Eight is Enough

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My husband and I were laying in bed the other morning, having just awaken, and I desperately needed to get laid. Our daughter was home, but that has never stopped us before. He said, “wanna fuck” and I said, “close the door lover.” I watched his beautiful ass as he walked over to close the bedroom door. We both brushed our teeth and then jumped back into bed.

He quickly booted up a computer and started to find an erotic story to get my juices flowing. He was reading out loud and I curled up on his side to get some skin. As he read, I let my hands wander over his yummy body. I just love his skin. And he loves mine! I started with his chest, just drawing lazy circles. Those progressed into larger circles that inevitably drew my hand like a magnet to his cock. I knew he would be erect for me. My favorite play toy surged with blood as my fingers neared and then caressed him gently. One pelvic thrust from him and I knew he was ready for more.

I slipped under the covers and slid his dick into my mouth. I so love that first taste of his manhood. As the velvet skin becomes one with my mouth, I get so wet. And this morning was no different. Within minutes my pussy was dripping. No, it was flowing. While I was enjoying the feel of his dick in my mouth, I wanted—no I needed more. I was ready to ride him.

There are times when I will suck him for a while. He will caress my back with this left hand as he stimulates his dick with his right hand. On other mornings he will reach down and finger me to readiness. I also enjoy a command or two and he will order me to touch myself. I know how much he likes to watch me Jilling Off. But not THIS morning.

With one quick motion, I threw back the covers. I quickly slipped in between his legs and gobbled his dick again. I was slurping on his head as he was thrusting into my mouth. I was so ready for my first orgasm of the morning. I… Just… Could… Not… Wait. I climbed into his lap and guided him home. That first deep stroke, oh my god. He filled me so full. And I was so ready. Within seconds I could hear the slurping noise created by my flooded pussy. The juice was pouring out of me and quickly coated his dick and balls, my thighs and even pushed up onto my ass. I was slimed and loved it.

He began fucking me in earnest, lunging up into my wet readiness. I kissed him on the lips and it began to ripple through my entire body, starting with my flooded pussy. I sat further back and rode out my first orgasm. It was wonderful. He always points out the goosebumps as they rise on my torso and tits. He stopped thrusting and allowed me to enjoy the moment. But not for long. As I was just finishing, he pushed again. Just one thrust at first, and then a few more slow and steady strokes. I was ready for more, but had no idea how the morning would go.

He stroked into me for a few minutes and then I felt him grab my left arm. He pushed it towards my back and I knew instantly what he wanted. Or so I thought… Often he wants me to feel myself and tell him how wet I am. Sometimes he wants to share my juicy fingers. bostancı escort But as I reached back I heard him say, “finger your ass.” Now I love him touching my ass and I am no stranger to stimulating my own back door. I felt a little flutter of anticipation in both my pussy and ass as my fingers approached my wetness. It was only a second until my fingers were slick with my wetness. I smeared them upwards and coated my ass crack and puckered asshole.

I loved the feeling of my fingers as they caressed my tight little pucker. I warmed it up with my index finder, but knew I wanted to go deep with my middle finger. He was still fucking me as a I rode him and I began to fuck my own ass. I tentatively pressed the digit in, one knuckle and then two. Before I knew it, I slammed my finger fully in my own ass. I could feel his dick, both his cock filling my pussy and the flesh of it from within my ass. With my finger, I could feel the ridge of the head of his cock as he was thrusting into my tight and wet pussy—It was wonderful. I knew instantly and desperately hoped we were going to have that kind of ass fucking morning. I love a good deep dicking in my ass, but we tend to save that for special occasions. Well this was going to be special and I was prepared to love it!

That is when he began to push me over the top. I heard him whisper, “you fucking slut.” “What an ass whore you are. There you are with your own fingers in your ass. What a slut.” He then asked whose slut I was? I told him I was his slut.

He took control and told me what to say:

He said, “tell me you are MY slut.” And I did.

I said, “I’m YOUR slut.”

“Tell me you are my ASS slut.”

“I am your ASS slut.”

“Tell me how much you love having your ass filled.”

And I did. I told him over and over again how much I loved him fingering and fucking my ass. How wet I was for him and how I was going to cum all over him!

So with my ass full of my finger and my pussy full of his dick, I just couldn’t stop it. My second orgasm ambushed me. I rode him hard and then collapsed on his chest. My hand was soaked and ended back on his right shoulder. I know he could smell my ass and my pussy. His nostrils flared as his cock swelled with passion inside me. In seconds his fingers replaced mine and HE was fucking my ass. Not one, but two—His two middle fingers were up my ass. He had two fingers jammed in there and he was fucking me hard. I could still hear the slurping as he fucked my sloppy wet pussy with his dick. It felt so good. I felt so good. I loved it!

Wham. Again within a few strokes he was lifting us both up off the bed with his pelvic thrusts. I was triggered again and moaned loudly as my third orgasm hit me. I moaned again and again and he hushed me trying not to be too loud with the teenager in the house.

I barely heard him say he loved me as he whispered to me. I think he elaborated with a coordinated set of dick stabs as he thrust into me in time with his words as he said (thrust) “I”, (thrust) “fucking”, (thrust) çeliktepe escort “love”, (thrust) “fucking”, (thrust) “your”, (thrust) “slutty”, (thrust) “wet”, (thrust) “fucking”, (thrust) “pussy”. And then he thrust deeply and let me ride it out. I slammed my hands down on his chest and pushed down onto him as hard as I could. It was magnificent. Number three for the morning was in the books. I collapsed on his chest. I was out of breath, wet as hell, and it felt great.

