encasementSo I tried several times to write some PH stories. I’d start, then I would have another idea, then start to write another one.Finally I’m close to finishing one.So first of all, this is fiction. But partly based on my real life experiences. For those asking just why not write real life stories – it’s the same as movies. Do you really enjoy more by watching reality tv or going to see a good fiction at the cinema? Here I can also have (I hope at least ) some kind of narrative. Why write? Those who know my posts know I like encasement, and I believe there are too few good ph encasement stories out there. Like, giving something back to the community, right?I’ll stop blabbering now, hope you enjoy it. All comments appreciated, and sorry for grammar errors.—————————————————Shimmerdance“Yes my dears, and to learn the technique properly I’ll give you my private recordings of dance performances when I was your age. Luckily I still kept the footage at the bottom of some old stash. I know that you attend my classes for the fitness aspect, but try to learn some pro moves too.”The girls thanked dance coach Janet as she gave them a box of DVD’s and they went home, but agreed that they’ll watch it tomorrow at Sarah’s place and try to match their instructor.The next day, the young women gathered at Sarah’s flat, all ready for dance gymnastics showcase, sporting shiny opaque tan pantyhose and black leotards, just like Janet requires them to wear all the time while at studio, to try to practice to their instructors’ DVD.“Find something funny!” Lena said while grabbing the popcorn.Meanwhile, Ashley was browsing through the discs: “Yeah right, she was a pro even back then. I guess there will be only perfect shots from her competitions… I see that the events are named and dated on the DVD’s.” “Just choose one and put it in player.”Ashley put the disc in the player and the girls watched a ’98 competition. Janet, in her trademark shiny tan hose and black lycra leotard, was impressing the judges on stage. Sarah, Lena and Ashley grabbed some pillows and sat comfortably on the large sofa. As this show ended, Ashley found another disc to play. It was from a 2000 competition, where Janet won the second place.“I guess we don’t have to practice to this! Its just way above our league.”“Yeah, I like it better here on the sofa with the popcorn in my lap!”Girls watched the show some more, while Ashley was browsing through the discs.“Hmm, this looks like a Blu-ray disc… weird…”“I don’t get it Ashley? What do you mean?”“I mean this disc in the disc box. This is her old stuff, there was no Blu-ray back then.”“Is it labeled?”“It just says ‘private sessions’.”“I guess those are some of her private practices… maybe we should skip it…”The girls just gave each other wide-eyed looks.“This is fresh then. Maybe she recorded us secretly and now had put it in so that we see how much we suck at her classes!” Lena was anxious, but Sarah came to the defense:“No way, she wouldn’t do that!”“Put it in, let’s see it already!”Ashley exchanged the discs, pressed play and joined Sarah and Lena on the sofa.Instead of a dance maraş escort studio, a well-lit bedroom was shown, with the large bed in the center of the frame. Suddenly a woman slowly entered the frame and sat on the edge of the bed. The girls’ eyes went wide. The woman was completely encased in shiny suntan pantyhose form head to toe, and had a small black underbust leather corset. She sat on the bed and started to cares her legs with her pantyhosed fingers. At first it seemed that the hose were very opaque, but upon closer inspection of her torso, several middle pantyhose seams gave away at least three layers of shiny hose on her legs and arms. She passed slowly with her fingers up and down her legs as she shiny fabric made that specific swishing sound. Camera followed up close her naughty fingers as they went up and caressed her corset and bust hidden under pantyhose layers. Her nipples could be seen just as small shiny bumps on the surface which she pinched with her fingers while she squeezed her large breasts. Her head was covered in two layers of nylon. First layer was a leg of the pantyhose that came out of the cut-out crotches of the hose she wore on her torso and arms, leaving no skin exposed. The second layer was a stocking pulled over head with the lace part around her neck. She caressed her cheeks and started to lick her nylon mask, giving the dark shade to the nylon in front of her mouth. “Errr.. why do we have to watch this video?” Lena asked the girls wondering“I don’t know. It was between other movies. It’s some kind of weird art performance.”“Art my ass! This is somebody’s kinky “private” video.”As the woman was now lying on her back one of her hands fount the way to her crotch and started rubbing it, while covering it form view. She looked to the camera and made a “come here” motion with her hand, and continued to lick her nylon mask and caress her shiny breast. A few seconds later a well-built man entered the scene and stood beside Janet. To the girls amazement he was also encased in several layers of shiny beige hose from head to toe, as they could clearly see the waistbands intersecting at his waist. As his pantyhose were of higher den so his face was also unrecognizable. When he turned to face her, his large and hard member already made a tent in the hose. Janet immediately started to caress his cock and balls with her nylon hands. At first she used slow moves, just outlining the contours of his cock, passing slowly from the tip to the crotch. Slowly she pulled on his pantyhose to release some of the pressure of his “tent” to try to get a hold of his cock through the hose and point it straight at her self. Grabbing it from below with her nylon hands to hold it in place, she started to lick the tip of his shaft through the shiny layers. As he put his hand behind her head to support her as she tried to suck the tip of his cock, but it just went in just barely. To remedy the situation he pushed her away a bit, pinched at his tent and pointed his finger down. She immediately grabbed the waistband of his outer hose and pulled them slowly down to his knees. Beneath he had two layers of beige escort maraş ph with the front hole just snugly cut out for his cock and balls, and beneath that another hose with a cock and ball nylon sheath that tightly encased his cock. As the sheath was only 10 den it was practically almost transparent, just adding a sleek shine to his member.