Emerson and the Lion Ch. 02

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I kept coming into consciousness randomly and in the middle of activities over the next few days. It was really trippy because I could see what I was doing but I couldn’t really control it. Everything was in slow motion, my mind was detached.

The first time I awoke, I was getting a shot in the arm by a man I recognized as Ali’s father, a doctor as Ali had told me. I was sitting in someone’s lap, I felt arms around me and the room was crisp white with too much lighting. His father stood in front of me and was plunging a needle into my arm. He was a little shorter than Ali and his skin was a little lighter. He certainly didn’t look old enough to have five grown sons.

I reached out towards his tie, blue shiny satin. I gave it a soft pet and he looked at me with a quizzical smile. I felt the sting of the needle and I moved my hand to swat him away as my lips formed an “ow!” I felt the person holding me grab my hand and pull it back and hold it in my lap. I recognized the hand as Ali’s from his watch. I felt lips kiss my ear and he rubbed my tummy to settle me. The needle went away and we laid back on the white table. Ali rolled me around to put my head against his chest and the lights went out… I did too.


Most of my wake-ups were us in bed, me wrapped in a blanket with my head on his chest. He was on his laptop, watching sports, on the phone, or asleep. An asian man in medical scrubs was usually there too, he’d check my eyes, listen to me breathe, take my temperature, and then give me a shot and I’d go back to sleep. Occasionally I also saw a string of various men come in to vacuum, change the bed linens, clean up, take and deliver laundry or food.

A few times I woke up alone, holding on to a stuffed lion made of this super plush shaggy material. The lion has a heart sewn onto his chest that was gold material with “Ali’s Cub” embroidered on it. I’d look around and he was always there, eating food, talking on the phone, scratching his nuts, other daily routines. Several times a day, he’d come over with a protein drink. At first, it was in a baby bottle and he’d pull me on to his lap and put it to my lips. Later it was just a cup with a straw in it. It felt good on my dry throat.

Every time I’d awaken, Ali would come over and try to type something to me. It would be too blurry to read, and I’d get frustrated. He’d shake his head with the look of “not yet, soon you will,” and then he’d kiss me, the lips, my cheek, whatever part he got to first. It was the weirdest experience, but I remembered taking a big fall and was glad to not be in any pain. It was a strange, happy numbness.


The most exciting time was later when I woke up with my head on his chest as he slowly stroked his hard cock. I could see an expensive pair of black briefs pushed down to his ankles. He alternated between jerking his tool and then pulling on his nuts and kissing the top of my head. I felt his hot breath against my ear. He had his left arm behind me, across my back with his hand inside my underwear rubbing between my cheeks. I felt a finger move up and down over my hole.

In my foggy state, I forgot to feel weird about this. I also felt a little more daring. The tip of his hard brown nipple was just touching my lips. I gave it a little kiss and for some reason decided to lick it. He stopped jerking his cock and pushed my head up to look at him. We smiled at each other and he nodded approval with a kiss on my forehead.

He tilted my head back more so he could kiss me on the lips. He had such strong lips and they made me feel so weak as he wrestled mine to parting and slipped his tongue into my mouth. I felt his finger working my back door with more urgency. He started to poke in to me, to open it up. It was a struggle he seemed to enjoy, but soon it went too far and hurt.

“Ah!” I gasped as he got in the first knuckle.

Ali took his hand away and reached over to the bedside table to take out a small bottle. He put a dab of clear liquid on his fingertip and returned it to my bottom. He rubbed it around the hole and started to work it back inside me. This warm feeling spread where he touched. It felt so nice.

“Ahh!” I gasped again but this time smiled up at him as my breathing increased.

My cock was starting to poke at his thigh and he pushed my underwear down. I noticed it for the first time, a pair of red briefs, an almost see through material. They were made of very stretchy material and peeled off of me and rolled down my legs. He sat up and pushed them off of me, tossing them across the room. He pulled my left leg up and over his thigh so that my cock rubbed right against his hip and he had more access to my backside.

Ali started to work into me deeper. He moved his finger in circles to stretch me out a little so he could go deeper. It was one of those out of body experiences because I was probably heavily doped up. I could see myself enjoying it, feel myself wanting more, but my conscious mind was bahis firmaları helplessly protesting, knowing this was not right.

