Edinburgh Houswife


Edinburgh HouswifeHello there, my name is George and a few years ago I was living in another city and for a while I had my own small apartment in a suburban district. It was a leafy suburb of Edinburgh and I had a part-time research assignment at a local engineering college, which was only for three days a week, so it meant I had a lot of free time.Where I was living was on the second floor of a small apartment building and almost directly opposite across the road was another similar apartment block. From my living room and bedroom windows I could see across the street to about ten or twelve other apartments and of course they could see over to me. It was a very smart area and pleasant apartment. almost straight away I seem to be have become the talk of the street. I would catch people looking at me as I went in and out. A lot of the women would say hello and a few women even stopped me and asked me how I was and seemed interested in me as the new neighbour. Even from the windows across the road the curtains would move and I would see people staring over at my apartment. After a short while I got used to it. But it never really stopped, there was always someone watching from a window.Then on one particular day as I was leaving my apartment and had just began to walk up the road. A well dressed woman,who I knew lived right across the across the street, came over and called me for help! “Hello! Can you help me! I need your help. Can you help?’ She called over to me and came half running in her high heels over beside me. ‘My car! Its broken! I have an appointment and my car is broken!’‘Well I’m not a mechanic Mrs…’ I didn’t know her name so I was stumped as to what to call her.‘Jenny Cooper. I live across the road number 45, flat number 6. Can you at least take a look at my car? Please?’ She pleaded with me.‘Ok, sure I’ll take a look.’ I said but knew almost nothing about the practicalities of repairing car engines at the side of the road. At the car the problem was obvious. The back tyre was illegal bahis flat. ‘Its a flat tyre.’ I said. ‘Yes a broken flat tyre.’ She said. ‘Can you fix it?’‘Do you have a spare?’ I asked. ‘Yes!’ came her reply. but she just stood there wide eyed looking at me. ‘Ok I can replace the flat with the spare. Ok!’ So I struggled with the bolts, they were stiff and rusted on, but I got them off and the spare fixed on. It took ages and I my hands were as black as coal and covered in dirt and grease. Mrs Cooper was standing by and she also went into the back of the car and as she bent over I got a glimpse up her skirt at what looked like a stocking top. She had great legs.‘Well thank you so very much.’ She said when I’d finished. ‘You should come inside and get cleaned up.’ She offered. So up I went to her apartment. I got washed in the kitchen sink while Mrs. Cooper made some instant coffee for us both.‘I must thank you properly.. What’s your name again?’ She asked. ‘It’s George. George MacKay.’ I told her. ‘Well George. This is for you.’ She said and lean forward and kissed me on the cheek. ‘Your my saviour, George.’ She then kissed me again this time of the lips, hard and long, her arms went round me and she pressed her body against mine and pinned me to the kitchen sink. Her tongue wormed its way into my mouth. I stood a little surprised at first but soon got the idea and kissed her back just as hard and shared my tongue with hers. It was a deeply passionate kiss and my arms and hands were now exploring her body. I could smell her perfume and she felt really sexy pressed against me.She then put her hand down my trousers and squeezed my now hard cock. ‘It’s been a while since I had a man George. Could you do me another favour and take me through to my bedroom?’ she said into my ear as se kissed and pressed against me. Well I did not need to be asked twice.In the bedroom she undressed. She took off her jacket and white blouse, underneath she had on a pale blue bra. She removed her skirt youwin güvenilir mi and revealed matching pale blue panties and suspenders with tan stockings. She looked so sexy I got an instant hard on, like huge hard and long. I pulled off my clothes and got naked as fast as I could and then she pushed me onto my back in the bed and climbed onto top of me.She unclipped her bra and let her breast free and smiled at me and asked me to kiss them. She threw her bra onto the floor with the rest of our clothes. As I kissed her nipples and breasts she moaned softly and she wriggled her hips and got her panties down to show of her trim pussy bush. The with an expert hand she got hold of my stiff cock and she mounted herself onto it. She yelled out as she worked it up into her pussy lips and even further into her cunt. I could feel her sliding up and down my cock and working it right up the hilt inside herself. Then she began to ride me cowgirl style. Fucking herself on my cock. ‘Don’t worry Georgie Boy. I’ll do all the work ! You just enjoy the ride…’ She said. So I did!I could feel the soft hair of her pussy bush, brush against my cock as she fucked herself on my cock. She moaned and gasped as I arched my back and got my cock into her cunt a little deeper. ‘Oh Fuck!’ She cried out. ‘I have not had a cock in me like this of sooo looong! Fucky! Fucky! Fuck!’ She was saying out loud. ‘Oh Georgie Boy! Oh Boy! Oh Fuck! Fuck!..’ she was riding me hard now. ‘I’m.. Fuck! Fucking cumming..’Then she gave a huge sigh and slumped down onto top of me. She was quite literary shagged out on my cock. I held onto her with my arms holding her close to me. I held onto her for a while then slowly let her roll to one side onto the bed. she had a really happy smile on her face. ‘Enjoy that Georgie Boy?’ She asked. ‘Very much.’ I replied. ‘Want some more?’ I offered. ‘Ooh Yes! Give it to me, my gorgeous Georgie..’ She teased me. So I got her onto her back and I was between her legs. She was still perabet wearing her tan stockings and the pale blue suspender garter, all the rest of her clothes were on the floor round the bed. I hooked one arm under her left leg and raised it up shoulder height, this opened up her pussy and got her into a better position for me to fuck her. I then leaned into her and rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips. She tried to move forward so my cock would go inside but I pulled back a little. ‘Don’t Tease! Fuck me, you Bastard!’ She spat the word ‘Bastard!’ at me. ‘When I’m ready, I’ll fuck you.’ I told her. ‘Did you let the air out of the tyre on purpose to get me here? I asked. ‘Did You!’ I insisted and rubbed the tip of my cock against her pussy lips and up to her clit.‘Yes I did it. I let the air out to get you here..’ She admitted. “So that we could fuck?’ I asked. ‘Yes.. So you could fuck me, now will you get on with IT!’I pushed forward and forced my cock deep and deeper into her cunt. ‘Jesus Fucking Mary!’ She yelled out! Then I began to fuck her. I held her stocking leg up and pushed and humped her cunt with deep hard hip thrusts. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Again and again I kept up a steady rhythmic pace riding the arse off her on the bed. The head board soon began to bounce and bang against the wall, as I banged Mrs Cooper.‘Oh God! Your a big boy Georgie!” She said ‘Come on fuck Mama, fuck me big boy..’ She was catching her breath as I kept up the rhythmic fucking of her cunt.I am going to cum inside your cunt Mrs Cooper.’ I told her.‘Come on then. Cum inside me, cum inside Mama’s cunt, fill me up with all the goody gooey goo! Do it to me Georgie Boy!’Suddenly I spurted my cum and filled her cunt. I felt it spurt form my cock right into her. Oh what a feeling it is to spunk off inside a woman. I love the feeling of fucking cumming inside a woman’s cunt knowing it has filled her womb with all my spunk.I collapsed onto her and we lay for a few seconds then I went limp and rolled off her. I watched her dip her finger into her pussy and see the creamy spunk drip from her fingers and ooze out of her cunt.‘Give me a little while and I’ll do that again for you Mrs Cooper.’ I told her. ‘Oh god I hope so Georgie Boy..” She said.

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