Erin Ch. 13: Clean Inside and Out

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Erin Ch. 13: Clean Inside and Out

By Jonathan Quincy Graves

{Note: This is the thirteenth in a multi-part story series cataloging the progressive evolution of a relationship between a dominant woman who provides leadership and discipline for her husband. Each installment can stand alone, but they read much better if you start at the beginning. Go to: Erin Ch.01 — Female Led Relationship. JQGraves}

“Mother does have a twisted sense of humor,” Erin said, after painting the image of me serving my mother-in-law and her friends “dressed” in a women’s thong, knee-high socks, a pair of fuzzy mules with a one-inch heel and a black waist cincher. “I’m guessing, after all the introductions are made and her friends have stopped laughing, she will let you put on one of your flowery pinafores so your thong won’t be on display… well, at least not from the front.”

I modeled this outfit for Erin, strutting back and forth in our family room as if up on the runway at a fashion show. Erin, seated on the couch, gave me pointers and encouragement, mixed with gleeful laughter. After a couple passes, she stopped me, pulled the key she wore on a chain around her neck and removed the Kali’s Teeth penis cuff. With a little manipulation (very, very little if the truth be told), she had my cock standing straight up with the head rising above the thong. I then did a few more passes up and down our make-believe runway. Chuck waving to our make-believe fashion critics.

Erin reeled me in to stand sidewise between her knees, stroked my cock with one hand and massaged my buns with the other. Despite my horror at the scene Erin described of my mother-in-law and her friends seeing me like this, Chuck stood tall and proud.

“So, how’s our little boy doing?” Erin asked, seizing my hips and turning me to face her. She lowered the thong, took a business-like grip of my member and bent it in various ways while examining the band where the cuff encircled me. “That doesn’t look too bad, although I can tell where the points rested against your cock. You’ve been a good boy, haven’t you?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I said. “Was there any other choice?” I added with a grin.

“Not really,” she said leaning forward, kissing Chuck. Then she engulfed him and swirled her tongue to the depth the crown of thorns covered. The sensation was electrifying.

“If you keep that up,” I said, “you’re going to receive a surprise.”

Erin pulled back just far enough to say, “Really? You would cum in my mouth without permission? Maybe you are not such a good boy after all.” Her lips lightly touched the head as she spoke, and the words were slurred as they buzzed against this most sensitive site. She reached behind me and delivered a gentle spank to my bottom.

“I’m in the mood to fuck. Let’s take this show upstairs.”

Not relinquishing her hold on my stiff member, Erin rose from the couch and led me down the hall and up the stairs. We passed through the bedroom and on into the master bath. “I need a shower, and you need a good cleaning,” she said. “Strip, then you can help me get naked.”

Assisting Erin to disrobe is one of my most enjoyable duties, so I quickly removed what little I wore (Working the “Easy Up Firm Control Waist Cincher” down and off of my body was no easier than it had been to pull it up in the first place.) By the time I was naked, Erin had started the shower to warm the water, removed her top and turned her back to me, putting her hair up to keep it dry in the shower. I unhooked her bra and slid it off her shoulders. She loves it when I use my nails to gently scratch the band of skin where the canlı bahis bra strap crossed her back.

I reached around her, unsnapped and unzipped her slacks, and eased them down her gorgeous legs so she could step out of them as she stepped out of her heels. On my knees behind her now, I gently inserted my fingers into the waistband of her panties and lowered them while stroking the sides of her long, shapely hips. I took the time to plant a lingering kiss on the mound of each of her butt cheeks before she stepped away to enter the shower.

“Come and scrub my back,” she said without turning around.

Our shower is a little larger than average, plenty of room for two, and with shower heads at each end. Erin lathered up a loofa and passed it back to me as I entered the shower. I immediately went to work. Erin is blessed with beautiful, unblemished skin, and I love any task that puts me in contact with her.

As I covered Erin’s back with the sponge, I noticed she had taken a small paring knife from the shelf holding her collection of shampoos and body cleansers, and used it to carve a finger of soap about the size and shape of a crayon. My hand stopped its motion as I stood there wondering what she was doing.