“Do I imagine stuff, or is his cock also encased in pantyhose?” Ashley tried to look closer.“Yeah, something like a tight nylon condom attached to his pantyhose.”“What they’ll think of… a pantyhose with third leg!”He started caressing her face and slowly grabbed the stocking on her neck and pulled it to her forehead. As she now had only one 15 denier nylon layer on her face, the girls recognized her through the mask: It was Janet, their instructor! In a kinky private video! She must have misplaced it between her exercise videos.“Now I think I understand why we always have to wear hose in studio. She’s a fetishist!”“Maybe, but I don’t mind it. Everybody is free to do as they like. Besides, I know that the boys like the shiny hose. I always catch them looking at my legs when I’m wearing.” Lena was resolute.“Now when I think of it, she always checks our legs the most when we dance. Maybe she’s into women!”“I don’t know, but she sure has killer good looks for her late thirties.”Meanwhile, as the ph leg on her face was oversized, and without the restrictive stocking layer, Janet started to lick the nylon sheathed cock through her mask. Slowly she licked it from the balls all to the tip of his cock and finally, opened her mouth wide so she can take it in. Firmly she grabbed him with her hand and guided into her wet waiting mouth. With each thrust he pushed her nylon mask inside her mouth deeper and deeper with his member. The pantyhose on his cock became wet and dark from her saliva as he pushed it all the way, stretching the pantyhose mask even more into her mouth. As his sheath became wet it became more transparent and the small nylon seam on the tip could be clearly seen on his dick head.Suddenly they stopped and she lied back on the bed, still rubbing her crotch with her hosed fingers. As she bended her knees and put her legs up and apart, he pulled beck the stocking down on her face, while the camera zoomed in so that she was on full display. She removed her hand from her hot pussy to easier support her legs in the air it became obvious that she also had a kinky type of pantyhose. On the first two pantyhose on her legs the cotton crotches were clearly cut out, but the bottom layer hose had a nylon vaginal sheath that lined her pussy with shiny smooth nylon. It was clear that after all the sucking and rubbing she was wet as hell as her pussy contours could be clearly seen trough the fabric.“Do I see it wrong or she has hose stuffed inside her pussy?” Ashley was wondering.“Those two do really like their pantyhose, eh? Sarah you’re silent all the time?” Lena asked.“Uhh… I’m just… shocked!” Sarah murmured while her eyes were fixed on the screen.As the man kneeled in front of her they could see his pantyhosed face as he slowly used his nylon fingers to caress her pussy. Slowly maraş escort bayan he made circles from her clit to her ass as she was moaning with pleasure. He put one arm under her and firmly pressed her anus with his finger through her hose to stimulate her. With his other hand he made firm strokes on her nylon clad mound. With time, he moved faster and faster, as she started shaking and moaning even louder. As he rubbed her pussy as fast as he could, he grabbed the sides of the clit and moved closer to lick it through his pantyhose mask faster and faster until she screamed: “Put it in! Put it in! Fuck it! Fuck my pantyhosed pussy with your encased cock!”.In that moment he backed to the side not to obstruct the view and also held her legs as she started to shake. With a loud moan she squirted hard in her hose wetting all her hose in the crotch area.Ashley looked at Sarah in awe.“She sure isn’t faking it.”“Guess not…I didn’t know you could squirt so hard. The guy really knows how to rub.”Without a word he stood up while stroking his rock hard sheathed member and pushed her legs even more back to wide open her pantyhosed pussy. He positioned himself over her and used his hand to guide his encased penis to the entrance of her vaginal sheath.“No…he ain’t gonna do what I think he’s about to do? He can’t put it in like that.” Lena was frowning at the screen.With slow thrusts, bit by bit he pushed his cock inside her, while her juices lubed the double nylon layers between her pussy and his cock. After several thrusts her moans became louder and louder as his cock was disappearing inch by inch inside her. Finally as he went in all the way, stretching both their pantyhose sheathes to the max, she grabbed his ass and then the real pounding began.“Yes! Faster! Give it to me!” Janet was screaming and moaning as the shiny invader was giving all it had, with their bodies tightly encased in the smooth fabric.“Well I guess he can put it in!”“And quite well! What do you think Sarah?”“Well I…. kinky as hell.”He pulled his wet cock out and lied on his back. Janet hastily positioned herself in a reverse cowgirl position to give a good show to the camera exposing her moist crotch. She guided his pantyhosed member just below her pussy. Slowly she lowered herself with a moan as his cock parted her pantyhosed lips and slid again the whole length inside her. They proceeded to pound hard while she held her tight ass above him. With a loud moan and a scream they halted as they both had a wild nylon orgasm.Slowly he pulled out his half hard cock out of her sheathed pussy and caressed her, while she slowly kissed him and gently stroked his sheathed member all covered in semen.A few seconds later the video abruptly stopped while the girls laid there speechless.“You know that we will see her on Friday, right?” Ashley asked nervously. “What should we do?”“Well I think that this was here by mistake. I suggest we pretend this never happened. Imagine that she knew that we know. Shed probably freak out.” Lena continued, “And probably kick us out of the classes”“So we agree on silence?” Ashley asked.“I do.”“OK”“Like it never happened” Sarah smiled… “but that guy’s ass looked nice in shiny hose!”And the girls just laughed at Sarah’s joke and returned the disc back, chatted some more and went home.—————————–End of part 1. If you like, I’ll post the rest.

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