I know he couldn’t help himself. He had given up any social life to take care of me and I’m sure his cock dearly missed having a hole to fill. It wasn’t right of me to ask him to give that up. It was selfish of me to leave like I did and hurt myself on his property. All of this filled my head as he started to fuck his finger deep into me. He kept hitting against the spot that made my cock jump and thump against him. My shaft glided against his soft, brown skin.

It had been so long since I’d had personal time to jerk off in the shower and it desperately needed attention. It had no idea it was rubbing against a man. All it knew was skin on skin contact and a need to seed. My breath was ragged as I started to kiss and suck on his nipple.

Ali was riding me with his finger so fast and hard now and filling my body with warmth and fireworks. My skin felt electric as he rubbed me with his free hand, abandoning his jerk off session to make me feel good.

He stopped momentarily to put more clear liquid on a second finger and then went back to getting me open. This was like starting all over again. My hole closed around the tips of his two fingers and he gently, patiently, insistently pushed into me, careful to raise my head again to monitor my reactions.

“Yuhh!,” was all I could voice from my dry, raspy, rarely used throat, “Yuhh!” I’m sure I looked all out of sorts, he paused and laughed, then leaned back in to kiss me deeply. His saliva flowed past my lips and I swallowed it, making my throat feel better. He tasted like the green tea he always drank.

My body opened to accept more of his fingers and he started to ride me again, finding the now familiar spots that sent me pushing my cock against him.

I didn’t last long as he was double tagging my happy spots. My cock started to shoot, spraying a week’s worth of cum all over his stomach. It was thick and globby and my body rocked and jerked and twisted with each release.

I closed my eyes, but he lifted them open. He held my chin, staring into me as I came. His lips were saying something. They made these kissing motions and his eyes narrowed with serious tones as I continued to shoot and moan my uncontrolled happiness.

Halfway through, his body joined me. I could tell because his fingers buried deep inside me, climbing past their previous depths and his body started to move with mine. His face looked deadly serious and he leaned down to put his tongue back into my mouth. He kissed me deeply as we came down. A deep pool of mixed race swimmers mingled between us.

I don’t know who cleaned up the massive mess we’d made, but I quickly fell asleep on his chest again as his fingers stayed buried inside me. It was a nice, full feeling. Whatever I was on allowed me to fully enjoy it, but it spent whatever energy I had built up. I slept deeply and don’t remember being showered, dressed, or put back to sleep.


The next time I woke up, there was a white dog lying next to me. I thought maybe it was the stuffed lion until it moved and came over to study me.

“What the hell kind of medication am I on?” I thought to myself until I felt a wet tongue lick my cheek. It was real. He wasn’t quite a puppy, but also not yet full grown. He looked like a yellow labrador, but his coat was completely white to match the furniture.

I pet his head and he laid it down next to my face. He had on a white leather collar around his neck with a gold medallion. It had some words in arabic and then Ali’s phone number.

I raised up a little bit and saw Ali dressed in business clothes sitting at the glass table. He was typing on his laptop and talking on his cell phone. I leaned forward and put my head against the dog’s soft coat and pet him lightly. When Ali finished his call, he came over to check on me. He had on a crisp white shirt with a grey tie. He leaned down and pet my hair and kissed my cheek.

“I thought you could use a friend to help you recover,” he typed into a tablet that was on the bedside table. The font was huge and my eyesight was recovering.

“You got me a dog!!” I typed back and tried to sit up without much luck.

“I’d get the moon if it helped my cub recover. I always wanted a dog, but traveled too much. Now I have my cub here and a cub needs responsibility. When you’re better, he will be yours to take care of,” he typed.

“I don’t know if my dorm will let me keep a dog in my room. He needs a house,” I responded.

Ali’s face filled with thought, “I don’t want you going back there. It is safer for you here. We can talk about it when you feel better. Rest now, little cub.” He set the tablet back on the table, not waiting for my reply. He kissed me on the lips and pushed me back against the pillow. He pulled the comforter up to my chest again and gave my hair a pet, and then did the same to the dog.

