with natural cycles gümüşhane escort of the female populationAny way one very storming night the Paddle Ship Great Britain 1 was shipwrecked in Pricktown Bay in Amazonia. She had been travelling to Australia from GB . It is a secret that is not known in the world of men as Great Britain was in fact great Britain 2 to keep it secret that 1 ship had disappeared. Anyway the survivors came ashore and hoped they would be rescued . After a few days it was apparent the island was isolated as there was no evidence of ships on the horizon nor natives on the island . The men lost faith that they would survive whilst the women were kept busy tending to what had to be done to survive . After a while the men started chasing the women to amuse themselves which mad the women really angry . That was the origin of the separation of the sexes and taught the women that they would have to take control. The elected a leader who organised the creation of a temporary shed to imprison the men and control them. The men were seduced one night by the women and plied with drink which had been rescued from the ship . Once the men become so drunk that they fell asleep they were carted off to the prison never to ever be released hakkari escort again.The women prospered and were able to colonise the other islands build roads and buildings developing into villages, towns and capital cities this was achieved by using men for the physical work and increasing the population by shipwrecking passing ships carrying passengers . this ability to increase the population of free women and enslaved males was helped by the globalisation of world trade which meant that more ships passed by the islands as the years went onWell I didn’t know all this when as a young boy I was acting as a cabin boy on sis Pacific . Unfortunately we were driven on to the rocks in a violent storm in Pricktown Bay. It appears that when ever the women or Amazonians , as I should really call them, wanted more male support they would turn off the light of the lighthouse on the top of the cliffs at Pricktown to confuse passing ships.Survivors who were washed on to beaches were caught by the Praetorian Guard of tall beautiful amazonizns and separated into men and women and c***dren Men wert taken immediately to the allocation centre and interviewed and inspect in order to allocate them for there future useJust a word about these allocations as you can escort bayan see how efficient the amazonians are1 Muscular men were allocated to construction work2 the gentle men were allocated to domestic service as maids or human furniture3 athletic men were allocated to transport . As there were no four footed a****ls in the islands men became the b**st of burden4 Men with high levels of testosterone were allocated to sperm farms . Sperm production had increased 20 fold over the years so that the population could reproduce itself. Surplus sperm had been added to rejuvenating creams to abolish wrinkle’s. This had been so successful that cosmetic surgery was not necessary apart for a small demand for breast enhancement as it was i*****l to cohabit with a male and sexual intercourse was a criminal offence. To make it legal an Amazonian had to be licensed for intercourse and her love had to be rented from rent a man shops5 any unallocated men were sent to rent a man shops for universal services including hunting party prey, domestic , temps at sperm farms to keep up production quotas , Birthday party use , mobile toilets, clothes hangers etc.6 Men with nothing to offer were auctioned at the monthly male auctions held in any town and if not purchased after 3 such auctionswere sent to the pacific sharks.Well matey I got to go now to find some lodgings . I will be here tomorrow same time and if you will share a drink with me I wl tell you about the horse racing , Milk Maids, the operation of Sperm farms , domestic duties, and millionaire AmazoniansCheerio

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