Encyclopedic Encounters Ch. 1

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Big Dicks

Chapter 1: Kelli

And there she was, noticeable in the office above all others as usual. She was wearing a fantastic business suit which blared out beautiful sexual tune which was in opposition with every business surrounding. The world of business had rules; rules of conduct, rules of behavior, and rules for dress. Thus far Kelli had followed the rules of the game but like that rebellious rabble rouser – she constantly flirted with rule number 3. Every day Daniel stared at and longed to be with Kelli – and her gorgeous body (especially now in white stockings) looked especially delectable. But this was truly a secondary treat when he considered Kelli’s open mind and loving attitude.

She caught his eye and he was instantly sent elsewhere.

“Thank God I work with Kelli”, Daniel thought to himself, “This stuffy business environment would be unbearable otherwise”

Kelli motioned for Daniel to come over to her and he immediately thought, “OK great!!! At least I have an excuse to get a closer look”

She was, as usual, driving Daniel nuts with her outfit. She was wearing a short gray business skirt with high black heels. In between was beautiful shimmering white stockings – not the think kind which completely blocked out the skin – but only SPF 10 – the ones which showed her beautiful skin and gave a hint on how she rates.

“I gotta stop looking at her like this!!!” Daniel thought – for he was a person who cherished one’s non-physical attributes. Kelli was so smart and open minded and Daniel had a ton of respect for her so he felt bad at desiring her at every turn – BUT SHE LOOKED INCREDIBLE!!!!!!

When Daniel arrived near her he was immediately grasped by her scent. It was as if she had a time machine and went back long ago – before man had a chance to pollute Mother Earth’s intoxicating smells – and brought the lovely scent back.

“SO how are you today sweetie?” asked Kelli.

“Great now!!!!” Daniel thought, but then verbally answered, “I’m doing wonderful…..you look beautiful as usual.”

Kelli, at hearing that smiled at Daniel – but quite differently as he was used to. She was always polite and took compliments well but this morning was different. She smiled at him ortaköy escort with a kind of knowledge – as if she knew something he didn’t know ——it’s probably nothing.

Kelli continued, “Are you going out for lunch today?”

Daniel answered, “Maybe……why….would you like to go somewhere?” in hopeful anticipation.

Kelli followed, “Actually I was wondering if you could help me with a project.”

Never wanting to deny her, Daniel answered, “Sure I’d love to help”

Kelli kissed Daniel on the cheek and said, “Thank you honey – I can always count on you — excuse me I have to go to the 9:30 meeting – meet me in conference room 12 at 12:00” then began walking away.

Daniel just stared at her as she walked. Her legs were marching along in a sweet tune, shimmering brightly through those stockings……..SLAP!!!!!! Back to reality dream boy!!! He then went back to his monotony.

10:45, 11:17, 11:55 – the time was dragging!!!!! Daniel kept wondering what Kelli wanted help with. Daniel, in his barbaric, testosterone laden mind could think of a few things but he instantly stopped himself.

“Kelli is cool. I have to stop desiring her soo much.”

Well it was time and Daniel tried to walk slowly towards the conference room. It was like when you have to pee really bad but don’t want everyone to notice.

He finally reached the room, opened the door and immediately saw the vision…..Kelli was sitting right atop the conference table, legs crossed, looking at Daniel in yet another beautiful smile.

“Thank you for coming Daniel.”

“Like I wasn’t going to gorgeous” he said to himself “No problem…what’s up?”

Kelli motioned for Daniel to have a seat and then she began,

“You know it is tough being an attractive woman these days and it is really great when you can meet someone like you.”

“Well thanks…what do you mean?”

“I mean, it is really annoying when you see every guy just trying to get into your pants…..but you respect me.”

Daniel instantly looked upwards for a moment, thankful for the strength to resist all of those times.

Kelli continued, “Don’t get me wrong – I love sex – but need someone otele gelen escort I can trust and who can be open with me.”

Daniel, in am possibility laden hopeful reaction instantly blurted, “Kelli what are you talking about?”