Erin put down the knife, turned to face me and said, as she pulled me in close, “Spread your legs, dear, and just relax.” Her wet breasts pressed against me, her nipples hard. She wrapped her arms around me and her hands slipped down to my ass. One soap-slicked finger probed my asshole, and I tensed up. “Relax,” she repeated.

“What are you…”

Erin crossed my lips with a soapy finger, said, “Shh,” and continued to invade my anus. When her finger was in up to the knuckle, she worked it around some until I stopped clenching. She withdrew it and immediately replaced it with the soap stick, pushing it up my colon as far as her finger could reach. Erin then reached back to the shelf and withdrew a medium-sized, black butt plug from behind the shampoo bottle. I recognized it for what it was, but until then I didn’t know we even had such a thing in the house.

She coated the plug with soap suds with her long, slim fingers, reached behind me again and lined it up with my opening. The soap stick was already irritating my innards, and my body automatically tried to eject it. Before I could, however, Erin thrust the plug up and in blocking its path. The intruder’s entry was not too painful, but it stretched my opening at its widest part and my anus closed tightly around it as it narrowed near the base. It seemed a rude violation of my body.

Again, I opened my mouth to… Question? Complain? And again, Erin stopped me. “I said you need a good cleaning. We are going to try something new tonight. I think you’ll like it if you keep an open mind. Michelle tells me her husband has grown to love it.”

Michelle. I should have known. I have not met the young lady, but whenever Erin does something new with me—especially something painful or humiliating—Michelle’s name always seems to come up. And “something new” rarely turns out to be something I “love.”

Erin maintained eye contact with me for a moment, waiting to see if I would speak despite her admonition that I remain silent. When I did not, she turned her back to me and said, “Continue, please.”

I went back to work. The soap stick trapped deep within me was causing my bowels to roil, and it was difficult to bring my mind back to full awareness of the naked, statuesque, female body before me. My motions became more desultory as I worked the sponge down Erin’s back to where it flared out to her world-class ass. As bahis siteleri before, I went to my knees, gently cleansing my goddess down the crease into the cleft of her cheeks.

As I finished cleaning her ass and transitioned to the top of Erin’s left thigh, she bent forward, thrust her bottom toward me and said, “Use your tongue.”

With me on my knees, the water from the showerhead behind me was striking Erin’s back and coursing down, dividing into three major flows as it cascaded over her hips. The rivulet in the center was rinsing the soap from her cleft. I love Erin’s body, and she has taught me to excel at cunnilingus, but this is the first time I’ve been told to make oral love to her backside.

I put down the sponge and tentatively reached for Erin’s hips with my hands as I explored the very top of her cleft with my mouth. She was clean; I’d washed her myself, but still this was new to me. As I lingered high on her ass, kissing and licking, Erin impatiently said, “Lower.”

I slowly licked and nibbled down her crevice, using my hands to help separate her mounds. Erin placed a hand on the wall in front of her and arched her back, presenting herself to me. When I reached her rosebud, I skipped over it and laved the perineum. Erin groaned with frustration and shifted her hips. I worked my tongue back up to rim her opening. I could tell by her stance this was turning her on, so I increased the intensity, occasionally brushing the tip of my tongue across her pucker. Erin’s free hand moved to massage her vulva and rub her clitoris.

Water was splashing into my eyes and I squinted to keep it out. At the other end, I was cramping and would have expelled the soap finger if the butt plug did not prevent it. Michelle’s husband must be crazy if he loved this treatment.

“Thrust into me,” Erin commanded. “Fuck my ass with your tongue.” She responded when I wormed my tongue into her opening. “Oh, yes… Deeper.” She took her hand off the wall, reached back, clenched her fist in my hair and forced my face hard against her. With the water and the pressure she was applying, it was difficult to breathe. The fleeting thought, Water-boarding by female ass, flashed through my mind. I forced my tongue as far into her as it would reach and moved the tip around frantically.

“You must be rather uncomfortable by now with that soap chip up your ass,” Erin said, letting me pull my face back and take a breath. She didn’t know the half of it! My bowels were going crazy. I wanted to shit both the soap stick and the butt plug out onto the shower floor, but the size and shape of the plug made this impossible. “Bring me to climax and I’ll allow you to relieve yourself.” My face was slammed back between her cheeks and I resumed my ministrations with a will.

