Educating Ariel


Educating ArielEducating Ariel, a story by Ariana! – My actual name :)“Ariel”, I whispered as I came to sit next to you on your bed, you were taking a nap and looked up at me and smiled. I remember that smile, it was the same one you’ve given me the previous few weeks when we sat next to each other in math class. I didn’t pay much attention then but I can now remember how you moved your leg under the desk so that it would touch mine, your summer dress revealing your gorgeous leg up to mid thigh level – I made as if nothing happened but it sparked a whole new feeling deep inside of me….and also created a stir in my undies, a feeling i enjoyed very much.As you sat up and gathered your thoughts after your mid afternoon nap, I could not but notice your beautiful breasts, filling out your red and white cotton T shirt, revealing an amazing cleavage and a pair of nipples that showed their presence, pointing out, begging to be touched. You were wearing a gorgeous sexy thong, just covering your kitty, its pink and purple spots against a lilac background made me wonder and lust for whats hidden under there. “Hi!” you said, “What you’re doing here?” – you gave me that smile again. I did not say a word except for “Shhhhh” – and was now sitting on the bed facing you, both of us with our legs folded like baby Bhuddas, your legs glistening like velvet, your tiny panties revealing heaven as it pulls away from your leg while you make yourself comfortable. I’m wearing a beautiful summer dress, it is short but flares out from my hips, underneath I have nothing on, no panties, I took them off on my way up in the elevator and put them in my bag – i was planning on spending an incredible afternoon with you and was already dripping wet by the time I entered your dorm room.I took your face in both my hands and pulled you towards me, “Don’t say anything” – i whispered as I gently tugged on your upper lip with my lips, I could feel you melt, I continued to kiss you, you gasped, karşıyaka escort you opened your eyes and looked at me. i could see that you wanted this as much as i did. You kissed me back, this time with a little more exploring of my mouth, your tongue finding its way, I took your tongue in my mouth, as deep as it would go. I kissed you, my tongue deep inside of you, you were making tiny moaning noises, you have crossed the threshold of resistance, you could not wait much longer.My hands were now moving down to your shoulders and I traced a playful and evocative line towards your breasts. Touching them, squeezing them, pulling on them, gently and then with a little more force as we continue to kiss deeply, and passionately. Your hands are behind my head, you don’t want to let go, you love the way I taste in your mouth. My hands are now reaching in under your T, i can feel your amazing firm gorgeous breasts in my hands, my heart is racing, I’m so wet that I can feel it dripping down my inner thigh. Yet I continue savouring your sweet taste, your warm breath on my face, your nipples now standing erect and responding to my fingers playfully teasing, pinching, pulling on them. I can feel the goosebumps all over your body, your face is flush, you have blood flowing everywhere. You lift up your arms and I start to slowly remove your top, with your hands above your head, I reach down and place my warm mouth on your left breast, taking in as much as i can with my tongue exploring your sensitive nipples, you are now breathing heavily and fast, you cannot believe that this is happening. I move to the other breasts, i take my time, I savour every minute of it, your breasts are the most beautiful breasts i have ever seen, i want them, I want to lick, suck, massage, hold, feel them – I am in heaven.You move your back up against your headboard, your knees are still folded, I am now standing on my knees in front of you, you reach under my dress and escort karşıyaka you place your hands on my bum, you realize i am not wearing any panties, you find your way, you reach around the front and grab my wet, pulsing, hungry cunt with your hand. I am wet, I am soaked, I am dripping, I need to get my pussy ravaged, I know I am going to cum, over and over and over today. I am so wet that there is now time to play around, you literally slip your middle finger into my cunt, I gasp for air, your other hand massaging my clit, I take my dress off above my head, your eyes fixated on my cunt, you enjoy finger fucking me as I gyrate with your hands exploring me deep inside. My mind is racing, I am enjoying the most incredible pleasure as you continue to have your way with me.My breasts are revealed, my nipples are rock hard, I want you so bad Ariel, I want you so bad. You reach forward and take my breast in your mouth, you cannot get enough of me, my abs showing as I contract and move around, trying to find the source of this immense pleasure – its all over, your mouth, your hands, by breasts, my wet pussy, i lose control and cum, I squirt as i climax, i shake all over, I shudder, i scream – “OH MY GODDD!”, I burst into tears, tears of joy, tears of pleasure. You gently let me come down from my high and kiss me deeply, again as all of life’s nectar is hidden inside my mouth.I take you around your hips and pull you down onto your back, your panties reveal how wet you are, I remove them, your legs pointing upwards, revealing the most incredible pussy i have ever seen. It is velvet smooth, cleanly shaven, and glistening with your own natural lubrication, now showing a white dripping track running in-between your ass cheeks. I cannot wait one more second, i bury my face between your legs and taste the sweet heavenly flavours of your amazing cunt. I suck it up, I penetrate you with my fingers, you are literally grabbing my arm and fucking yourself karşıyaka escort bayan with my hand, you want it hard and deep. My mouth is capping your clit, i have 2 fingers in your swollen pussy, you are incredibly wet, Oh My God Ariel, I could stay down here for days. You are now holding the back of my head, your legs wide open, you are forcing my face into your cunt, you are having immense pleasure, your ass now lifting up from the duvet, revealing a stain of wet heavenly juices, I cup your ass with my hands you open wider and i find my tongue making its way all the way down your gorgeous slit and to your tiny little asshole. You love this, I’m rimming you, you are whimpering like you did the very first time you made yourself cum. I take you and turn you over on your hands and knees, your amazing ass revealing all its glory, your holes presented to me with an invitation to explore deep inside. I lick your asshole, its tiny and you respond by grabbing both your cheeks and pulling them apart. I have my thumb in your cunt with my index and middle finger massaging your clit. Your asshole is begging to be entered, I use my other hand and slowly add a little pressure, all the time licking he top of your asshole. You push back gently and the first part of my finger enters you. You scream with primal utterance, its a feeling you have never enjoyed before. Now it is happening – I slowly continue to add pressure and soon my well lubricated finger is all the way in your ass. My other hand still fingering your pussy and your clit. You lose control as I finger fuck you all over, you cum, your legs give way, you are out of breath, your eyes rolling in your head as you fall back onto the pillows, me on top, kissing you passionately as our pussies rub together. Our breasts in full contact, I kiss your neck, your face, your eyes, your lips, your neck and watch you fall asleep in my arms.I still have not had enough, my right hand now tracing my thighs, finding its way to my pussy, you look so peaceful, I slowly massage my clit, knowing that its not going to take a lot for me to cum again, your hands are resting on my tummy, you are lying on your side, curled up in my arms, ……….. we fade away into a deep sleep.

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