He began to caress my back. He lovingly ran his hands up and down my spine and then worked them across my back. I know him so well and I hate him— I knew what was next. Without fail he slipped his nails onto my sides and scratched up towards my tits. I am so ticklish and he knows this drives me nuts. The tickling forced a lurch of my body and his dick moved within me. I knew instantly that he wasn’t done—and neither was I.

He turned my cheek and kissed me. He nibbled on my lower lip and gazed lovingly into my eyes. He asked if I was ready for his dick in my ass. My stomach fluttered as I replied, “anything for you lover.” He then commanded me to do the work. As I slipped upward, I was ready, so ready for my fourth orgasm. I knew I was ready to blow a gasket once he started to pound my ass. Secretly I was counting and hoped I could get two glorious orgasms as he fucked my ass with his wonderful cock.

I grabbed his dick and edged it up to my puckered bung hole. I was soaked and knew that no additional lubricant would be needed. I sat back, but missed on the first try and he went deep back in my pussy. While that felt good, I had a different itch to scratch. I tried again and I eased him into my ass and sat back down slowly. Since he had been fucking me with two fingers I did not need long to adjust to his dick. His dick slid home and filled me up. We are simply made for each other. I swear I sat on him three times and then spasmed. God damn that felt good. I didn’t move and he didn’t move. I just sat there stuffed with his dick in my ass and came and came and came. It was wonderful.

I could feel him flexing his hips just a little as he rhythmically filled his cock with blood. Wow… And then he moved again. I was hoping he would stay still for a few minutes longer, but I knew it was his turn. I was at four and counting and my poor, wonderful husband was hard at work taking care of my insatiable needs. It had been almost a week since we had fucked and I really did need this. I am sure he did too.

As he slowly began to fuck my ass again, I lifted up on my arms and looked down at him. He had his eyes closed, but a big ass smile on his face. No wonder right? Fucking my ass like he owned it. And then he opened his eyes. He saw my pierced nipple and lunged for it. I screamed “no” because I knew what would happen. As soon as he latched on, he sucked hard. He bit me, he sucked me, and bit me again. And I came again. Just like that it hit me and I slammed my ass down on his dick. I fucking came for the fifth time in about twenty minutes. I fucking cihangir escort loved it. But still no joy for my man.

Just about the time I was ready to move again, there was knock at the door. He looks up at me and says, “are you fucking kidding me?” “Did you set this up.” “Tell me again why we had kids?” I yell through the door “go away!” But the moment is lost and he slips from my well satisfied ass.

Within a moment, the kid is back at the door whining about toothpaste or some such crap. So I dutifully get out of bed and take care of her. I can tell my husband is frustrated. I am not sure if he wants to give up, jack off quickly or fuck me again. He politely asks if I would like his dick in my ass again or in my pussy. I tell him, “whatever you want baby” and I mean it. I love him so much! I see him begin to wash his dick with soap and water and assume it will be my pussy. That works for me!

We return to bed and he picks up with the story on Literotica, right where we left off. Quickly his dick is hard and he is ready for me to climb on top. I slide down onto his dick and it feels even better now after my wave of orgasms. He fills my pussy so nicely.

As I ride him with my hands on his chest, I begin to lightly caress his nipples. He returns the favor, but is a bit more rough with my tits and nipples. He begins to pinch and roll both nipples in the way that I like. Oh god, that sets me off. I can’t believe I am coming again so quickly. He smiles knowing how deeply he pleases me. Again he points out the gooseflesh he has caused on my torso and on my tits. He relishes in the fact that he owns my body and plays it like a violin. With number six out of the way, now I get greedy and know I will quickly go for number seven.

I keep riding and he keeps fucking me. He pulls me closer so he can suck on my nipple. He takes about half of my rather large breast and nipple into his mouth. He begins to tongue my nipple and shifts to nibbling on my other nipple. He sucks the whole tit again and the pressure on my nipple goes right to my pussy. I tense and slam down on his gorgeous dick. He knows to let go of my tit and let me ride my orgasm. As I finish up with orgasm seven, he kisses me and says, “my turn.” No shit baby, use me! Fuck me like the slut I am. I live to be your sex toy and whore.

I know my husband’s triggers so I go right for his nipples. I adjust my torso so that I can play with my nipples and his nipples at the same time. I am sure this is his favorite position. He thrusts up into me with vigor as I caress and pinch his/our nipples. Damn this feels good and I wish it would last longer. But I can feel the head of his dick swelling with excitement. I can feel it throb deep inside me and know he is about to cum. The thrusts rapidly three last times and we cum together. He stops thrusting and plants his dick deep inside me. He fills me with his seed and then slaps my hands away from his now sensitive nipples.

I relax forward onto his chest knowing that “Eight is Enough”. We stay still for a few minutes and then unbelievably the child is back at the door. I slide off my amazing husband and smile at our juices that have covered his dick. If my daughter was not at the door, I would gobble up that wonderful snack. Alas, that is not to be, so I throw him two tissues and we flop out of bed to begin our day. What a morning!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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