I was cramping and in considerable pain, but my cock was hard and I knew if we were not in the shower, the end of my dick would still be just as wet. It seemed to take forever, but finally Erin’s entire body shook with her release. She let go of my hair and used both hands against the wall to keep from falling. Her knees trembled, and she had to take a step to recover her balance.

After several minutes, during which we both recovered our breath, Erin said, “That was wonderful. We are definitely doing it again.”

Oh joy, I thought. Other than the water trying to drown me, my bowels trying to rip my insides apart, my knees aching against the hard tiles and Erin’s fist jerking me bald, it was not that bad. My erection was as hard as it ever gets. I expected her to taste… well, I don’t know what I expected, but her taste was not at all bahis şirketleri unpleasant. A little spicy, like pepper, I suppose, but not dirty, not at all disgusting. If it pleased my love so much, then yes, we would do it again.

“I’m glad you’re pleased,” I said. “Can we extract this damned plug now so I can demolish our toilet with the pressure that’s built inside?”

Erin laughed and said, “Certainly, but try not to blow out any load-bearing walls.”

I stood in a crouch—it hurt to stand straight—rushed from the shower to the toilet, dripping water everywhere, sat and reached under to take out the butt plug. It had a ring on the end easy to grasp, and although I wanted to rip it out quickly, I remembered how the wide portion stretched me, so I eased it down until it was past the point of no return. Then, the dam broke.

Erin chuckled at my groaning and the other bodily sounds I was making. “Fwehw!” she said and turned on the exhaust fan. “You were rotten inside. I guess it was past time you had a good cleaning back there.”

I let this comment pass. My bowels were still cramping as each load of crap was ejected. While I sat there, hunched over, Erin pulled an enema kit from the cupboard beneath the sink, filled the bag to the top with warm water and suspended it from the shower curtain rod.

“Once you think you’re done there, we’ll rinse you out to remove every bit of that caustic soap. You’ll feel much better then.”

When my body recovered sufficiently and I stopped trying to eject what was no longer there, Erin had me kneel, elbows on the floor, ass in the air with my head resting on my forearms. She selected a large nozzle from the kit—it looked like a slim, 4-inch dick—attached it to the hose hanging down from the bag, greased it up and plunged it into my waiting ass. The butt plug had stretched me out some, so it did not hurt going in… and out, and in, and out, and in.

Erin opened the clip on the enema hose and I felt the water rush into me. I turned my head in her direction and watched as she toweled off her tall, athletic body and unpinned her long, auburn hair to let it fall down around her shoulders. She didn’t dress, but stepped into a pair of platform mules. Her legs looked wonderful—climbing all the way up to her pussy—from my vantage below her. Three times before the bag was empty, I cramped and asked my wife to stop the flow. She acquiesced each time, but only for a few minutes before opening the valve again. She seemed sensitive to my discomfort, but refused to let me up, determined I take the entire bag.

I was overfilled by the time the bag was empty, and expected water would soon flow out of my nose and ears if I did not relieve myself, but Erin insisted that I maintain my head-down, ass-up posture for five minutes. She removed the nozzle, and with a slap to my ass warned me not to allow any liquid to escape until given permission to expel it.

Five minutes seemed like thirty, and Erin encouraged me to move my hips in circles when the cramps hit. Not sure it helped, but Erin seemed to enjoy watching me rotate my ass in the air. Finally, the time was up and Erin allowed me to rush to the toilet, again, and let loose, again. This flow was much cleaner than the first, but I still sat there for fifteen minutes before I was confident that what water was coming out had finally done so.

“How do you feel now?” Erin asked me.

“Much better, thanks.”

“Good. Now you’re nice and clean, you’ve been a good boy and I’m still in the mood. What would you say to a good fucking?”

A grin split my face, and my cock rose in anticipation. “You bet,” I said. What a silly question, I thought. I’d gone too long with Kali’s Teeth preventing me from getting hard, and some good, prolonged fucking was exactly what my poor, neglected cock needed.

END of Erin Ch. 13

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