Kelli criss-crossed her legs while Daniel tried to act like he wasn’t looking and said, “For a while now I’ve had an interest in you and want to know if you would like to start something.”

Daniel immediately smiled, jumped up and hugged Kelli saying, “Of course!!!! WOW this is great!”

Kelli hugged him back in a loving embrace. They then backed off for a moment, looked at each other and Daniel asked,

“But you said before that you needed me to help you with something.”

Kelli lead Daniel back to his chair and said,

“Yes I do, You see, what I love most about you is your open mindedness. Other guys always tried to fuck me. You listened, learned and now maybe you can help me sexually.”

Inside Daniel responded, “YEA BABY!!!!! I’ll help you right now” but verbally quizzically said, “Kelli….I…….I”

Kelli slowly put her finger to his lips and said, “SHHHHHHH………” then slowly walked over towards the door and locked it. She then started taking off her clothes, first her jacket, then her shirt – revealing a beautiful black lacy bra which accentuated her shapely breasts. While she was undressing she said,

“I said you were open minded and I want to have some real fun. I believe that you know you have a special bond with someone when you can make each other cum without touching.”

Daniel wondered to himself, “What? Without touching? Oh come on!”

Kelli just stared at Daniel and started to feel her breasts and asked him, “Do you like my body? Do you like to see me touch it?”

Daniel felt like he just took a hit of acid. What was this about? He then looked down and saw the incredible boner he had in his pants. Wow! – he thought – then suddenly a realization bolted to his head like a thunderbolt. Kelli was smart and open and to be honest, if they had sex – considering how hot she was – it would be over by now. True, it seemed he would have to wait a bit longer to actually have her in the traditional otele gelen escort sense, but having her at all was better than nothing. He then started rubbing his bulge and Kelli, upon seeing this, said

“Oh yea baby!!! Rub your cock for me!”

Daniel now knew the rules. WOW!!! He never did this before but what the hay.

Kelli kept talking, “Oh Daniel, I knew you would be the one.”

She then slipped off her skirt and sat back on the table, rubbing all over. Daniel then unzipped his pants and the erect soldier jumped out as if to say, “Hey what am I missing!”

Kelli responded, “Oh yes Daniel…stroke that cock for me baby. Ohhhh my pussy is so wet.”

Daniel wondered what she tasted like as she kept fingering and licking, fingering and licking. He then stated, wanting to maximize the game, “Ohh Kelli I love you in sexy stockings. Take off your heels”

Kelli did as she was asked and started rolling around on the table – lying in such incredible positions that Daniel did not know how the hell he could have will power and not jump on top of her. She was sooo hot that he jumped up, took his pants all the way off and walked over to the edge of the table.

Kelli said, “Ohhh baby!!! Your cock is sooo hard!! You like my sexy stockings? You like to watch me in sexy stockings as I play with my pussy?”

Then, as if sensing it, Kelli stated, “Ohh baby I want you to cum for me..oh yea stroke that cock!! Cum on my sexy stockings.” As she spoke, she took her sexy, stocking laden feet and rubbed Daniel’s balls – driving him all the more nuts.

Daniel, filled with passion answered, “Oh Kelli you are soo sexy…ohh baby I’m gonna cum…you’re making me cum…”

Then, like a medieval battering ram, Daniel’s cock shot a huge hot wad of cum all over Kelli’s hot sexy legs and feet.

After the clean up Kelli hugged Daniel and said,

“I love you – I knew you would be the one…are you free tomorrow night?”

Daniel instantly thought to himself, “Is there possibly anything that would keep me away…Hello, Mr. President..yes I have to cancel that meeting tomorrow….yes it seems Kelli and I have started along that beautiful sexual road and quite frankly…right about now I could give a rats ass about foreign policy”.

Then he said verbally, “Of course…yea…YES.”

Kelli hugged him again, kissed him on the cheek, handed him a piece of paper and said,

“great come over to my place around 8:00 – I’ll have another surprise for you then.”

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