I kaçak iddaa laid back down and took a deep breath as he went back to his laptop and cell phone. I liked my dorm room. I had to share it, but it still felt like it was mine. It was the first time in my life that I had half a room. Usually I shared a room with other guys who didn’t respect me or my few things. Here I had a cabinet to keep my things. Adam, wasn’t the nicest of roommates, but he respected my things and didn’t steal.

This house was insane and beautiful, but none of it was mine. I couldn’t give up my freedom, my schedule, my space. No, this wasn’t what I wanted. Or was it? I didn’t have to worry about anything, but how long would this last? What about my classes?

“Aww dang,” I thought, what happened to the classes I was taking? I’d certainly missed a lot of days and I had projects I was working on that were due last week. Would I be able to make things up? My head started to swirl with fuzziness, and back to the dark sleep I went.


I finally started to feel control and come out of the fog when I woke up in the bathtub. He was behind me, rubbing body wash gently across my chest. I felt his other hand rubbing a small bar of soap into my bottom. I watched his dark skin rub over my pale stomach, and felt a finger once again tracing circles around my hole. He really wanted me clean.

The slow, gentle circles started to make my cock hard. I was waking up and my body was betraying me. My last grasps at maintaining my heterosexuality returned to take me over. I had a feeling of panic. I felt helpless looking down at it and I kept trying to think of gross things, but nothing worked. I moved my arms to cover my junk and his hand stopped. He lifted me up and turned me around to face him.

He set me down on his lap to face him and drew his legs up behind me to support my back. We were both naked, but he was smiling, at ease with this. I guess for him, being naked with another guy wasn’t that sexual, especially one who was as damaged as me. I kept my hands on my cock, covering it. I’m sure I was blushing pretty hard.

Ali raised his hands and signed to me, “How are you feeling?”

I was so shocked that my hands flew up to sign back to him, “Good! You learn signs!” I was so excited until I felt my cock flop against his stomach and quickly went back to covering it.

“I had time while you slept. I practiced a few phrases to show you.” He signed back. Now, if you know sign language, you know that it doesn’t come out exactly as it would in spoken English, but we fill in the blanks.

“What happened to me?” I signed in between covering myself.

Ali started to sign, but got frustrated. He reached the ledge of the oversized tub and found a black dry-erase marker. He wrote on the white tile wall that framed the tub.

“You fell and hurt your head pretty badly. We kept you on heavy medicine for pain and healing. Now we are decreasing it and you are going to be ok,” he wrote.

“How long have I been out? What day is it?,” I wrote when he handed me the marker.

“You fell ten days ago. Why did you run? Why did you disobey me and leave? You must never run from me! Never.” As he wrote, his smile disappeared and his expression turned to anger.

“I couldn’t,” I started to write and then paused. I felt like I was going to cry and I don’t cry, not in front of others. I took a deep breath and erased it with a rag, then started over, “I was embarrassed and I messed up our friendship. I wanted to feel close to you and I ended up doing something bad to you. I don’t want you to think I’m gay.”

I set down the marker and turned to look away. I couldn’t look him in the eye. I almost laughed as I looked down and saw my dick was still rock hard. I truly had no control.

“I touched you too,” Ali wrote, “Does that change my whole identity or make me less of a man? You have become like my child. The minute I found you I knew you were mine to protect. Is it not ok to care for someone? Is it not ok to love you?” He took the rag and erased everything else we’d written. It made a mess, but he had enough people around here who would come and clean it up.

It was a lot of questions and I didn’t really have an answer. I still felt like I’d forced it on him and his body just reacted. He finished erasing everything except the last question. I stared at it and wondered. “Is it not ok to love you?”

No one had ever taken care of me like this. The group home directors who raised me were always nice and helped me grow, but that was their job. Caleb loved me, I knew that for sure, but it wasn’t like this. Caleb was definitely gay and had a string of boyfriends ever since he was in high school. I was totally cool with it, but he and I never even got naked together, much less touched like that.

Caleb! I hadn’t thought about him. He must be super worried. I normally sent him an email every night which was morning back in LA. If I had been out for kaçak bahis ten days then he would be freaking out. I grabbed for the marker again as Ali went back to soaping me up.

