Emma 4


Emma 4He didn’t come back to me for over a week and I was relieved but somehow disappointed, I didn’t want him doing things to me as they were wrong, but equally once I got over the guilt it did feel good. It got to the stage where I was almost thinking about faking a nightmare when he turned up one night. I was fast asleep and didn’t feel him get in bed with me and by the time I did realise my nightie was up round my neck and his hands were everywhere. I came awake with a start but he whispered that it was only him and to relax. Relax I thought, my pussy was already tingling in anticipation and my nipples were already hard as his hands brushed across them. Oh shit, I must be such a slut to be enjoying this, nut there was nothing I could do and I was silently willing him to go down on me again.I was laying on my back and his hand soon worked down to mu pussy stroking gently and, slut that I am, I opened my legs, allowing illegal bahis him full access. Then he slid closer and I could feel his cock against my side as his finger worked inside my. He leaned over my and whispered “hold my cock Emma, stroke it like you did before” and then he began kissing me. This was nothing like the kisses I’d been getting from boys, this was full on, tongue in mouth stuff and it felt strange but hot. As he was doing this he lifted up and knelt between my legs, still kissing still fingering. Then he took my hand off his cock which was a relief as I didn’t really know what I should be doing.He kept kissing and fingering and it felt good but I was always hoping he was going to suck me again. Then it suddenly struck me his finger was still in me but both his hands were by my head. I was so thick, he was fucking me and I didn’t realise it at least not until he gave a little push and some more illegal bahis siteleri of his cock went in. Then I knew it was much bigger than a finger, I also knew this was baby making stuff and I didn’t want that so tried to stop him. He kept still, his head next to mine whispering how it was OK he wouldn’t hurt me and stuff like that, but I was petrified, nice girls didn’t do this. But he was much bigger than me and simply held me like that as I grew accustomed to the huge thing in my pussy.His soothing talk and slow movement soon aroused feelings down there that I couldn’t ignore and he slowly began fucking me properly, in and out. Oh fuck now I really was a slut, I was being fucked and enjoying it, not only that, it was the same cock that fucked my mum.I could feel the rhythm now, and began moving against him and oh boy, it felt good until all of a sudden he pulled out and just in time as his hot sticky canlı bahis siteleri spunk shot all over my belly. He groaned as he came and then stroked it until he was drained butt I felt cheated, it hant been as good as the last time, but I didn’t have the nerve to say anything. It didn’t matter, once he’d recovered a bit he started on me again, fingering my now moist pussy and as he started moving down I was shaking with anticipation. Would he do it again? He did! I was up in the clouds, he was kissing my pussy lips then using his tongue and soon I couldn’t keep track of what he was doing, fingers, tongue, fuck knows, all I know was it felt amazing. At one point I thought he was pulling away before I’d cum so I grabbed his head and held it there as I ground my pussy against his mouth. I came, oh boy did I cum a long drawn out orgasm that seemed to go on forever and he kept sucking me off the whole time. When I relaxed I was so embarrassed at what I’d done but he just smiled and asked me if I liked my cunt sucked and he made me answer him as well. He left me then and I laid there feeling full of guilt for fucking my mum’s guy but so relieved I’d got off again.

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