Encounter at Travelodge, Part 5: Or, “The fi


Encounter at Travelodge, Part 5: Or, “The fiClearly, we’re not getting anywhere in our quest for the code word, and different methods will need to be employed. Not to mention that at this time, I would slowly benefit from my first release of the evening, so something will have to be done. Her breasts have been bound for a while, so clearly that sellotape needs to go, and my toothbrush will never be the same. It’s time to bring out the whip!Oh, wait. I don’t have a fucking whip.I take the toothbrush out of her ass (not without wiggling it a bit first). “Don’t move bitch, and don’t you drop what you’re carrying!” says Victor, as I turn to rummage through my computer bag. Laptop power cord – too big, it’ll leave welts. We never discussed if that’s OK, so I’m not going there. iPhone charging cable – too güngören escort soft, and too short. AHA! The Kindle charging cable – it’s appropriately long, firm and thin. That will have to do.I take out the iPad and set it on the table. I turn on the front facing camera, and position it so that her face is visible. “We will try a new approach.” I release her bound breasts and remove the clothespins so that they recover a bit (I want to suck and nibble them later!), and take off the blindfold. She blinks in the light, and sees the iPad and her face in it. “It is not recording now. We do not want anyone to see your shame. But I do want YOU to see your shame, you filthy, treasonous whore.” She smiles. And then she sees that my cock is standing at attention, like a good communist soldier.Oh, escort güngören right, I wanted a release, didn’t I? “Are you hungry? Let me show you the only nourishment you deserve.” – that’s my line, as I grab hold of her nose, an shove my cock into her mouth the moment it opens. In. Out. In. Out. I can feel her tongue working it, and I stop with just the tip of my penis in her mouth, while her tongue licks the head of my cock, and explores the hole in it. Within minutes, I blow the first load of the evening into her mouth – “Suck it all out! It’s all that you’ll get until you tell me what I want to know!”.Needs satisfied for the moment (although I can’t resist a moment of tenderness and French kiss her, tasting some of my own cum), I return to her rear side, while she watches the screen. güngören escort bayan Making sure that the plugs are still where they’re supposed to be (they are), I hit her over her ass with the cable, and she jumps enough to move the chair. “Will you tell me now?”“No.”Another hit. Another two. Another six. Her ass is beginning to show red lines where the cable hits it. I can see that she’s enjoying the spectacle, and she can tell that I’m enjoying myself as well – my little friend has returned to his upright position. It’s time for her orgasm – but should I fuck her, keep this up until she comes (Will she? Is she the type?), or what?Best to play it safe. After a last hit over her ass, I remove the shampoo bottle from her pussy, and using two fingers in it, my thumb on her clit, and my other hand on her nipples, find the g spot and am rewarded with a scream and her whole body straining against the ties that bind her as she has a vaginal orgasm. (Please search for “Encounter at Travelodge” or view my profile to start reading from the beginning.)

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