“I need to check my email! I have to write Caleb,” I wrote.

Ali shook his head and traced a soapy finger down my chest. He wrote, “You are going to sleep after I dry you off and give you some food. I already called him and told him you are ok. I will set up a time with him to facetime you.”

How had he gotten Caleb’s information? I wondered for a minute, but he started to rinse me off and then got up on his feet to go for towels. Watching him move around the room naked, his muscles flexing with every twist and step, kept my dick raging hard. He was a little excited himself, but didn’t attempt to hide it.

I started to lift myself up from the water, but my arms hadn’t done much in awhile and they quickly protested lifting me up. I slipped back down and Ali came back over. He got right up to me and made the sign for “no!” and then “stay put.” He had really been practicing signs. He pulled me up into his chest and set me down on the cold marble counter. He wrapped a big, fluffy towel around me and patted me dry. He even went between my legs and made sure everything was dry. He gave my dick a squeeze with the towel and watched as a small drop of pre-cum formed. He wiped at it with a towel and gave me a wink.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I wasn’t bruised except a little on the side of my head. My hair looked really crazy. Someone had shaved it close on the sides and cut the top. I had no memory of that, but I knew sometimes when people have a head injury they have to shave their heads to do stuff. I touched the sides and looked at Ali who made a little sign like a barber using clippers. It actually looked good!

He moved me to a large chair in a corner of the bathroom and signed for me to stay put. I had a feeling he was going to do that all the time now. He came back from the closet wearing a small pair of loose jogging shorts and held a pile of clothes for me. He slipped on a white jockstrap and pulled it up my legs. It was a small struggle to get my cock inside, but it finally complied. He held up a pair of kid’s thermal pajama pants. They were dark blue and had little cartoon space ships and green aliens on them. They fit very snugly, but he got them on.

He put a dark blue tank top on me and then helped me to my feet. I wanted to try walking a little, but he didn’t give me a chance. He carried me on one arm and wrapped my arms around his neck until he laid me down in the bed.

Ali brought over some soup and a piece of fish. He turned the lights down low and got into bed next to me as I ate. He pulled out his laptop and nudged me to start eating. It looked light outside, maybe afternoon. I saw his father and brothers out in the pool area with other guys. It looked like fun and I really wanted to go outside, but I didn’t argue with Ali as he lifted a spoonful of soup to my lips with an impatient look.

I let him feed me a few spoonfuls, but then took it and started to feed myself. Ali put on a DVD of one of the nature shows I liked. It was lions laying around in the sun. He opened his laptop and started typing to me. The dog came up on the bed and rested at the foot. He watched us and put his head on his paws. I had forgotten to ask what his name was.

“You can’t understand how scared I was when my brother came to get me when you fell. We took you to the hospital and they ran all kinds of tests. I was so scared you were dead. I shouldn’t have let you leave. I should have taken you with me to the bathroom or something… You don’t know what it is to find a perfect flower just beginning to bloom and then watch it die in front of you.”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to fall. I’ve always been a tripper. I didn’t die,” I typed back.

“I know, little cub. I’ve been with you since it happened, hoping you would wake up and be ok. We brought in a nurse to watch you. He’s sleeping in the servants’ quarters right now, but he will be back to check on you. My father has taken care of you too. Please don’t ever do that again. I need to know where you are and that you’re safe. You belong to me now, I’m responsible for you.”

I finished the food and Ali gave me some pills to swallow. He put the tray over on a table and then came back to the bed to pull me in to him. He slipped an arm across my tummy and worked his other hand into the back of my pajama pants, rubbing my bare ass soothingly. I guess that explained the jockstrap. He knows what comforts me. I fell asleep feeling his heart beat against my face as he massaged my hole.

When I woke up, Ali was gone and the stuffed lion was there in his place. I sat up and looked around the dark room. I saw the dog still lying at the foot of the bed watching over me. He came up when he saw me wake. He gave my face a gentle lick and looked towards the window.

Through the window I saw Ali standing over by the pit where I’d fallen. He was wearing jeans and a long-sleeved tight blue shirt. His back was towards me and he looked like he was talking to someone, but the palm trees blocked my view of the others.

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